A sparkling Christmas cake!洋菓子専門店「ラ・メゾン白金グラン」が素材にこだわり作り 上げる4種のケーキのご予約受付がスタート。

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A sparkling Christmas cake! Reservations for four types of cakes made with carefully selected ingredients by the Western confectionery shop “La Maison Shirokane Grand” have started.
Reservations are accepted at each store of La Maison Shirogane Grand.
We have started accepting reservations for La Maison Shirogane Grand’s gorgeous Christmas cake. A variety of cakes that are carefully made one by one without sparing time and effort, making the most of the charm of the ingredients selected from all over the world by the pastry chef. During the period from 12/23 (Fri) to 12/25 (Sun), we will also prepare sales on the day.
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“La Maison Shirogane Grand” offers Western confectionery made with carefully selected ingredients from all over the world by a patissier. We have started accepting reservations for Christmas cakes from November 2022. We offer a wide variety of cakes, from No. 5 size cakes that are perfect for sharing with family and friends, to No. 3 size cakes that you can enjoy with a small group.
Spend time with your family, party with friends, or as a gift for your loved ones with a special Christmas cake made by La Maison Shirogane Grand, and spend the holiday season with a smile and a sparkling heart.
[Reservation method]
Reception period: Until 12/16 (Friday)
Reception stores: La Maison Shirokane Grand Main Store, Denenchofu Store, Chidori Store, Isetan Shinjuku Store, Hanshin Umeda Main Store Reservation method: Please speak to the store staff for reservations. Delivery period: 12/23 (Fri)-12/25 (Sun)
Strawberry shortcake, a Christmas classic, is a heart-filled world view that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!
[Image 2d36932-220-29c7f646002969e34e4c-7.jpg&s3=36932-220-5bf3a48514d16cd1eaf3ea998d4ece5c-2297x2297.jpg
Hokkaido fresh cream and sliced ​​strawberries are sandwiched between genoise dough, and decorated with plenty of fresh cream and
strawberries to finish.
Fresh cream with an elegant sweetness and fluffy sponge bring out the sweetness and aroma of strawberries.
We have created a cute and heart-filled world with Santa and gifts so that not only adults but also small children can enjoy it together. Noel shortcake
No. 3 (approximately 9cm in diameter) ¥2,700 (tax included)
Size 4 (approximately 12 cm in diameter) ¥3,456 (tax included) Size 5 (approximately 15 cm in diameter) ¥4,536 (tax included)                        ※No. 3 will be sold only at the Isetan Shinjuku store and the Hanshin Umeda main store.
Chocolate-filled cake “Double Chocolat” is Christmas specification! [Image 3d36932-220-1a978b81dbb422c615ca-12.jpg&s3=36932-220-07ed7004dfcf33f1f25d04f1f7026fcb-3900x3900.jpg
An entremet full of chocolate, layered with chocolate cream using 70% cacao guanara chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dough on chocolate langka mousse.
The top is decorated with chocolate-flavored macaroons, truffle caramel, and holly picks, and the glossy glassage makes it even more eye-catching.
It is recommended to enjoy it with coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Noel Double Chocolat No. 4 (12 cm in diameter)
¥3,456 (tax included)
“Fruille Rouge” with the theme of Christmas color with berries and pistachios [Image 4d36932-220-4cd66442ddd8ccc1c184-11.jpg&s3=36932-220-8c92ef013659575ecb97a51a549453b5-3900x3900.jpg
Strawberry mousse is covered with pistachio cream, layered with strawberry syrup and almond flavor, and coated with raspberry glaçage. Decorate with strawberry and pistachio macaron hazelnut sable to finish. The cross section of strawberry mousse and pistachio cream that appears when you cut the cake seems to further enhance the Christmas mood.
Noel Fruit Rouge No. 4 (diameter about 12cm)
¥3,780 (tax included)
“Noel mousse au maron” where you can enjoy the rich chestnut flavor that is irresistible for chestnut lovers
[Image 5d36932-220-6d7cd97d8099542bd95f-13.jpg&s3=36932-220-907fc081760c64add7e780954495c8f7-3900x3899.jpg
Inside the chocolate mousse, chestnut cake, hazelnuts accent the texture, and smooth chestnut mousse are hidden for an elegant taste. Decorated with moist and soft chestnut glacé, hazelnuts and bitter chocolate. You can enjoy the marriage of chestnuts and chocolate.
Enjoy Christmas with a special entremet that can only be tasted during the Christmas season!
Noel mousse o marron No. 4 (approximately 12 cm in diameter) ¥3,780 (tax included)
La Maison SHIROKANE grand
[Image 6d36932-220-5e321bec211b56916b64-5.jpg&s3=36932-220-79f1921ba2ad096dd11e8f7ddafcf582-2536x1520.jpg
“La Maison Shirokane Grand” with its head office in Shirokane, Tokyo We offer a wide range of products such as petit gateau, entremets, viennoiserie, etc., which are made with ingredients selected from all over the world by our pastry chefs.
Main store (Shirokane Takanawa), Denenchofu store, Chidori store, Isetan Shinjuku store, Hanshin Umeda Main store
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