A fresh slate! “Newly renovated, more affordable and more fun!” Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju L Kyobashi store, 11/21 (Monday) OPEN decision! !

GC Co., Ltd.
[A fresh slate! “Newly renovated, more affordable and more fun!” ] Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju L Kyobashi store, 11/21 (Monday) OPEN decision! !
Realization of price reform! ! All-you-can-eat offal and meat/¥1650, all-you-can-drink lemon sour or highball/¥550

“Remohor Sakaba” has risen to the point where it is rumored to be the representative of “Kyobashi drinking”.
That popular izakaya will reappear with more power.
The new store name is “Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju”.
Traditional all-you-can-eat hormones and meat,
Add original Korean food with plenty of cheese to the menu!
Under the Keihan Railway overpass, restaurants are lined up in a row, From Osaka’s premier shopping district “Elle Kyobashi”
Realize all of “value, fun, and delicious”
We will send out a new type of izakaya style.
[Image 1d65081-277-bedf5ba9249d2b3b7f84-3.jpg&s3=65081-277-93d2b8f22256cc405ec12a9be79693a0-1000x1416.jpg
Sorry for the long hiatus! !
Even though you came all the way to visit us,
If you are disappointed with “What is it closed …”,
I’m so sorry! ! !
Ladies and gentlemen, please come back to our renewed store. The new “Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju El Kyobashi”
While maintaining the style of the traditional Remohor Tavern, Outstanding for women, excellent as a side dish for alcoholic beverages, We have prepared a menu of creative Korean dishes on cheese. in short,
・ I like hormones
・I like meat (beef, pork, chicken!)
・ I like cheese
・I like Korean food
[Image 2d65081-277-342458ba7bdd29349fbd-5.jpg&s3=65081-277-47395817b0019adf9d2aef0eaad04e66-1081x1080.jpg

…And and
“I love alcohol!” “I love highball!” “I love lemon sour!”
It is an izakaya that everyone can enjoy.
All tables come with a desktop server♪
Refills are ¥550 no matter how many drinks you have!
[Image 3d65081-277-538d7b1c8ee183c70781-6.jpg&s3=65081-277-085607759eda3ff6e1ae9417ff660670-1080x1080.jpg

Year-end party, New Year’s party season.
Reservations are expected to be concentrated, especially on weekends. I’m sorry, but reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. First of all, please visit the secretary,
Our menu, taste, service, atmosphere,
Please investigate carefully and carefully.
I’m sure our store will be your last year of Reiwa 4th year, or the first year of Reiwa 5th year,
We believe that you will choose us as a sunny place.
… No, I pray!
Please visit our new store of confidence, “Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju El Kyobashi”
Please come.
In order to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, We will do our best.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again.
All-you-can-eat offal and meat/¥1650
Lemon sour or highball all-you-can-drink / ¥550
*Price includes tax.
store information
Store name: Remohor Tavern x Mr. Chiju L Kyobashi store
[Image 4d65081-277-1484c843e01a29df0d27-7.png&s3=65081-277-194ec11205154b4a95a8f8727289c50b-336x336.png
Address: L Kyobashi, 3-6-6 Higashinodacho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka Access: 3 minutes walk from JR Loop Line/Keihan Main Line/Osaka Metro “Kyobashi Station”
Business hours: 16:00-23:00
Regular holiday: Irregular holidays
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lemohoru.mrcheeju_keihan/

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