A new kind of illumination that flickers to your heartbeat!? A world of gorgeous lights where you can detox your mind while traveling

Miyazaki Prefecture Osaka Office
A new kind of illumination that flickers to your heartbeat!? A world of gorgeous lights where you can detox your mind while traveling ~ A special feature on healing illuminations that vividly color the rich nature of Miyazaki ~

The Miyazaki Prefecture Osaka Office (located in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), which conveys the charm of Miyazaki Prefecture to everyone living in the Kansai region, will inform you of the information on the illumination that colors the beautiful nature of Miyazaki Prefecture. You can enjoy gorgeous illuminations from November at Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort and from December at Florante Miyazaki. Spend a relaxing time surrounded by gentle flickering light. [Image 1d106149-9-365198345b55e7fa381d-0.jpg&s3=106149-9-9e2c7a7317024131dc64a851b8a1e5f3-1200x800.jpg
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Experience healing in the light-filled space of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort Starlight Winter ~Special Seats of Stars and Light~
Approximately 30,000 lights gently illuminate Miyazaki at night in “THE LIVING GARDEN”, ​​a garden area exclusively for hotel guests adjacent to the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. Surrounded by a crescent moon monument set up in a lush green garden area and many warm lights, you can enjoy a fantastic space that makes you feel as if you are in the starry sky.
Period: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) Location: THE LIVING GARDEN *This area is exclusively for Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guests
Time: 17:00-23:00 Price: Free admission
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Illuminations of black pine forest ~Playing light, forest of light~ The illumination of the black pine grove that unfolds on the vast golf course shows the flickering like an aurora according to the rhythm of people’s breathing and heartbeats. Illuminations that express 16.7 million colors are abundantly scattered throughout the pine forest, repainting the lush green pine forest in the daytime as if it were another world.
This illumination spreads over the golf course and can be viewed from the comfort of your room at the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in the light of the illuminations that you can see from the comfort of your room. Location: Tom Watson Golf Course Select Course
Time: Tom Watson Golf Course “Hoshizora Golf” after business ends until around 25:00
*Viewable from Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort guest rooms.
Phoenix Resort Official Website: https://seagaia.co.jp/
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Experience a world of gorgeous lights at Florante Miyazaki
Illumination Flower Garden ~Hikari no Hanazono~
At the botanical park “Florante Miyazaki” where you can enjoy seasonal flowers, you can see the flower garden of light that blooms at night. “Illumination Flower Garden-Hikari no Hanazono-“, which was postponed due to the corona crisis, will be held for the first time in three years. Enjoy the colorful light flower show against the backdrop of Florante Miyazaki’s garden space and plant forms.
Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 9 (Monday / holiday) * Closed on December 31st (Sat) and January 1st (Sun)
Opening hours: 15:00-21:30 (Illuminations are scheduled to be lit from 17:30-18:00)
Entrance fee: 500 yen for adults, free for junior high school students and younger
Florante Miyazaki Official Website: https://www.florante.or.jp/ [Image 5d106149-9-a63e015e7ebbd02e9153-2.jpg&s3=106149-9-06ac8bee84abcd13fefbd661ab46e359-800x533.jpg
*This is a photo from the past event.
Hope tree and flower garden
A 12-meter-tall “Tree of Hope” and “Hikaru Flower” are here! The wishing tree slowly changes color. Enjoy a photogenic space full of bright flowers along with four flower trees.
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