ABAL Co., Ltd. Significantly improved user experience at events! Developed “Compass”, an event-specific comprehensive web service that brings together necessary functions such as ticket and goods sales, mobile ordering of food and drink, etc.

ABAL Co., Ltd.
Significantly improved user experience at events! Developed “Compass”, an event-specific comprehensive web service that brings together necessary functions such as ticket and goods sales, mobile ordering of food and drink, etc.
-Introduced to the 2022 Dunlop Phoenix Tournament-

ABAL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshiya Okoyama, hereinafter referred to as ABAL) is an event-specific comprehensive website that enables seamless enjoyment of services provided at large-scale events and facilities. We have developed and started selling the service “Compass”. In addition, “Compass” is expected to improve the user experience at events, and was introduced for the first time at a golf tournament at the “2022 Dunlop Phoenix Tournament” (held from November 17th to 20th) with the cooperation of TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd. We will let you know as well. What is “compass”
“Compass” is a comprehensive web service that provides useful information for enjoying events, as well as functions such as ticket and goods sales, and mobile ordering of food and beverages, all in one platform. If you access “Compass”, you will find everything you need, from content such as event information, venue maps, reading materials and live streaming, to EC functions that allow you to purchase goods at the venue, mobile ordering of food and drinks, and payment such as ticketing. You can access the functions you want without hesitation. On conventional event sites set up for large-scale events such as sports competitions and outdoor music festivals, even if basic information such as an overview of the event can be viewed, tickets are managed separately by the ticket seller’s app, and goods can be purchased. In addition, in most cases, it is necessary to access the service individually in a distributed state, such as ordering food and drink at the venue on the day of the service of another EC business operator.
As a result, users face the problem of not being able to have the experience they want in an efficient manner. It leads to the burden of inefficiency due to separation every time.
The “Compass” developed by our company makes it possible to reach the necessary information in one stop, and solves the problems of both the user side and the organizer side.
[Image 1d53239-8-89c57249cff6ba51a393-0.png&s3=53239-8-a6995278d9c42a1edc8a48a6453e258f-470x350.png

Background of introduction to “2022 Dunlop Phoenix Tournament” The “Dunlop Phoenix Tournament” is one of the men’s professional golf tournaments officially recognized by the Japan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO). In addition to watching the game, visitors can also enjoy shopping at venue gourmet, tournament goods, and golf-related goods at this traditional tournament, where top professionals from both Japan and overseas compete fiercely. There is a number of spectators mobilized.
This time, “Compass” has been introduced as a management service for this tournament. Information such as the tournament overview, course introduction information, venue map, past winners, etc., which was previously disjointed, is consolidated into one platform, and it is also equipped with ticket management and food and drink mobile ordering functions. In addition to the smooth distribution and presentation of tickets at the entrance, the food and drink mobile order system was designed to receive notifications from the store when the food was available after ordering from a smartphone in advance, so there was no waiting at the site. The time has also been greatly reduced.
-Using a compass at the “2022 Dunlop Phoenix Tournament” venue- [Image 2d53239-8-f4b7a2034452d4189e2c-1.jpg&s3=53239-8-b897f6dd1bba137d004592606d45c18c-3600x2400.jpg
ticket screen
[Image 3d53239-8-574f0f99fb4a4804cd1a-2.jpg&s3=53239-8-cf83e6ac61e3e2e575d95eee85bb6e6e-3600x2400.jpg
Mobile order screen

About future development
Starting with the introduction of the “2022 Dunlop Phoenix
Tournament”, ABAL will promote the introduction and expansion of the “Compass” centered on companies, organizations, and local governments that operate large-scale facilities and events. We will provide a stress-free event experience for both parties.
-What is TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd.-
TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd. is a professional group that creates impressive places from consulting to event production. Since the Osaka Expo in 1970, we have been involved in the production of various events, including international big events.
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