A study on the White Inorganic Pigments Market has been conducted to understand the market landscape in 2022.

A study on the White Inorganic Pigments Market has been conducted to understand the market landscape in 2022.

Survey period: November 14-20, 2022
Survey company: SDKI Inc.
Survey coverage: We conducted a survey of 540 market players of all sizes. Number of valid answers: 540
Survey method: 340 field surveys, 200 Internet surveys
Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted among companies based on revenue. Survey results:
Q: What is the projected market size of the white inorganic pigment market? The market for white inorganic pigments is expected to generate a revenue of up to USD 34 billion by 2035, expanding at a CAGR of around 6.5%. Moreover, the market is also attracting a notable revenue of USD 26 billion in 2022.
Q: What is the reason for the high growth potential of the white inorganic pigment market?
Growing use of white inorganic pigments in various fields such as electronics, automotive, architecture, and personal care is a major factor driving the growth of the market.
Due to the increasing need for high performance white pigments for use in the automotive industry, the market has high potential growth opportunities globally. Rising consumer preference for black and white cars is expected to increase the demand for white pigments. Also, this may have a positive impact on market expansion. Thirty-five percent of all new cars built in 2021 will be painted white or a variant of white, with black coming in second place by a wide margin at 18%. Q: In which regions will manufacturers see the most growth
opportunities for the white inorganic pigment market?
The Asia-Pacific region is estimated to offer the most lucrative growth opportunities for manufacturers and distributors of white inorganic pigments. Efficient demand and supply cycles and rising demand and consumption in paints & coatings, adhesives & sealants, plastics, cosmetics, paper and ink sectors in countries including China, India and Japan are driving the Asia Pacific market. is the main driver of the growth of
The market value of China’s paint manufacturing business has increased year-on-year between 2011 and 2021, reaching a peak of $89 billion in 2021. In China, the market for paint manufacturing is expected to reach US$94 billion in 2022.
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Q: Who are the leading companies in the white inorganic pigment market, and what are the recent trends?
Venator Materials PLC (UK), The Chemours Company, Tronox Holdings plc, Lanxess, DIC Corporation and Kronos Worldwide, Inc. are some of the market leaders in the white inorganic pigment market.
DIC Corporation recently completed its acquisition of BASF’s International Pigments Division in June 2021. The purpose of the acquisition of BASF Colors & Effects (BCE) is to increase the company’s market share.
Question: What are the major categories of the white inorganic pigment market? The white inorganic pigment market can be segmented by product type and application. This can be further categorized as:-
By Product Type – Aluminum Silicate, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Silicate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide
By Application – Adhesives & Sealants, Cosmetics, Inks, Paints & Coatings, Paper, Plastics
[Image 2d72515-2219-c7d189ee5d369f1f9693-1.png&s3=72515-2219-318134ad929e047ddb3e4460d9754d42-560x332.png
Q: What are the core strategies of the major manufacturers of market-leading white inorganic pigments?
Some of the key strategies adopted by key manufacturers to grow and lead the white inorganic pigments market are listed below:
Competitive price
Expansion to different regions
High focus on new product development
Continuous efforts to improve the supply chain
Mergers and Acquisitions
For example, DCL has announced that it will acquire Sun Chemical’s American manufacturing facility in August 2021. The acquisition aims to expand its specialty pigment offerings for engineering plastics, automotive and industrial coatings.
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