A free web seminar limited to childcare facilities will be distributed from November 14th. Aiko Shibata will be on stage for the first time.

A free web seminar limited to childcare facilities will be distributed from November 14th. Aiko Shibata will be on stage for the first time. Web media for nursery school teachers “Hoikuis” has started a seminar distribution service limited to kindergarten members

Web media for childcare providers operated by e-CHANNEL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masakazu Otsuka) is a service for childcare facilities limited to “children’s members”. As such, from 9:00 on Monday, November 14, 2022, we will deliver a free webinar by Dr. Aiko Shibata, Apple Tree.
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Apple Tree Special Seminar by Dr. Aiko Shibata
◆ Seminar theme
“What is a child-friendly childcare? 』
“Ringo no Ki” was established in 1982 as “a place for childcare that is closer to children’s hearts and a place for total work related to children”. The theme of the seminar for kindergarten members, which Ms. Aiko Shibata, who is the representative of the kindergarten, took the podium was, “What is childcare that follows the hearts and minds of children?” ’. Mr. Shibata, who is approaching 50 years of childcare, talked about his thoughts on “childcare that fits the hearts of children” while interweaving actual episodes and lessons learned from his experience.
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For kindergartens and nursery school teachers who have a sense of challenge such as “How can I get close to each and every child when there are so many children…”, it is full of learning and
realizations that can be connected to the practice of childcare from tomorrow. Recommended content.
“Seminars for kindergarten members” are practical content that leads to learning and skills improvement for nursery schools, kindergartens, certified children’s centers, and other child welfare facility managers, management, and working childcare workers and staff. It can be used for various activities such as in-house training and study sessions.
[Seminar composition]
The main part consists of two parts, the first part is Mr. Shibata’s story, and the second part is a corner where you can answer questions from preschoolers solicited in advance.
Part 1 “What is childcare that follows the heart of a child? 』 Part 2/Question Corner
Question 1 When you have to scold your child
Question 2: There are times when I feel that I don’t get along with children. Question 3 Dealing with a child who cannot sit still
Question 4 I don’t have time to face my child
Question 5 How to deal with food likes and dislikes
Question 6
[Distribution overview]
● Available from 9:00 on Monday, November 14, 2022
● The main story is about 65 minutes. If you register, you can watch it anytime. The distribution platform is the official YouTube channel
●Distribution is limited to “Garden members”. If you register as a member of Hoikuis (free of charge), we will guide you to the URL for viewing from the “In-park training video” menu on My Page. For details, please check the demo version public page below.
★The audition version is open to the public!
For those who are not members of the garden, we have released a trial version that allows you to see the contents of the seminar for the first 3 minutes. Please refer to the instructions in the article for how to watch the full version.
【Related Sites】
–About kindergarten members
–Hoikuis Official YouTube Channel
[Introduction of lecturers]
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Aiko Shibata
Born in Tokyo in 1948. childminder. Apple tree representative. After working as a kindergarten teacher, an independent childcare group teacher, and an editor of a childcare magazine, in 1982, she founded Ringo no Ki, with the basic stance of “accommodating children’s hearts.” In 2001, he received the Japan Picture Book Award for his children’s drama picture book “Fighting Feelings” (Illustrated by Hideo Ito). Active in various fields of children, such as giving lectures, writing, and making picture books. We aim to create a pleasant relationship between children and adults while conveying the various dramas that children create to adults.
– Apple tree homepage –
● The next seminar will be held by Dr. Toshiyuki Shiomi in January 2023. Seminars for garden members are scheduled to be distributed regularly from now on. The next lecture will be held in January 2023 by Dr. Toshiyuki Shiomi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo and President Emeritus of Shiraume Gakuen University. Details will be announced on the Hoikuis website and in the e-mail magazine for individual members and kindergarten members.
What is Hoiku is’s “Childcare Web Seminar”?
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Since 2020, Hoikuis has been distributing “Childcare Web Seminars” that can be taken online from anywhere in the country for individual members. To participate, simply register as a member of Hoikuis (free) and access the viewing URL notified on My Page. Tuition is also free. The program offers a wide variety of themes, from early childhood education, Montessori education, developmental support, creation and wall ideas, nature experience childcare, to news commentary. We deliver special seminars where childcare workers can learn various things and notice.
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–Web seminar latest information
–Web seminar related article list
What is “Hoiku is”?
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Comprehensive media for nursery teachers and kindergarten teachers that compactly delivers useful information for daily childcare based on the concept of “enjoying childcare in 3 minutes a day”. Since its opening in July 2019, it has provided information 365 days a year to everyone involved in childcare. This is a rapidly growing information site with 330,000 monthly users, one of the highest in the industry. “Hoiku is” site
Company Profile/Contact Us
【Company Profile】
Company name: e-CHANNEL Co., Ltd.
Location: 11th floor, Sumitomo Realty & Development Shin-Akasaka Building, 4-2-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Representative: Masakazu Otsuka, Representative Director
Established: October 2017
Business: Planning and operation of media related to early childhood education URL: https://e-channel.co.jp/
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
e-CHANNEL Co., Ltd.

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