About “Operation of Christmas decoration train”

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About “Operation of Christmas decoration train”

Kobe Electric Railway (Headquarters: Hyogo-ku, Kobe, President: Nobuhiko Terada) will hold a Christmas event from December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday) as an initiative of the Kobe Electric Railway Ao Line Activation Council. , will operate a “Christmas decoration train” decorated with the image of Christmas. With the cooperation of kindergartens and nursery schools (places) along the line, this “Christmas decoration train” will display posters with children’s wishes and messages for Santa Claus, as well as the Kobe Electric Railway mascot characters “Shin-chan & Tetsukun”. Decorate the car window with a design sticker featuring “.
We hope for the healthy growth of the children who will support the local community in the future, and we also want to contribute to the revitalization of the region by making people along the line feel more familiar with Kobe Electric Railway through such seasonal events. thinking about.
Here’s an overview:
■ Christmas decoration train service
[Operating period] Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 *Operating timetables will be announced on our official website as soon as they are decided. Even during the operating period, the service may be suspended due to maintenance, inspection, etc. [Target vehicle] 2003 train (3-car train)
[Image 1

[Decoration contents]
1. Head mark
The image of Christmas on the front of the leading car
Post a header.
[Image 2d5179-1942-86cca51830b3e57dcdc1-1.jpg&s3=5179-1942-ebe52f5e66fa1930e5077e95654bb64f-227x232.jpg
2. Shin-chan stuffed toy
“Shin-chan” in the driver’s cab changes into a Santa Claus costume.

3. Car window design sticker
The side windows of each vehicle will be decorated with “Shin-chan & Tetsu-kun” and Christmas-themed design stickers.
[Image 3d5179-1942-5b190c570d17f50be268-2.jpg&s3=5179-1942-37dfceed3dd3654b1f4de8c43eed4a63-600x205.jpg
4. In-car poster
[Image 4d5179-1942-984de67274c5dac645af-3.jpg&s3=5179-1942-d0b36e7c36b637498922e2c3e711af97-308x204.jpg
With the cooperation of kindergartens and nursery schools (places) along the line, posters with wishes and messages for Santa Claus will be posted inside the train.

A total of 13 kindergartens and nursery schools (places) that are planning to cooperate in the creation of in-car posters
[Image 5d5179-1942-dcb16d1c06ae6b39a04f-4.jpg&s3=5179-1942-5730c36b7b635d84b503d21be25e1fa9-600x324.jpg
Kobe Electric Railway Co., Ltd. https://www.shintetsu.co.jp/ Release https://www.shintetsu.co.jp/release/2022/221124.pdf
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