A one-day art event “metsa art promenade” with handmade works and art exhibitions will be held in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture!

Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd.
A one-day art event “metsa art promenade” with handmade works and art exhibitions will be held in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture!

“Metsa Village”, one of the largest Nordic lifestyle experience facilities in Japan in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, will hold an art event “metsä Art Promenade” against the backdrop of Lake Miyazawa, which is surrounded by rich nature, on Sunday, November 27th. will be held at
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A special day to enjoy encounters with works and artists
“Metsa Art Promenade” is an art event that hosts a market and exhibition of handmade works by art students. “Promenade” means “promenade”, and while walking around metsa, you suddenly encounter art, and through exchanges through markets and exhibitions, you want to activate communication between artists and guests who visit metsa. It’s included. We hope that you will enjoy the different personalities and expressions of each artist.
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■Three-forked road area
[Image 3d20740-221-316ad5309ad0b3fe8b5f-4.jpg&s3=20740-221-999896c2397cf2a86ae080e0ae0fc911-330x330.jpg
Studied at Ochanomizu Art College. I create works with the image of writing a diary about the memories and experiences that left an impression on me in my daily life. In my paintings, I want to express things that cannot be stopped, even if they are illusions.
Instagram: @xk_.0x

[Image 4d20740-221-b7b7d5cd57adb39dc2ca-2.jpg&s3=20740-221-e72d32fab726ba8e7fdbd30a0972c789-380x382.jpg
DICDIC is a brand launched by three people: Honoka Kamizono, a sophomore at Musashino Art University, Kosuke Sekiguchi, a sophomore at the Department of Visual Communication Design, and Yumika Inoue, a sophomore at the Sacred Heart Women’s University. We will develop various miscellaneous goods based on cute illustrations with a slightly dark accent!
Instagram: @dicdic_official

・Cafe Tsuka
[Image 5d20740-221-eda482c8a94f601dfbdf-6.jpg&s3=20740-221-ea68626f9e006a104e61f5aa4fbdea0e-339x487.jpg
Musashino Art University unofficial coffee club “Cafe Tsuka”. We have a tea party twice a month at a cafe near the school. The word “bun” means “to gather”. It would be interesting and fun if people could connect with each other while various people gathered loosely and spent a short break. I am working with the thought that it would be nice if I could create such a space through coffee.
I would be happy if I could have a little more rich time for everyone with a bunch of coffee.
Instagram @taba_coffee_m

・Potential lover
[Image 6d20740-221-206b9d221b89ed7a38a2-9.jpg&s3=20740-221-effa9570018efc37e91ceaecd64a85a-453x453.jpg
Parlor, which means a common room, and Botamochi, which is wrapped in red bean paste, has been said to ward off misfortune since ancient times. We sell botamochi, which has the potential of tanabota. I hope you have a sweet encounter.
Instagram @potentialovers

・Shimizu Yuu
[Image 7d20740-221-b9c483fd21c219364f04-11.jpg&s3=20740-221-fda08ba7c7208ffc182460637b513fd1-435x435.jpg
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 2002. Enrolled in the Department of Design Information, Musashino Art University. “Chunibyo” is a sensibility peculiar to adolescence that can be seen around the second year of junior high school when the mind is unstable. It is ridiculed on the internet as Chuunibyou (chuunibyou) as something that stretches out and is full of self-love. However, I view that period positively as the “peak of being cool,” and my drawing begins with having a kitchen spirit.
Instagram @susanooooh
・ Futamata Tsuzumi
[Image 8d20740-221-939d452533dbb610877a-5.jpg&s3=20740-221-def8c05080853ac0fed210b785e39e13-468x467.jpg
Musashino Art University Spatial Design Department 3rd year I make clothes that change people. The brand “tsuzumifutamata” was started with the idea that “change is scary, but it will be fun with cute items”.
New items will be exhibited and exhibited at this event.
Instagram @tsuzumi_dayo

■ Nordic Square Area
[Image 9d20740-221-d2808f0db7779397b64f-3.jpg&s3=20740-221-34a9fb6d5d7ea8116c83b71d7ee18ac8-642x426.jpg
I create works while thinking about my own existence. Based on his own experiences, he considers recollections and dreams that are connected to reality. We handle illustrations, writing, zines, videos, etc., with a focus on photo production. We care about realism.
Instagram @poyappi_
・ Yuiga Matsuoka
[Image 10d20740-221-1cb485f57ce50c0fd19d-7.png&s3=20740-221-08b3bd2e2edc9fe6917ba48c37dc87db-184x184.png
Belongs to Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art and Culture. Participated in the past three exhibitions and experienced curation, direction, planning and management, exhibition of works, and graphic design. We are working on production regardless of genre.
This time, he will team up with Mio Ando for a tent sauna.
Instagram @uigaggagaffafaffgagaggga

[Image 11d20740-221-13aa22e4a7272a8f017e-8.jpg&s3=20740-221-ecf33a3065491a7ee0e507acf9999cbf-559x419.jpg
It is my desire to teach people about life and death in everyday life through myths, fairy tales, and folk tales. Basically, I draw. Instagram chihan__upupup
・ Haruto Shirota
[Image 12d20740-221-b6c40ef9b17cd1e0cbab-12.jpg&s3=20740-221-69caeddf2155015bb2cc736c778fe6e8-436x436.jpg
I’m Haruto Shirota, a third-year student at Musashino Art University’s Faculty of Art and Design. Based on my own experiences and thoughts, I usually work based on works using texts and expressions through spatial production. At this event, we will exhibit participatory three-dimensional art works created through research on metsa and Finland!
Instagram @haruto_shirota
・Maho Hamasaki
[Image 13d20740-221-9d7aa700e90a47065d4e-10.jpg&s3=20740-221-7e4920ca28afae1005eb2528357ff1b1-500x500.jpg
“Good Morning Party” Open all the closets, pull them out, and go back and forth as you want to feel today. In the meantime, the room is filled with clothes and the Good Morning Party begins. This time, we will bring you everyday fantasy headgear that will boost your mornings.
Instagram @manahohamasaki

[Image 14d20740-221-1be8356c715200a1f1ed-13.png&s3=20740-221-df093918e6bff66e2edea010f05699a4-421x280.png

At “metsa village”, which proposes a Nordic lifestyle, you can enjoy shopping at the market, dining at restaurants and cafes, and workshops in the rich nature of Lake Miyazawa. Also, from July 2022, we will start four outdoor businesses. With two types of boat activities where you can enjoy floating on the lake, an RV park where you can stay in the car, a private space where you can see the lake from the top of the hill, and a BBQ space where you can start empty-handed, you can now feel more nature. .
“Metsa Village Outdoor”: https://metsa-hanno.com/lp/outdoors/

Metsä Co., Ltd. is a group company of Fintech Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobumitsu Tamai), Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, President: Robert Hurst) Marketing and event planning for Moominvalley Park operated by , as well as the operation and new business development of metsa village where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle.

“metsa” official website: https://metsa-hanno.com/
“Metsa” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metsa_Official “Metsa” Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metsavillage/

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