A study on the Video Production Camera Market has been conducted to understand the landscape of the market in 2022.

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A study on the Video Production Camera Market has been conducted to understand the landscape of the market in 2022.

Survey period: November 12-20, 2022
Researcher: RNPL
Survey coverage: We conducted a survey of 550 market players of all sizes. Number of valid answers: 550
Survey method: 250 field surveys, 300 internet surveys
Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted among companies based on revenue. Q: How is growth in the entertainment industry driving demand for video production cameras?
The expansion of the entertainment industry is having a positive impact on the demand for video production cameras. Some of the major segments of the industry, such as movies, TV shows, news, and sports, are driving huge demand for cameras for video production. These programs are broadcast daily. A single movie or show requires 6-7 different video cameras, including DSLR, digital, mirrorless, 360, professional, sports and action camcorders.
Additionally, nearly 900 films were released in Canada and the United States in 2018, an annual increase of about 18%. A large portion of the world’s population are loyal viewers of news channels. Therefore, there are multiple news channels that broadcast live programming every day. For example, major morning news programming networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC accounted for approximately 4 million viewers in 2020 and will make a profit of approximately 52% in 2022.
Question: What are the latest innovative technological advances in the global video production camera market?
Multiple major manufacturers are constantly upgrading the quality and features of their camcorders as the technology becomes more enhanced and upgraded. For example, AVer Information Inc. released the PTC500S professional auto-tracking camera with new strategic tracking technology. This technology helps photographers with precise tracking to capture video in different shooting environments. Other
technological advancements such as auto framing, stepping motors, and facial recognition are also expected to drive market growth. Q: What is the role of HD viewing landscape in the growth of the global video production camera market?
The existence of 8k-16k high definition video cameras has fueled the global trend towards HD channels. Nest+Visual, Inc. overcomes challenges in developing 16k (16320×2304 pixels) ultra-wide content. People around the world are casually accessing HD content such as sports, movies and informative channels. For example, the number of HD channels will increase by about 20% in 2019.
Question: What is the classification of the global video production camera market?
The major classifications of the global video production camera market are by type and end user. This can be further categorized as follows:- 1. type
compact camera
cinema camera
broadcast video camera
action camera
360 camera
2. End User
large event
educational institution
broadcasting and filmmaking
Question: What are the revenue and CAGR of the global video production camera market?
The global video production camera market is growing at a CAGR of around 6% during 2022-2032 and is expected to achieve a revenue of around US$58,000 million by 2031. Moreover, the market generated revenue of approximately US$32,000 million in 2021.
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Question: What is the regional landscape of the global Video Production Camera Market?
The North America region is split between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The market in the region is expected to grow by around 5.5% by 2023, with total revenue expected to reach around US$1 billion. On the other hand, Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the second largest region offering growth opportunities for the global video production cameras market. The region is mainly split between Australia, South Korea, Japan and India. Among these countries, China accounted for about US$5000 million in total revenue in 2022. [Image



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