A slapstick story about men’s love, friendship and stubbornness sent by unique characters “Umebo 15th ‘RE’ PLAY ‘Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane'” opens

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A slapstick story about men’s love, friendship and stubbornness sent by unique characters “Umebo 15th ‘RE’ PLAY ‘Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane'” opens
Kensuke Takahashi, Yuki Kogoshi, and Chiba (w-inds.) appear as guests on a daily basis! There are comments from 10 plum sticks
Umebo 15th “RE” PLAY “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane”, written and directed by Ito Ito (Umebo), choreographed and supervised by Umebo, will open today at the Sunshine Theater in Tokyo on Friday, November 18th. welcomed
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(C) Takahiro Iino
“Umebou” is a dance entertainment group that presents stories through the fusion of dance, theater, and J-POP without using dialogue. This work is a replay of Umebo 4th PLAY “Cross Ginger Hurricane”, which was performed only by Umebo members at Haiyuza Theater and ABC Hall from August to September 2015. This is a work synonymous with Umebo. The 20th anniversary YEAR will be concluded with 10 members: Konhito Ito, Yusuke Umezawa, Kiichi Tsuruno, Shoji Toyama, Takuya Shiono, Tatsuhiko Sakurai, Kazuya Naraki, Kazuki Amano, Yuki Noda, and Tawada Nimamasa. Please look forward to this work, which has been more energetic and powerful after 7 years, presented by Umebo, who has experienced member joining and graduation, and directing, choreographing, and appearing in numerous external performances and video media.
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(C) Takahiro Iino
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(C) Takahiro Iino
“Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” is a slapstick story about men’s love, friendship, and stubbornness that unfolds on a small island somewhere in Japan. The Umebo world full of energy that makes you laugh and sometimes cry, and the performances with unique characters and stories, as well as the songs that link with the stories and characters are highlights.
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(C) Takahiro Iino
This performance will be held at the Sunshine Theater (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) from November 18th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022, and from December 3rd (Saturday) to 4th at the Nagoya City Arts Center (Higashi-ku, Nagoya City). , will be performed at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall (Chuo-ku, Osaka) from December 8th (Thursday) to 10th (Saturday). Also, at the Tokyo performance, Kensuke Takahashi will appear on Sunday, November 20th, Yuki Kogoshi on Wednesday, November 23rd, and Chiba (w-inds.) on Thursday, November 24th. . Please check the official website for information on ticket sales on the day. Plum Stick Comments
・Ito Ito now
It’s been more than 20 years since Umebo started, and more than 10 years have passed since it entered the theater.
There have been several changes in the members so far, but each has returned the experience gained from outside work, condensed it, and built up the “Umebo Style” through trial and error.
In 2022, it is a work of 100% pure Umebo performed only by members who are currently active.
A faint emo drifts in the overwhelming absurdity that rushes in… Please come to Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Theater to fully enjoy the out-of-season summer!
・Yusuke Umezawa
About seven years have passed since the last “Cross Ginger Hurricane”. If you are in the 1st grade of elementary school, you are in the 2nd grade of junior high school. After so many years, many things have changed. I am no longer who I was then!
And even if you think like that, you may be told, “You haven’t changed.” I feel that such things are usually not about the
appearance, but the essential part of the person’s way of speaking and personality.
I think that “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” will show a new side of Umebo over time. But at the same time, I think there is also the naivety of the old Umebo.
Including such various aspects, please come and enjoy it with great anticipation, “What kind of plum stick!? Hey, hey, hey!”
・Kiichi Tsuruno
Those who haven’t seen it yet! Already seen!
It will be exciting in many ways!
But you know! My heart is pounding even before it starts!
That’s why!
Our summer isn’t over yet! From now on!
・ Shoji Toyama
I’ve been fooling around with the Umebo members for 20 years, and I’ve experienced a lot of fun and painful things.
There was always a feeling of “I’m going to do something interesting!” “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” is a work that seems to be filled with that feeling.
We will work hard and sweat so that the fire in our hearts can become your strength. Please look forward to it.
・Takuya Shiono
This is Takuya Shiono from Umebo!
Gradually, the opportunities to go out, to work abroad, and to go to the theater have returned!
Entertainment has diversified ways to enjoy it, but we still love live performances, so we will continue to do our best to deliver the stage! First of all, please enjoy bathing your whole body in this work that has been reconstructed and delivered only with 100% pure plum sticks! !
・Tatsuhiko Sakurai
The new Cross Ginger Hurricane, which is only called a rerun, is personally a little uneasy, but I’m looking forward to seeing how much the audience will be surprised. I can’t speak out, but I hope you enjoy it purely without thinking about anything!
・ Kazuya Naraki
I’ve been waiting!
“Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” has started! !
Seven years after the premiere of “Cross Ginger Hurricane”, we present “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane”, which can only be done with the current Umebo!
It’s getting colder outside, but please feel the heat of summer inside the theater♪
・Kazuki Amano
For me, “Cross Ginger Hurricane” is my favorite work of all the Umebo performances I’ve done so far.
I’ve been working hard to create this “Shin” work with that feeling that I want people who see it to like it like I do.
If you can spend two hours in the theater without any prior
information, you will be able to laugh and laugh and feel a little relaxed.
It’s getting cold again recently, but we’ll bring you the heat of the summer and the vitality of tomorrow, so please come visit us at the theater.
・Yuki Noda
The hottest, most ridiculous, and slightly bittersweet of Umebo’s performances. I added “Shin” to such “Cross Ginger Hurricane” and rebuilt it as a Reiwa version!
Various “Umebo-likeness” are condensed tightly, and we will deliver a more densely powered-up Umebo with all our heart!
Please come and taste the memories of a fun summer on Ginger Island. ・Nimasu Tawada
It was my first Umebo member-only performance.
I decided to join Umebo after watching the last member’s performance, so I have a special feeling.
I strongly feel that I have become a plum stick again, and I have a feeling that my love for plum sticks will deepen.
I think that customers who see Umebo for the first time will want to talk to someone about Umebo and will definitely want to see it again. I’m confident that it will be a work that you can feel the
anticipation for, and I will deliver it to Chikuraku.
A slapstick story about love, friendship, and men’s stubbornness that takes place on a small island floating somewhere in Japan. The men on the island fight over her, and the duel method is a traditional round-the-island competition! ?
“We are 100% splashing waves of love!!”
Performance overview
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[Performance name] Umebo 15th “RE” PLAY “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” [Writing/Overall Direction] Masato Ito [Umebo] [Choreography/Supervision] Umebo [Appearance] Masato Ito, Yusuke Umezawa, Teruichi Tsuruno, Shoji Toyama, Takuya Shiono, Yoshihiko Sakurai, Kazuya Naraki, Kazuki Amano, Yuki Noda, Tomomasu Tawada
[Daily guest (in order of appearance date)]
November 20 (Sun) 13:00/18:00…Kensuke Takahashi
November 23 (Wednesday/holiday) 13:00/18:00…Yuki Kogoshi
November 24th (Thursday) 14:00/19:00… Chiba [w-inds.]


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