A limited-edition white bread with chocolate that melts sweetly during the Christmas period. “Sweet Honey Chocolat Bread” will be available from Friday, December 16th!

Dorokia Orashiita Co., Ltd.
A limited-edition white bread with chocolate that melts sweetly during the Christmas period. “Sweet Honey Chocolat Bread” will be available from Friday, December 16th!
SAKImoto bakery will sell “Sweet Honey Chocolat Bread” for a limited time only during Christmas from December 16, 2022 (Friday).

At SAKImoto bakery, (Dorokia Orashiita Co., Ltd. Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Representative Director Masamitsu Sakimoto) From Friday, December 16, 2022, “Sweet Honey Chocolat Bread” will be on sale for a limited time only during Christmas.
With plenty of chocolate, it is suitable not only for breakfast but also for brunch and snack time.
A sweet and melting sweet bread that is irresistible for chocolate lovers. [Image 1d12783-11-267fcd4834e4b8d06336-0.jpg&s3=12783-11-84d6c86fc9f0ef7ec04b21579de2cb08-2000x1333.jpg
-Product content-
North American wheat, which is said to be the finest, Hokkaido butter and fresh cream,
Honey, cream using Belgian chocolate,
We added slightly bitter chocolate chips with the scent of cacao and baked them moist.
The dough adopts the hot water method. In addition to having a chewy texture, by including a lot of air when mixing
Finished with a dough that is moist, smooth and has a light texture. You can feel the rich and mellow aroma of chocolate strongly. Light chocolate bread dough that is crispy when toasted,
You can enjoy the deliciousness of two types of chocolate with different melting chocolate chips.
It goes well with sour jams such as raspberries and blueberries. A sweet and melting chocolate bread that tastes like sweets and is only available during the Christmas period.
-Product Summary-
◆Store name: SAKImoto bakery
◆ Product name: sweet honey chocolate bread
◆Price: 926 yen (tax excluded) 1,000 yen (tax included)
◆Size 1 loaf (width 120mm x height 120mm x depth 120mm)
◆ Sales start date: December 16, 2022 (Friday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday) ◆Sales method: Sales at stores/call each store/official app/online shop. Sakimoto Official Online Shop https://sakimoto.shop-pro.jp/
◆ Reservation start date November 16, 2021 (Wednesday), when each store opens ~ Ends as soon as the number of reservations is reached *The online shop will start at 11:00 on the same day.
◆ Sales stores: SAKImoto bakery, the following 34 stores
  Sapporo Minami 13-jo Store/Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo Store/Apita Niigata Nishi Store/Kofu Showa Store/Tokyo Denenchofu Store
Odakyu Hulk Shinjuku store / Akihabara store / Tokyo Machida store / LaLa Terrace Musashikosugi store
       Tama Plaza Terrace Store / Chiba Funabashi Store / Tokyo Chitose Funabashi Store / Shizuoka Mishima Icho Namiki Store Ibaraki Mito Store / Ibaraki Hitachinaka Store / Nagoya Sakae Store / Shiga Kusatsu Store / Shiga Kusatsu Ekimae Store
Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa Store / Osaka Hatsugo Main Store / Osaka Abeno Store / Osaka Dojima Store / Toyonaka Romantic Road Store
Himeji Aoyama Store / Ehime Emifuru MASAKI Store / Hiroshima Fukuyama Store / Hiroshima Mihara Store / Hakata Station Store
Fukuoka Fujisaki Store / Kumamoto Hikarinomori Store / Bakery Cafe Miyazaki Store / Saga Store
        Kagoshima Arata Store / Kagoshima Opsia Misumi Store -What is SAKI bakemotory-
35 stores in Japan and 9 stores overseas
[Image 2d12783-11-ce801c99af99d932918d-1.png&s3=12783-11-3f846aa3e93bbbae2a881bdc49bd4506-429x289.png
The flagship products are “Gokubi ‘Natural’ Shokupan,” which allows you to enjoy the original taste and aroma of wheat without using eggs or milk, and Gokusei, which uses luxurious ingredients such as Hokkaido milk, fresh cream, and domestic honey, and has a chewy texture. Two types of “Hokkaido milk butter” bread.
In addition, we have a full line-up of bread other than bread, such as croissants and curry bread.
10 types of jams that go well with Sakimoto’s bread are like jewels that make the most of the deliciousness of each ingredient.
We offer gems with sparkling and beautiful colors.
We hope that you will enjoy “a little luxurious breakfast time” the next day. [Image 3d12783-11-576039884530f548cdc7-3.png&s3=12783-11-298f7c4cbe2f87ce103426d4b51efff9-1058x720.png

Osaka first flagship store
-About Dorokia Orashiita Co., Ltd.-
[Image 4d12783-11-ed998d49a7a3ec6f709e-2.png&s3=12783-11-21fffb43d28c4118d0cb44e4218dc439-1280x492.png
We are an entertainment company that delivers happiness to our customers through the planning, manufacturing and sales of “Odoro sweets”.
Operates SAKImoto bakery and freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO I’m here

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