About 40% more users! Eyebrow hair removal is popular with mask fixation

TBC Group Co., Ltd.
About 40% more users! Eyebrow hair removal is popular with mask fixation
TBC Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku) has summarized the hair removal course usage status of Esthetic TBC, which has 130 stores* nationwide. Due to the prevention of coronavirus infection, wearing a mask has become a daily routine, and attention has been focused on the eyes, and eyebrow care that is not hidden by the mask is attracting attention. At TBC, the usage rate for eyebrow hair removal from August to October has been increasing year by year since 2020.
*As of November 2022
[Image 1d5300-122-54547bd41b8380ea6663-0.jpg&s3=5300-122-c8867c881ea5782fc648944f2871623b-833x414.jpg
* Percentage of customers who requested eyebrow hair removal at Esthetic TBC from August to October 2020 to 2022

“Eyebrow” hair removal that can be handled only by TBC Super Hair Removal With TBC Super Hair Removal, hair can be carefully removed one by one on the eyebrows, below the eyebrows, and between the eyebrows, so you can shape it to your liking.
*Excludes eye holes below the eyebrows.
[Image 2d5300-122-6128ee85234abf399c2f-2.jpg&s3=5300-122-e0ff81cce9416573dfbd67c4c7eaae66-817x485.jpg
Focuses on conspicuous hair under the eyebrows. I adjusted the shape finely while making use of the original eyebrows.
*The photo is an example of our employee data.
※In effect there are individual differences.
Voices of customers who used eyebrow hair removal
◆The shape of the eyebrows is important, so I consult with the esthetician and have them processed one by one. I’m happy to feel that I’m getting closer to beautiful.
◆ My eyebrows and VIO were so dark that I started going there. Super hair removal can be processed one by one, so the finish is very beautiful, and I’m glad I went through it.
*From the 2021 TBC newsletter questionnaire.
*Some expressions have been revised. In effect there are individual differences. What is TBC Super Hair Removal?
Adopts the “beauty electric hair removal” method, which has a history and achievements of more than 140 years in the United States, an advanced hair removal country. Hair is carefully treated one by one using weak electric energy, and once the treatment is completed, the hair will not grow back. It is a “finishing * hair removal” that does not need to continue to go after all the hair has been processed. *This is the effect when receiving “TBC Super Hair Removal”
continuously for a certain period of time. There are individual differences in the course effect and the number of times until hair removal ends.

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