A new normal vegetable theme park “Veggies Park-Vegetable Amusement Park” where you can enjoy plant-based menus on different days of the week will open on November 18th (Friday) in Bashamichi, Kannai, Yokohama!

Ageru Co., Ltd.
A new normal vegetable theme park “Veggies Park-Vegetable Amusement Park” where you can enjoy plant-based menus on different days of the week will open on November 18th (Friday) in Bashamichi, Kannai, Yokohama!
A theme park that offers exciting experiences starting with
plant-based food has opened!

Ageu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Yokohama, Representative Director: Tomoko Ohara) will open “Veggies Park – Vegetable Amusement Park” in Yokohama (Kannai / Bashamichi area) to challenge the operation of a new normal plant-based theme park. We will open. With the mission of “Together with the earth and people, Ashita.” Rather than doing special or difficult things, let’s live a healthy and environment-friendly life by being conscious of the small extras in our daily lives, and hope that it will be a place where we can do that. rice field.
vegetable entertainment
At Veggies Park, based on the concept of a “vegetable amusement park (a community where vegetables play a leading role),” you can enjoy plant-based food centered on vegetables as a lunch menu that changes on the day of the week. We will hold a workshop to make plant-based food more delicious and enjoyable, and a marché that connects farmers and the city.
It is an attraction that provides an exciting experience for everyone involved, including the stall holders.
Veggies Park – Vegetable amusement park – Thoughts put into it An amusement park is a place where both children and adults can get excited and experience something special and extraordinary. Small Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds are lined up, and you can enjoy your lunch box on the benches in the park.
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Veggies Park is located on a street in the business district. We would like to create a place where the mind and body can be revitalized through food that can be heard from business people who come and go, saying, “Let’s eat vegetables (plant-based food) for lunch today.” We aim to create an amusement park-like place where people, things, things, and communities are connected and where people can have many exciting experiences.
new normal business
[Image 2d77497-2-070420e492a141d6d458-3.jpg&s3=77497-2-a1b4465500277a4d8953c79961873236-3900x3900.jpg
Veggies Park will open at Taiu Porch Front, a shared space with a kitchen on the 1st floor of Taiu Porch where various creative people gather. Veggies Park closes at 3pm.
As a style of the new era, multiple store owners and related parties with different specialties gather, and while playing a role as a small kitchen for economic circulation within the region, we make use of this space, not only for food, but also for our mission ” With the earth and people, always with Ashita.”, we will actively promote and propose ethical consumption to realize a sustainable society. Based on the idea that everyone involved in Veggies Park is a participant (colleague) in activities to create a sustainable society, a part of the sales entrusted by the store owners will be used as an environmental conservation donation.
Vegetables + α = “upgrading vegetables”
Taking advantage of its geography and climate, Japan cultivates more vegetables than other countries, and the diet was originally plant-based, but the reality is that the amount of vegetables consumed is decreasing year by year. One of the reasons is that they don’t know how to eat.
Isn’t salad the representative of the vegetable menu? I want to change the common sense of vegetable consumption.
With the lunch menus offered at Veggies Park, we want people to know and experience that vegetables are not side dishes to meat or fish, but the star ingredient.
In addition, through workshops, we will disseminate how to eat and make vegetables more widely, and raise the status of vegetables in our lives.
Efforts to reduce disposal loss and achieve zero waste
[Image 3d77497-2-e189fa3a3b98260d67fc-7.jpg&s3=77497-2-594dbe4cda7fa97fee57a31379a99ec1-3900x3900.jpg
Is it possible to deal with the vicious cycle of the annual amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. that is discarded in the millions of tons, and on the other hand, the lack of vegetables in Japan? We not only support consumption by focusing on plant-based ingredients we provide, but also improve efficiency by sharing purchases and inventory as much as possible through cooperation between store owners so that there is no loss in the vegetables we use. We will continue to strive to reduce waste.
The non-edible parts are also used in smoothies as veggie broth (vegetable stock), and we are working on zero-waste by implementing the whole-food concept of eating whole vegetables and minimizing the packaging materials used.
Veggies Park menu (changes daily)
Based on the idea that eating a well-balanced “color” of “Eat the rainbow” leads to a well-balanced meal, the action word is “5 colors action”. is. (Example of menu provided)
●Full veggie curry
The vegetable puree curry, made with 100% plant-based ingredients, is a menu that allows you to fully enjoy the color and flavor of the vegetables.
There are currently 10 types of vegetables that change every week. Store: Vegetable puree curry specialty store – colore
[Image 4d77497-2-c3be555aa412ba9533b3-4.jpg&s3=77497-2-5478d4d94ffc01f0ca193488875f40bb-3900x3901.jpg
●Veggie pancake
A gluten-free pancake menu made with vegetables and rice flour that is made with consideration for children who have allergies or who don’t like vegetables.
Store: Friendly to everyone, delicious to everyone – Yamayoshi@Cafe [Image 5d77497-2-50f5d6451c1f53fa24ae-5.jpg&s3=77497-2-712febfa0d13f8cb2a9088e0f83681ab-3900x3901.jpg
●Seasonal smoothie
Because it is located in a corner of the office district, it is a cup full of the season and the desire to “easily take vegetables and fruits and feel the season” for everyone who is busy coming and going. Store: Team Veggies Park
[Image 6d77497-2-b8d8420649e7891039b2-6.jpg&s3=77497-2-135379743de7cc48d3dcc68d8cbd3e16-2468x2468.jpg
A 100% vegan, 100% organic take-out lunch that focuses on vegetables, ingredients, and seasonings made with the motto of “food that makes everyone living on earth happy”.
Store: Vegan & Organic CHEEBA SHOKUDOU
About future efforts
By expanding plant-based theme parks in various regions, we will connect people, goods, events, and communities, and support the discovery and branding of attractive ingredients in each region. I would like to work on education, retreats, etc.
Equipment outline
Facility name: Veggies Park
Location: 2-52 Aioi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Taisei Porch 1F
Business hours: Monday to Friday from opening to 3:00 p.m.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veggies_park/
Operating company
Company name: Ageru Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2018
Representative Director: Tomoko Ohara
Head office location: 2-52 Aioi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Taisei Porch 402
Business: Branding, visual design, promotion
HP: https://ageru.co.jp/
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