A new challenge at the age of 40, to the Olympic stage again. Alpine ski racer Akira Sasaki “Determination” November 29th (Tuesday) press conference information

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A new challenge at the age of 40, to the Olympic stage again. Alpine ski racer Akira Sasaki “Determination” November 29th (Tuesday) press conference information

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Participated in four consecutive Olympics since 2002. He has competed in the World Championships and the Alpine Ski World Cup, and has achieved three podium finishes, the highest number of any Japanese. Akira Sasaki, a skier who has continued to compete at the top level of the world for a long time and has left a brilliant career, left the alpine skiing stage in 2014 with the word “change”.
After switching to freeride skiing, he spent eight years skiing mountains around the world and presenting his collection of
photographs. While seeing a new world in the mountain world with my friends in freeriding and snowboarding, I spent fulfilling days and realized my growth, but the true feelings in my heart did not disappear.
2022, 40 years old. What is the biggest challenge that you can take at the last minute? Even though I knew it, I didn’t have the courage to keep it in my heart. That was to return to the world of racing and aim for the top again at the Olympics.
“I want to prove that the skills I have accumulated not only as a competitive skier but also as a freeride skier can be used in the world of alpine skiing, just like life is one. Through this new challenge, I would like to convey the wonderful things that the people who have supported me and the people who have spent time with me in the world of nature and snow have given me.
And in order to give something back to society and education to the children of the future, you yourself must take on the most difficult challenges. ”
With new hopes, he won the first and second rounds of his return to alpine racing in August, and won consecutive wins. And from December, we will finally start fighting in a full-fledged world-class race. [Image 2

Akira Sasaki “Statement of Determination” Press Release
Before leaving for a full-fledged challenge.
To everyone in the media and to all the fans who support us, Akira Sasaki would like to convey his thoughts on facing new battles and challenges as a “declaration of determination” in his own words. We will provide opportunities for online distribution.
We would like to invite all members of the media to interview us. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please fill out the necessary information and send it by e-mail or fax.
We would appreciate it if you could let us know by 17:00 on Thursday, November 24th. (Details on how to attend are at the bottom of the article)
Date: November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) 13:30-15:00 (Reception: 13:00-) Venue: THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL 20th floor ANDREA ROSSI 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Speaker: Akira Sasaki (Alpine ski racer)
・Akira Sasaki
・The road to the 2026 Cortina d’Ampezzo Olympics in Italy
・ Thoughts on the challenge of crowdfunding

Press release online distribution:
You Tube LIVE channel @AkiraSasaki
Instagram LIVE @akiraexploring

■ Akira Sasaki / Akira Sasaki profile
Date of birth: September 26, 1981 41 years old Birthplace: Ono Town, Hokkaido (now Hokuto City, Hokkaido)
[Main achievements]
・FIS Alpine Ski World Cup (2002-3 season to 2009-10 season)
SL category awards: 2nd place 3 times 4th place 1 time 5th place 2 times 6th place 2 times 7th place 4 times 8th place 1 time 9th place 4 times
・Alpine Ski World Championships (2000-1 season to 2012-13 season) Number of appearances: 7 times
・Olympic alpine events Participation times: 4 times
■ About crowdfunding / From Akira Sasaki
By challenging crowdfunding, 1605 people have supported more than 30 million yen in total, making it a tremendously large team.
The background to this is that I want to create an environment where my future activities can be felt close to me, both directly and indirectly, and to share the time I am aiming for together with my friends through the community.
Originally, I had a backwards way of thinking about collecting money from people. I still feel guilty about trying to raise funds even though I haven’t had any results yet, but at the same time, I’ll do whatever it takes to increase the number of friends who will fight hard and support me in the first year, and together we can spread the word to the world. I wanted to create a community, which I mentioned earlier, and decided to try crowdfunding this time.
The challenge from the age of 40 may be a challenge that many people think is impossible. However, I no longer doubt my ability and efforts to grow even one millimeter.
Now, I have more friends who watch over my challenges together, and I want to challenge the world with strength, and I want to raise the enthusiasm, excitement, and thunderous cheers of the 60,000 Japanese people who fascinated me at the end of that stage. .
■ Messages from TEAM AKIRA / Sponsors
・Goldwin Co., Ltd.
I believe that Mr. Akira Sasaki and we, Goldwin, have the same “heart” to create the future that we cherish.
We will continue to pursue and convey our appreciation for the great nature of the earth and the wonders of skiing down the nature at will. ・Plan・Do・See Co., Ltd.
Our impression of Akira Sasaki is that he is generous. I’m stoically aiming for a very high place, but I don’t feel like I’m under pressure at all. He is always a nice guy, has no front and back, values ​​his lifestyle, and has the best taste.
It gives courage to us, the people of Japan, and the people of the world. If we can be even a little closer to his ridiculous goals, Plan Do See will support him, and we will rise together in our own place! ・List Co., Ltd.
One of the list group action guidelines is “Challenge & Change”, and we value the attitude of continuing to challenge without being satisfied with the status quo. We were deeply impressed by Mr. Sasaki’s challenge this time, and will support TEAM AKIRA.
・Denham Japan Co., Ltd.
Start from ZERO. His re-challenge that doesn’t fit in the frame is exciting. At the age of 40, starting from No. 140, 70 turns 55 seconds! The competition is fleeting, but it is a long journey. He has a mentality of gratitude, hope in any situation, and never forgets to learn. Philosophy to conquer. Akira Sasaki…
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November 24th (Thursday) 17:00 deadline
Attendance email address: r-matsuo@plandosee.co.jp Plan Do See Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Rena Matsuo
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*Please note that due to the size of the venue, we may refuse to participate even if you wish to participate.
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