A campaign will be held where you can try the handmade fresh food “Coco Gourmet” with one coin. We support the wellness life of dogs and their owners with handmade rice.

Biophilia Inc.
A campaign will be held where you can try the handmade fresh food “Coco Gourmet” with one coin. We support the wellness life of dogs and their owners with handmade rice.
A trial box will be sold for 500 yen for a limited time from November 1st to 14th on Dog Day.

Biophilia Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells fresh pet food “CoCo Gourmet” (hereafter: Coco Gourmet), which has won six No. 1 (* 3) sales (* 1) and number of members (* 2). Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo / Representative: Kota Iwahashi) will hold a campaign where you can purchase a trial box of Coco Gourmet with one coin from November 1st to Sunday.
Experience the wellness life of dogs and their owners with Coco Gourmet, not only of high-quality and healthy meals such as domestic, human-grade, and comprehensive nutritional foods, but also of dogs happily eating rice.
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Background of implementation
In recent years, in addition to the fact that it has become common to keep pets in the house, we have spent more time with pets due to self-restraint due to the coronavirus pandemic, etc., and pets have become part of the family. Furthermore, due to the increase in average life expectancy (*4) and health boom, interest in the health of pets is increasing, and more pet owners are placing importance on their diet.
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Food is essential for a dog to lead a healthy life.
At the same time, I believe that food is essential to increase happiness. In the same way that when humans eat delicious food, it not only fills their stomachs but also fills their hearts, we want dogs to feel happy and joyful when they eat.
That’s why we think of pet food as a “meal” rather than a conventional “bait”, and we value Coco Gourmet as a “life dish” that can make dogs happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.
Through this campaign, we hope that more owners will know and experience the charm of handmade rice and the world view we are aiming for.
■November 1st is Dog Day
In 1987, six groups, including the Pet Food Industry Association (currently the Pet Food Association of Japan), enacted it as Dog Day, one after another, because of the number one. It is considered a day to acquire knowledge about dogs and to love them.
Overview of “Coco Gourmet One Coin Campaign” that first-timers can try at a great price
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[Implementation period] November 1st (Tuesday) 00:00 to November 14th (Monday) 23:59
[Participation method] By ordering from the campaign special site, you can purchase a trial box (1 bag each of 3 types), which is usually 1980 yen, for 500 yen.
[Product details] Chicken, pork, fish 100g per bag
[Special site] https://coco-gourmet.com/lp/wancoin
[Participation conditions] Those who purchase Coco Gourmet for the first time (up to once per household at the same address)
■ “Coco Gourmet and One Love Story” campaign will be held at the same time From November 3rd to November 30th, we are looking for episodes of memories of dogs and Coco Gourmet from owners.
Please apply from the special page opened in the Coco Gourmet member’s My Page. A popular illustrator will draw a cartoon from the episodes of 3 people from among those who applied.
About CoCo Gourmet
[Image 5d44537-51-c963cab4fb4cf9c50992-2.jpg&s3=44537-51-e3d3e15f72a294557f41328a023340d7-3900x3053.jpg
Coco Gourmet is a domestic handmade fresh food supervised by veterinarians that complies with the AAFCO (Comprehensive Nutritional Food Standards). Instead of sticking to the conventional concept of dry food or wet food, we use fresh, human-grade meat and vegetables grown in Japan, and stick to low-temperature cooking that preserves the original taste and nutritional value of the ingredients. In addition, we manage all phases from manufacturing, delivery, storage, and delivery to our customers with the same standards as food, and deliver them to your home on a regular basis on a subscription basis. With the support of many owners since its release, the number of members has exceeded 100,000, and has achieved 6 crowns (* 3) such as sales (* 1) and number of members (* 2).
■ Features of Coco Gourmet
1. Supervised by an animal nutrition professional and conforms to AAFCO’s comprehensive nutritional food standards
2. Everything from ingredients to cooking and delivery is human grade 3. The original aroma and taste of the ingredients are preserved 4. A free veterinarian consultation service that allows those who are considering purchasing to consult about their dog’s diet
Official website: https://coco-gourmet.com/
*1 Fiscal 2021 sales in the staple fresh pet food industry (August 2022/surveyed by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.)
*2 Number of members in the staple food fresh pet food industry (February 2022 / research by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.) *3 In addition to sales and number of members, the number of web accesses (number of monthly unique users of the website/Period: June 2022 to August 2022/Similar Web), products you would like to choose as your first fresh food, and your dog’s health Fresh food you want to give to your dog, fresh food you want to give to your dog / Number of monthly unique users of the website (internet survey of 361 dog owners nationwide / period: January 12 to 20, 2022 / external survey service -Fastask-)
*4 From the national dog and cat breeding survey by the Pet Food Association (December 22, 2021)
●Biophilia Co., Ltd. Company Profile
HP: https://biophilia.co.jp/
Location: 3-5-5 NF Building 6F, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kota Iwahashi Capital: 90,000,000 yen
Business description: Manufacture and sale of handmade fresh pet food “Coco Gourmet” and “Miao Gourmet”
Pet business, including the operation of pet photo album application “Petru”

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