A3 Co., Ltd. Celebrating the 9th anniversary of the series! The second online lottery “eeo lottery” for “Ange Relink” is on sale! Gorgeous goods of Progressors wearing Christmas costumes and more as prizes

A3 Co., Ltd.
Celebrating the 9th anniversary of the series! The second online lottery “eeo lottery” for “Ange Relink” is on sale! Gorgeous goods of Progressors wearing Christmas costumes and more as prizes

A3 Co., Ltd. has started selling new goods for “Ange Relink”. [Image 1

The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the romance adventure RPG “Ange Relink” presented by KADOKAWA and f4samurai is back!
“Ange Relink” is the successor to the “Ange” series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary. Many famous illustrators and gorgeous voice actors participate, and the charm of unique progresses is a popular work. A voice drama has also been distributed, and is currently under development for its release!
This “Ange Relink” eeo lottery, following the very popular first lottery that was released in August this year, has upgraded the prizes and benefits for the second lottery to commemorate the 9th
anniversary! Please check it!
Holding information
Release period: November 11th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday) Sales price: 770 yen (tax included) once
Delivery date: Scheduled for late December.
Payment method: credit card payment, carrier payment, point payment Venue: eeo Store (mail order)
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eeo Store’s first online lottery “eeo Kuji”
[Image 2

Online lotteries are attracting attention among anime and manga fans. Finally, the eeo lottery that can be purchased online from the eeo store will appear.
The biggest feature of “eeo lottery” is that you can check the lottery results on the spot.
Since you can check the prizes you have won immediately after drawing a lottery, it is easy to share the results with your friends through SNS, etc., and you can also enjoy exchanging prizes.
In addition, only for the same product, orders with the same delivery address on the same day will be automatically bundled, and the system will not incur shipping charges from the second time onwards. “eeo lottery” can be purchased not only from smartphones and tablets, but also from computers.
Shop from the device that’s most convenient for you!
“Ange Relink” eeo lottery 2nd edition has 5 types of prizes! The 2nd installment of the “Ange Relink” eeo lottery, which went on sale today, will feature 5 types of prizes, from Prize A to Prize E. For prizes, a large collection of new goods that are nice to decorate with cute progress!
In addition, there are goods using illustrations that are perfect for the Christmas season using Santa costumes ♪
The product is scheduled to be delivered by December 24th, so it is also recommended as a Christmas present for yourself!
Let’s take a look at the details of what kind of prizes were collected! [Image 3

[Goods list]
Prize A B2 horizontal tapestry (1 type)
Prize B Big character stand (5 types in total)
Prize C Character acrylic figure (8 types)
Prize D acrylic key chain (7 types)
Prize E acrylic card (9 types)
*B, C, D, and E prizes will be randomly selected.
Prize A B2 horizontal tapestry
[Image 4

Among the 2nd edition of the “Ange Relink” eeo lottery, the rarest A prize is a B2 horizontal tapestry!
With a size of about 51 cm in height and 73 cm in width, you can feel the atmosphere of jumping into the world of “Ange Relink” if you hang it in your room.
The illustration is Miumi Hinata from the new work before the release! Decorate your room and be healed by Miumi’s energetic smile every day! Prize B Big character stand
[Image 5

Following the A prize, the B prize is a big character stand! An acrylic smartphone stand measuring approximately 18cm in height and 14cm in width. It is an item that can be used while charging by passing the cable through the outlet at the bottom.
Because it is a large size, it is compatible with tablets, and it is perfect for playing games on the horizontal screen!
This is an illustration of 5 people’s progress, such as Saya Aotsuki and Luel. The swimsuit is a dazzling illustration, so you can decorate it as an acrylic board when you don’t put your smartphone on it!
Prize C Character acrylic figure
[Image 6

Character acrylic figures that are fun to decorate are now available as Prize C! The acrylic stand with a maximum height of 15 cm with a strong presence can be displayed anywhere in the room and you can see the cute progress.
Why don’t you get your favorite progress wearing a Santa costume and make it a Christmas present for yourself?
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Prize D acrylic key chain
[Image 7

The D prize is an acrylic key chain, which is also a standard item! Illustrations with a size of about 65mm are easy to see.
Acrylic key chains also use illustrations of Santa costumes that are perfect for Christmas.
Let’s have a fun Christmas with 7 progressors such as Haruka Tojo and Yumi Nitta!
Prize E acrylic card
[Image 8

The E prize is an acrylic card that you will want to collect! A solid acrylic clear card with a size of about 9 cm in length, 7 cm in width, and 1 mm in thickness.
It’s a size that’s easy to carry in your wallet, so you can see the progress illustrations anytime, anywhere!
There are 9 types in all.
Let’s take your favorite progress to various places such as a short outing on a holiday or a fun trip!
Purchase benefits are postcards!
[Image 9

For every 5 purchases of “Ange Relink” eeo lottery 2nd in one transaction, you will receive a random postcard as a purchase privilege!
The postcard lineup includes a total of 6 types of illustrations from the new work “Ange Relink”!
“Ange Relink” eeo lottery 2nd also has a W chance prize!
[Image 10

In addition to the purchase bonus postcard, this time we also have a W chance prize!
The W chance prize will be presented by lottery to those who have ordered 5 or more of the “Ange Relink” eeo lottery 2nd batch in one transaction!
The prize is an acrylic figure using the illustration of Kuon Sora, the main character of “Ange Relink”!
Buy 5 or more “eeo lottery” at once and apply for the W chance prize! The 2nd “eeo lottery” of “Ange Relink”, which celebrated its 9th anniversary and appeared more luxurious.
Whether you bought the first one or missed it, please try to get the new goods of “Ange Relink” from the second power-up!
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(C) KADOKAWA・f4samurai
【Company Profile】
Company name A3 Co., Ltd.
Established September 27, 2012
Location Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1-11-22 Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F
Representative Representative Director Takashi Ozawa
HP https://athree3.com/
Business content
・Joy Creation Platform eeo business
・toB alliance business
・Momentum Base business
[About the Joy Creation Platform eeo business]
Enjoy me, you’ll love me
eeo provides “opportunities to enjoy” that match each person’s sense of values, It is a platform that aims to realize a rich lifestyle.
Because we live in a world where information is diversified, “I want to value what I feel is good, not what someone else thinks is good.” I think.
By finding and increasing your own personality through eeo,
I wish I could help make life more enjoyable.
With such a wish, eeo will continue to provide opportunities to enjoy.

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