A study on the cooling fabrics market has been conducted to understand the market dynamics in 2022.

A study on the cooling fabrics market has been conducted to understand the market dynamics in 2022.

Survey period: November 9-15, 2022
Survey company: SDKI Inc.
Survey Subject: We conducted a survey of 552 market players of all sizes. Number of valid answers: 550
Survey method: 250 field surveys, 300 Internet surveys
Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted among companies based on revenue. Survey results:
Q: Why are cooling fabrics so popular around the world?
Cooling fabric helps maintain a comfortable body temperature in hot weather and during exercise. Cooling fabrics are made with special threads that can carry body heat to the outside. This allows for better ventilation and breathability.
Studies have shown that the use of cooling fabrics can reduce body temperature by almost 1 degree Celsius. Additionally, these fabrics offer UV protection and promote optimal physical performance. Q: Does the cooling fabric industry follow a sustainable approach to manufacturing clothing?
Market players are paying close attention and opting for sustainable approaches. Manufacturing sites are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating waste and conserving resources. The company ensures that 100% of its products have at least one
sustainable attribute. Also, most of our products are made from recycled materials.
Question: What are some of the quality check criteria in the Cooling Fabrics market domain?
As the demand from the field such as sports and fashion is increasing, the company’s quality assurance is remarkable.
Recently, a prominent market player, brrr Pro, has enhanced its cooling fibers with embedded hyper-wicking and micro-cooling minerals for better cooling effect. Additionally, the Brrr Pro Polystar claims to score a 0.194 Qmax test. The Qmax test measures the cooling to the touch of the produced fabric. This score is approximately 80% better than competing brands of cooling fabrics and 52% better when it comes to performance.
Question: What are the classifications of the cooling fabrics market? The cooling fabric market can be segmented by type, application, and fiber type. This can be further classified as −
Type – Synthetic and Natural
Applications – sports apparel, lifestyle, protective clothing Fiber Types – Wovens, Nonwovens, Knits
Additionally, sportswear has been witnessed to be the largest consumer of cooling fabrics. This is due to its thermoregulatory properties, smooth texture, excellent strength, and high elasticity. The sports apparel market is expected to reach US$200 billion by 2025.
Question: Which region is expected to present promising growth opportunities for the cooling fabrics market?The North American region is expected to lead the way in providing lucrative growth
opportunities for the cooling fabrics market. The United States is one of the prominent consumers of cooling fabrics in North America. On the other hand, after Europe, the Asia-Pacific region is another region with growth potential. This is due to the presence of a wide range of customers.
Question: What will be the cooling fabric market revenue in 2022? The global cooling fabric market is expected to hold a revenue of US$2.5 billion in 2022, with an annual growth rate of 19%.
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