A great experience in just 3 minutes a day. Swedish Posture Back Stretch, which is more easily released from daily fatigue, is now on limited sale at FIRST STEP

LEAGUE Co., Ltd.
A great experience in just 3 minutes a day. [Swedish Posture Back Stretch], which is more easily released from daily fatigue, is now on limited sale at FIRST STEP
Relax with the pressure point function. Stretch your back and be healed.
LEAGUE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo) announced the Scandinavian-born relaxation stretching device [Swedish Posture Back Stretch] on the crowdfunding site “FIRST STEP” from November 17, 2022 (Thursday). .
Crowdfunding page: https://firststep.en-jine.com/projects/back-stretch [Image 1

“Stretch, spread, loosen”. Stimulate your muscles.
“Pull sensation”. Reproduce the curve along the body.
96 pressing lugs. Its own weight presses the pressure point moderately. [Swedish Posture Back Stretch] is a stretching device that anyone can easily stretch their back firmly.
You can also enjoy the pressure point function by applying your own weight. You can get a refreshing effect easily and in a short time, so you can be released from the stress of modern society.
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Continuing to work with a hunched posture, such as desk work or smartphone operation, causes muscles to become stiff and lose flexibility.
Even if you rub or hit your muscles while they are stiff, the effects are temporary and do not last long.
All you need to do is stretch your tight muscles, spread them out and breathe deeply.
And give the muscles a good stimulation.
[Swedish Posture Back Stretch] can effectively perform the three actions of “stretching, widening, and loosening”.
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[Image 7

Reproduce the angle that does not put a burden on the parts used such as the waist, back, and neck, and the curve that follows the body. You can do a “pulling sensation” stretch that you can’t do by yourself. The height can be adjusted in 3 stages, so you can find your favorite position according to your body type.
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[Swedish Posture Back Stretch] has 96 pressing protrusions.
By applying your own weight (own weight), press the pressure points moderately. The size fits the width of your back and hips, so you can relax the muscles in areas of concern just by lying down.
Just by lying down, you can experience the comfort of a professional pressure point.
[Image 11

Product Specifications
Size: 48×23×14cm
Weight: 520g
Material: ABS resin
[Project page]
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