Achieving results at overseas bases Requirements and training methods for human resources in the manufacturing department <> to be held on December 8

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[Achieving results at overseas bases] Requirements and training methods for human resources in the manufacturing department <d77877-143-be2ed3c4e4e425882b0f-2.jpg&s3=77877-143-988a0c8986e768798a4c42644d93ef01-920x450.jpg
A must-see for personnel departments and overseas business departments who have issues with global human resource development!
The “essential difference” between domestic business in Japan and overseas business
“Work structuring” techniques that can be used immediately at overseas bases New “Human Resource Development Methods” and “Tips for Selecting Personnel” that Lead to Overseas Business Results
Japanese companies have already achieved globalization, starting with “manufacturing” and “sales,” leveraging their strengths in
manufacturing. Today, more than one-third of our sales and production are overseas, and globalization is recognized as an issue that should be addressed by the entire company, rather than an issue for a few people or a handful of departments. I’m here. It means that no one can remain irrelevant to globalization.
On the other hand, according to the White Paper on International Trade released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, an
overwhelming majority of Japanese companies cite “securing and training domestic human resources to promote globalization” as an “issue in establishing and operating overseas bases.” There is a survey result with. For many Japanese companies, the problem of “people”, that is, the “lack and development of global human resources”, is a bottleneck to globalization, and it is an urgent task to develop human resources who can produce results in overseas business.
In this seminar, Lecturer Nagashima, who has over 30 years of experience as a production technology expert at Sony Corporation, will focus on “people” who are suitable for overseas business. We will introduce some examples of the skills required of overseas human resources and how to develop them.
This seminar is recommended for those who
People in the Human Resources Department and Overseas Business Department who feel that there is a shortage of human resources to produce results at overseas bases.
Those involved in human resource development at overseas bases in the technology/manufacturing industry
Those who are planning to be stationed overseas or who are already stationed Seminar overview
Application: Date: Thursday, December 8, 2022
Holding time: 11:00-12:15
Participation fee: Free
Participation benefits: Distribution of projection materials (for survey respondents)
Format: Held online (zoom)
Eligible people: Personnel department manager/person in charge, overseas business department manager/person in charge, overseas expatriates/persons scheduled to be stationed overseas *For

◎ [Produce results at overseas bases! 】 Requirements and training methods for human resources in the manufacturing department (lecturer: Shinichi Nagashima)
01: What kind of person is required for overseas business?
02: “Essential difference” between domestic business and overseas business 03: “Structure” your work
04: Qualities required for overseas human resources
05: Develop human resources
◎Panel discussion Lecturer Shinichi Nagashima × Director of INSIGHT ACADEMY Kim Jin Sup
01: What is the reason why manufacturing personnel are struggling with human resource management overseas, and what should management be aware of?
02: What is important in developing human resources in the
manufacturing department who can produce results globally?
Seminar lecturer
[Image 2d77877-143-487c8649075dc4758a70-3.jpg&s3=77877-143-e634b3cd93b8d70eea466c88615342eb-211x211.jpg
Mr. Shinichi Nagashima
Former SONY Digital Imaging Business Headquarters General Manager As an expert in production technology at SONY, he has been improving operations and quality issues for over 30 years, mainly focusing on production technology, including automatic assembly system design. After retiring from Sony, he became independent as a manufacturing site consultant. We have a wealth of guidance experience in mass production factories around the world such as China and Thailand. Currently working as an industrial technology development researcher at Keio University Graduate School.
Company Profile
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Insight Academy Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: AXALL ROPPONGI 7F, 7-8-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Representative Director Yoshiaki Kitamura
Established: December 1, 2019
Capital: 95 million yen
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Business description: Global human resource development and training business – Global human resource development e-learning service “INSIGHT ACADEMY”:
– Cross-cultural work practice training:
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