A Christmas story where toys start dancing. Antenor Christmas limited baked confectionery gift released

Edelweiss Co., Ltd.
A Christmas story where toys start dancing. [Antenor] Christmas limited baked confectionery gift released

Kobe-born patisserie “Antenor” will sell Christmas-only baked confectionery gifts at stores nationwide from Saturday, November 5th. We have packed recommended baked sweets in a cute package depicting the story of toys dancing to the sound of a music box. You can also purchase it at the Antenor Online Shop
(https://www.antnor.jp/shopping/), so please use it.
[Image 1

Sweet Christmas [Sales period] November 12th (Sat) to December 25th (Sun) An assortment of seasonal baked sweets such as “strawberry cream sandwich” in a light texture langue de chat.
Baked confectionery 3 types 12 pieces / ¥ 1,280 (main unit price) Baked sweets 5 types, 24 pieces / ¥2,280 (main unit price) *Photo [Image 2

Starry Christmas [Sales period] November 5th (Sat) – December 25th (Sun) An assortment of 3 types of light-textured chocolate sandwich cookies with fragrant stone-ground cookies topped with nuts.
S size / 4 types of cookies 13 pieces / ¥ 950 (main unit price) * Left photo M size / 5 types of cookies 25 pieces / ¥ 1,480 (main unit price) * Right photo [Sales period] November 5th (Sat)-December 25th (Sun)
[Image 3

christmas house
Two types of seasonal chocolate cookies
6 pieces ¥650 (body price)

[Image 4

Langue de chat chocolate
Popular NO.1 cookie with a light texture
20 pieces ¥ 1,000 (body price)

[Image 5

christmas cookies
Fragrant butter cookie
4 pieces ¥730 (body price)

[Image 6

Christmas Package Illustrator Introduction Haruhi Takei
He is also active as an artist specializing in illustrations that make the most of his deformed touches and free-flowing lines.
“Antenor” is a confectionery brand developed by Edelweiss Co., Ltd., which was born in 1978 in Kobe from the desire of a confectioner who wanted to “make the best Western confectionery in Japan”. We have 39 stores, mainly in department stores nationwide, and deliver cakes that are finished in the in-store kitchen and special baked confectionery. [Homepage] https://www.antnor.jp/
[Official online shop] https://www.antnor.jp/shopping/
[Official Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/antnor_1978/

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