A special Hida Sangyo model with mina perhonen tambourines will be on sale for a limited time at the Mishima Furniture online shop! !

Co., Ltd. style
A special Hida Sangyo model with mina perhonen tambourines will be on sale for a limited time at the Mishima Furniture online shop! !
Style Co., Ltd. (Representative: Ikuo Matsushima, 399-1 Hinode-cho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture) is offering Hida Sangyo’s “SEOTO Semi-Armchair” with a Mina Perhonen tambourine, planned and developed by the company’s store “Mishima Kagu” for a limited time. It will be on sale at the Mishima Furniture online shop from Saturday, November 18th to Tuesday, December 20th at 15:00.

[Image 1d83216-18-7508ec42cc92287e3951-11.png&s3=83216-18-e734b84c8bd54fab1aa832d4e82d0248-1360x960.png
A tambourine by mina perhonen is attached to the seat surface of the “SEOTO semi-armchair”, a representative chair popular in Hida Sangyo, as a special model of Mishima Kagu. A form that flows in a single stroke. The most distinctive feature of this chair is the shape that flows from the backboard to the armrests and then to the back legs. [Image 2d83216-18-196a85fec5b2a1634060-6.jpg&s3=83216-18-96b1e70821d3e9759be40d3b1c5ee6a2-800x800.jpg
The design, which has the atmosphere of Scandinavian furniture, goes well with minä perhonen fabrics, and will add color and comfort to your dining room.

Order meeting overview
 November 19th (Sat)-December 20th (Tue) 15:00 *Limited time sale. -Product Details-
[Image 3d83216-18-162fb24b1e73da95d19a-5.jpg&s3=83216-18-5705795fa64d0e3ea3aa53ef5dd780ff-800x800.jpg
A dining chair that balances function and beauty
Received the Good Design Award in 2012 for its comfortable fit and balance of function and beauty.
This is a new form of wooden furniture created by Hida Sangyo, who knows everything about wood, and Motomi Kawakami, who continues to lead Japanese product design.
[Image 4d83216-18-0323cbb8adc0e6436cdd-3.jpg&s3=83216-18-5fa2c3da91cae6dccc764c845c65facb-1280x720.jpg
-Product name-
Hida Sangyo SEOTO semi-armchair
Body: white oak urethane finish, walnut urethane finish
mina perhonen tambourine/grey blue
-Tax-included price-
Walnut material ¥118,800 (tax excluded ¥108000)
 White oak material ¥107,800 (tax excluded ¥98,000)
■ Order meeting URL https://mishimakagu.net/?mode=grp&gid=2797924 《Brand introduction》
[Image 5d83216-18-213c4863ddeba154e48e-1.png&s3=83216-18-2b0bc3db215e94a5ae06902262f89155-300x37.png
In 1995, mina (mina perhonen since 2003) was founded. Focusing on textile design with hand-drawn designs, we collaborate with fabric production areas in Japan and overseas that are engaged in design activities that are close to everyday life, such as fashion, interiors, tableware, and space direction for stores and inns. We are also working hard on material development and technology development. The brand name was taken from the Finnish language, resonating with the lifestyle and culture of the designer’s repeated trips to Northern Europe. “mina” means “I” and “perhonen” means “butterfly”. It contains the desire to make a light design like the beautiful wings of a butterfly. The brand logo represents “various personalities (set of grains) within me (square).” As there are countless types of butterflies, the number of designs created by mina perhonen continues to grow.
[Image 6d83216-18-a43facb8bb10f61e8291-0.jpg&s3=83216-18-5483c1da1d3538c969eb24e09ae0d371-750x130.jpg
Founded in 1920, Hida Sangyo is a long-established Hida furniture brand with a history of nearly a century. Based in Hida-Takayama, a famous furniture production area, we are the top woodworking brand in Japan that produces high-quality furniture that incorporates Japan’s skillful woodworking techniques, and we are also a pioneer in bentwood furniture manufacturing. As a “woodpecker brand of wooden furniture”, the name is known not only in Japan but also in the world. While continuing to inherit the techniques of “Takumi of Hida”, we are actively collaborating with overseas designers and reprinting masterpiece furniture from the Showa era. We continue to provide products that meet the needs of the times.
《Planning and operation》
[Image 7d83216-18-ee0f06e5ce28bcb224c9-8.jpg&s3=83216-18-4bc46f6340c63758ab251a9d41cf8cb3-1500x1001.jpg
-About Mishima Furniture-
Mishima Furniture is a long-established furniture store in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture that has been in business for over 61 years. We have wooden furniture that lasts a lifetime and carefully selected miscellaneous goods. We also focus on post-purchase repairs and maintenance so that you can use your favorite items while repairing them. It is Mishima Kagu’s wish that high-quality products will be used for a long time and that customers will have a lasting
relationship with us.
■Company profile
Company name: Style Co., Ltd. (Mishima Furniture Management Company) Location: 399-1 Hinodecho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture 372-0022 Established: April 2000
・Company site: https://www.style-actus.com
・Mishima Furniture Site: https://mishimakagu.com
・ Mishima Furniture Online Shop Site: https://mishimakagu.net ・ Order meeting URL: https://mishimakagu.net/?mode=grp&gid=2797924 Details about this release:


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