A salesperson who doesn’t exercise Developed by eating chicken breast bento My routine “Chicken breast meat is rice grains”

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
A salesperson who doesn’t exercise [developed by eating chicken breast bento] My routine “Chicken breast meat is rice grains”
Along with the release on 12/6 (Tue.), the development secret story will be released on the web!

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuyoshi Miyagami), which develops innovative products such as protein and sports supplements and strengthens the health food division, develops a protein brand “My routine”. ” will soon be released on December 6th ( will be released on Tuesday). Along with that, we will publish the secret story of development on a new web special page.
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[Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/25284/table/1135_1_fb768243483b7eff0ba1b1996784e993.jpg ]
◎Empathize with the daily anguish and trials of athletes and traineesMy routine supports athletes in various genres as a brand that supports athletes. When I asked about the diet of the athletes I support, they said, “I eat chicken breast every day, except for one day a year when I can eat whatever I want.” I eat it almost every day,” but on the other hand, “Sometimes I get tired of the dry feeling,” “I always end up with a one-pattern cooking method,” and “I’m always thinking about how I can eat it deliciously without getting tired of it.” …” I found out that I have a common problem with chicken breast. Chicken breast has less fat than chicken thigh, so if you heat it lightly, the moisture will come out and it will tend to dry out. Empathizing with the anguish and trials of the athletes and trainees who supported him, he came to the conclusion that “Let’s develop a special pickled sauce that allows you to eat chicken breast deliciously without getting tired of it every day.” After spending a year on it, we have finally completed a sauce that we are satisfied with.
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Mr. Yasutake Kunsaga, My Routine Brand Manager, Health & Beauty Division, Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.

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◎The chicken bento box that I kept eating to learn about the anguish of the competitors The plan for the “Chicken Breast Pickled Sauce” was planned by Myroutine brand manager and non-exercise salesman “Bisaka”. I was living a life that was unrelated to protein, exercise, and diet. My Routine supports athletes of various genres, so while meeting directly with athletes and listening to their stories, I stoically face my own body and mind and live a life that is the exact opposite of myself. I witnessed the suffering and eating habits of the support athletes who send daily. “What does it feel like to eat chicken breast every day?” I continued to eat every day. Under such circumstances, I personally got tired of eating it every day, and I felt that eating, which was originally one of my pleasures, was painful. And without forgetting the joy of eating, I decided to develop a pickle sauce with a wide variety of variations.
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▲One day lunch
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▲One day lunch
-My routine chicken breast is rice grains-
Click here for the special web page

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(From left) Salt Koji Flavor, Spicy Koji Flavor
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(From left) Myroutine chicken breast with rice, salt koji flavor, spicy koji flavor
■ Product name: MY ROUTINE Chicken breast with rice grains
■ Flavor: salt koji flavor / spicy koji flavor
■ Capacity: 200mL
■Price: 980 yen (tax included)
■ Release date: 12/6 (Tue.) ~ Official online shop “MY ROUTINE ONLINE SHOP”, MY ROUTINE Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon
■ Seller: Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
■ Customer inquiries: Toll-free 0120-487-4
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My Routine Chicken Breast Gohan Tsubu Product Page
My Routine Chicken Breast with Rice Product page:


-Reference material-
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[My routine brand concept]
move. walk. Run. work. smile. cry. eat. Our daily life is made up of verbs. I think that moving the body and mind, in other words, living itself, is a sport. MY ROUTINE is a brand that supports your health in your daily life, becomes your routine, and helps you live a more positive and fulfilling life.
Brand site https://www.myroutine.jp
-Product line-up-
We have developed innovative products such as collaboration products centered on proteins, and have expanded the lineup to categories such as sports supplements and high-protein curries.
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A specialized trading company that handles brands such as watches, fashion accessories, and fragrances. We have the largest market share (*) in the import and wholesale of overseas brand products.
Based on the achievements and know-how that we have cultivated over many years as an import wholesaler, we are also developing the business of Japanese authorized distributors and original brands. While serving as the exclusive agent for Samurai, Jaguar, and Gure in fragrances, as a manufacturer, we are developing a large number of brands with a wide range of business models, such as developing the Aqua Bubble brand and jointly developing products with leading talents in various fields.
(*In-house research)

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