A collaboration menu using the tomato juice “Moepiccola” produced by Moeka Nozaki will start on November 8th (Tuesday) at four stores operated by Transit General Office.

Transit General Office Co., Ltd.
A collaboration menu using the tomato juice “Moepiccola” produced by Moeka Nozaki will start on November 8th (Tuesday) at four stores operated by Transit General Office.

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Transit General Office Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President Sadahiro Nakamura) operates -FRATELLI PARADISO *1–THE THEATER TABLE–THE UPPER–THE MUSIC BAR–CAVE SHIBUYA–4 stores and a model・ A collaboration menu using “Moepiccola”, a tomato juice made from “Terada Farm” tomatoes (variety: Piccola Rouge) produced by Moeka Nozaki, will start on Tuesday, November 8th.
Ms. Moeka Nozaki was fascinated by the deliciousness of the tomatoes of “Terada Farm” and steadily built relationships through activities such as crowdfunding support to support the farm. I agreed with that idea and came to this collaboration.
Terada Farm Co., Ltd., which cultivates tomatoes in Hida Takayama, believes that production is not the only aspect of agriculture. Furthermore, in order to create a form of agriculture that will lead to the future, we continue to protect our own farms and local farmers. The collaboration menu by Terada Noen and Ms. Moeka Nozaki includes two types of food and two types of cocktails, as well as “Moepiccola”, which allows you to directly enjoy the taste of piccola rouge ingredients in a glass.
Classic Italian from Sydney -FRATELLI PARADISO- offers a tomato risotto with cheese, adding depth to the sweetness of piccola rouge from Terada Farm and the umami of guanciale (salted pork cheek) and cauliflower. Casual Italian dining -THE THEATER TABLE- serves refreshing cold antipasto. You can enjoy the “Terada Farm Piccola Rouge Soup” by pouring “Terada Farm” Piccola Rouge soup into the sticky sweet shrimp and scallop tartare.
In addition, cocktails using “Moepiccola” are also available. -THE UPPER-‘s sophisticated transparent visuals, with a strong tomato flavor and mellow cacao aroma, are the avant-garde flavored “TOMATO CHOCOLATEL” with rum and spices that create an exotic atmosphere. At -THE MUSIC BAR -CAVE SHIBUYA–, you can enjoy a drink that is sustainable and uses tomatoes to the fullest. You can enjoy a hybrid gastronomic cocktail of Bloody Mary and Red Eye, the classic tomato cocktail.
At -SIGN ALLDAY–Sign Kichijoji–Sign Gotanda–RIVERSIDE CLUB-, you can enjoy “Moepiccola”, a tomato juice produced by Ms. Moeka Nozaki, which can be chilled in summer and warmed in winter in a glass. . The tomato juice, which is characterized by its rich texture and exquisite sweetness, is tightly concentrated using about 15 piccola rouges in 180 ml, so you can enjoy the original sweetness and richness of tomatoes. To.
We will propose dishes unique to the Transit General Office with the thoughts of “Terada Farm” and Ms. Moeka Nozaki, who support
agriculture that will lead to the future.
collaboration menu
[Image 2d40062-180-e8009cabef4b50d94177-0.jpg&s3=40062-180-d5f147bd524f16efb5e3f4f176f759e3-3900x2600.jpg
Risotto al pomodoro 2200
A tomato risotto with the sweetness of “Moepiccola” combined with the umami of guanciale and cauliflower to add depth to the flavor, combined with cheese.

[Image 3d40062-180-0598dbf048ca70d6fd24-1.jpg&s3=40062-180-4810f45d7efe611e8fc3bcd3e23dadb5-3900x2600.jpg
Tartar with scallops and sweet shrimp
Terada Farm Piccola Rouge Soup 1800
Sticky, sweet scallops and sweet shrimp tartare. Pour the soup of “Moepiccola” to add a gorgeous taste.

[Image 4d40062-180-4be72411d97f6fdd2744-3.jpg&s3=40062-180-2fe0f05177d564f4dfd22a5efcd49738-3900x2600.jpg
Tomato Chocolate 1700
A cocktail with a transparent visual and a rich tomato flavor and cacao aroma. An avant-garde flavor with an exotic atmosphere, with rum and spices.

[Image 5d40062-180-f0082e0d8628f5b33048-2.jpg&s3=40062-180-35861a9a19c2b58ae74491df59528d55-3900x2601.jpg
Pomodoro Bianco Zubagliato 1500
A cup that is conscious of sustainability, using tomatoes without waste. A hybrid cocktail with a good balance of umami and sweetness, the classic tomato cocktail Bloody Mary and Red Eye.

*All prices include tax.
Profile of Moeka Nozaki
[Image 6d40062-180-91f5ffbfe709707367dd-4.jpg&s3=40062-180-92d9c338153ef81189a152d6a9f6b365-2025x2700.jpg
Born in Tokyo. After being scouted in the city, she started modeling and was published in magazines such as “with”. In September 2009, she was selected as a semi-grand prix at the Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter “7th Miss TGC” and became “non-no friend” of “non-no”, and served as an exclusive model until 2012. Produced “Moepiccola”, a tomato juice using piccolage, inspired by the deliciousness of tomatoes from “Terada Farm”.

Restaurant DATA
Address: Omotesando Hills 3F, 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo *1 Operated by Fratelli Paradiso Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: Shibuya Hikarie 11F, Shibuya 2-21-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Name: THE UPPER
Address: Marunouchi Terrace 10F, 1-3-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Name: THE MUSIC BAR -CAVE SHIBUYA-
Address: LAIDOUT SHIBUYA B1F, 1-15-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Stores offering “Moepiccola”
Address: Daikanyama Station Building, 19-4 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Name: Sign Kichijoji
Address: 1-1-24 Kichijojiminami-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Atre Kichijoji Main Building 1F
Name: Sign Gotanda
Address: Gotanda Tokyu Square 4F, 2-1-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Name: RIVERSIDE CLUB
Address: 3-18-3 THE WORKS 1F, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
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