ABLE Co., Ltd. The 14th ABLE Spatial Design Competition Grand Prix work will be displayed in full size at Spiral Garden (Aoyama, Tokyo)! “Half-living, half-working – 2-sword style room – exhibition” will be held!

Able & Partners Co., Ltd.
The 14th ABLE Spatial Design Competition Grand Prix work will be displayed in full size at Spiral Garden (Aoyama, Tokyo)! “Half-living, half-working – 2-sword style room – exhibition” will be held!
ABLE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as ABLE) has held the “ABLE Space Design Competition 2022” for the purpose of discovering talented students for university students, graduate students, vocational students, and technical college students. . From November 18, 2022 (Friday), the “Half-living and half-work-2-sword style room-exhibition” will be exhibited in full size, which will display the works that won the Grand Prix from the six finalists of the contest. Held on the 20th (Sun) at Spiral Garden (Aoyama, Tokyo).
At the exhibition venue, we will design the space with the production of light and deliver the charm of the work that won the Grand Prix. [Image 1

The theme of this competition, which will be held for the 14th time this year, is “half-living, half-working – a room with two swords”. We are looking for a space design of 1R (24 square meters) that imagines living. The final presentation was made by the 6 groups that passed the first screening, and the Grand Prix work was decided. In the “Half-living, half-work – Two-sword style room – Exhibition”, in addition to the full-scale exhibition of the Grand Prix-winning work, models of excellent works will also be displayed.
In addition, current students studying architecture, interior design, and spatial design will be invited to the venue this time, and we plan to hold a public presentation by the Grand Prix winner, including a lecture by Mr. Makoto Tanijiri, chairman of the judging committee. This pattern is scheduled to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel “IMAGINEZ University with Discovery” which is being broadcast every Friday.
Overview of “Half-living, half-working – Two-sword style room – Exhibition”
[Table 2: ]

Work introduction
■ Grand Prix work
・ Title: “Futari no Sumika” / Author: Kazuki Miura Kyoto Prefectural University Graduate School
[Image 2d16136-127-e58186937241ef0a21d5-3.jpg&s3=16136-127-4ced64881af645c6c033d7cb7c42853a-2481x1754.jpg
Features of the work
“Double sumi” This is like a dwelling within a dwelling, or a dwelling wrapped around a dwelling. I thought about working with the theme of half-living, half-working. Considering that it is important to be conscious of other people and the outside world, I intervened with a wooden structure like the saying, “Work is a window that connects with society.” It transforms the existing “living” space into a seamless U-shaped space, creating a new lifestyle and lifestyle. While the surroundings are separated from tension, the behavior of the working residents is exposed to the outside, creating a tolerance that allows people to come and go outside.
This proposal created a big change with a simple operation and a small change. “Working” and “living” are ambiguously blended in a studio, and a new home with a generous relationship will change the lives of the residents to a richer one.
Grand Prix Winner’s Comments
[Image 3d16136-127-6841a6533b4023e390f8-4.jpg&s3=16136-127-48974987145fc13b662916494d97ab25-413x371.jpg
I am very honored to have been selected for the Grand Prix under the excellent judges!
The judging session was stimulating as I received a variety of objective opinions on my ideas, and I was able to deepen my thinking. In addition, it will be a valuable opportunity to have a full-scale exhibition, and I would be happy if this proposal would be an opportunity to think about the future. I myself would like to explore and enjoy designing how to live in the future!
[Image 4d16136-127-afbd7ed955aeb469e928-10.jpg&s3=16136-127-15bf22b8f2e2ccfd478f845d1364bb0c-696x224.jpg

Discovery Channel “IMAGINEZ University with Discovery”
[Image 5d16136-127-98f21172330359b3843b-11.png&s3=16136-127-779123d142eaeea49983d126bb976be6-1896x633.png
Discovery Channel “IMAGINEZ University with Discovery” is a creative department program focusing on design and art as a joint project of Discovery Channel, a satellite and cable TV network channel, and Design Association NPO.
We will invite guests who are active in a wide range of fields and develop special talks that can only be seen here. It is a program that aims to contribute to social development by giving inspiration and hints about creativity to young people who will lead the future. ■ Broadcast date and time
 Every Friday from 20:00 to 21:00
・MC Kenichiro Motegi (brain scientist) ・Naomi Trauden (model talent) ・Monthly guests and their funny friends
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