Acquire topicality with NFT as a campaign incentive! Released “NFT INCENTIVE” distribution and management system that can be delivered on any platform

NONAME Produce Co., Ltd.
Acquire topicality with NFT as a campaign incentive! Released “NFT INCENTIVE” distribution and management system that can be delivered on any platform

NONAME Produce Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Retsu Murakami, hereinafter n2p), which plans and produces digital promotions, uses NFT digital content as an incentive on any platform (Twitter, instagram, email, etc.) We have started offering “NFT INCENTIVE” that can be distributed. It is a system that can
consistently perform NFT issuance, management and distribution. [Image 1

“NFT” as an incentive?
Until now, campaigns have been held to distribute digital data such as images and videos of artists as an incentive for campaigns. There was a problem that it was not considered to be worth it.
Therefore, by turning digital incentives into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), it has become possible to distribute incentives with the same value as the actual thing, which cannot be copied or falsified like the actual thing. rice field.
As a result, the original images and videos that have been distributed until now can be distributed as the only digital content that only users who win the campaign have, and we will hold a campaign that will further stimulate the desire of users to participate. becomes possible.
The system that can distribute this NFT digital incentive as a winning prize on any platform (as long as the URL can be sent, such as Twitter or instgrum) is a system called “NFT INCENTIVE”.
Users can easily receive NFT incentives by tapping the sent URL. Until now, when sending NFTs, it was necessary to obtain the user’s wallet information and send it there, but by using this system, it is possible to complete the exchange just by sending the URL. (Currently compatible with LINE NFT. We plan to support marketplaces such as Open Sea in the future.)
[Image 2

[Application URL] Advantages of “NFT INCENTIVE”
・Since it is distributed with a unique URL, it can be delivered smoothly and countermeasures such as leakage are also possible. ・ NFT digital incentives can be issued in as little as two weeks, so you can easily challenge.
・It is possible to stimulate the motivation to participate in the campaign by converting existing digital content into NFT
・By distributing NFT, it became a hot topic
・ NFT incentives can be sent immediately even in campaigns other than lottery at a later date, such as Twitter Instant Win Campaign. ・Because it is a digital incentive, there is no need to ship or acquire personal information compared to real prizes, so it can be held at a low cost
Usage example of “NFT INCENTIVE”
・Limited ○ We will give away an original NFT cheki with only 5 copies in the world!
・If you answer all the quizzes correctly, you will receive an original certificate!
・Original NFT voices of popular voice actors are limited to 5 people! Anything is possible with digital content!
From application to start of use
To apply, please access the URL below and fill out the form. [Application URL] About the company
NONAME Produce Co., Ltd. has been planning and producing many digital promotions.
Please feel free to contact us as we can handle all issues in digital promotion, such as SNS promotion and web campaign production.
An instant win campaign system that draws a lottery immediately when you follow & RT on Twitter and automatically replies the result
A campaign system that automatically accumulates information in the system when receipts are sent via Twitter DM and allows various actions to be set.
[Recruitment communication support business]
Starting from SNS, we provide comprehensive support for corporate recruitment branding strategies and recruitment activities from the perspective of fan marketing.
[Business trip study session]
In addition to the campaign know-how we have accumulated over the past 17 years since our founding, we are holding seminars free of charge so that you can make use of the campaign knowledge that we have been researching every day for your company’s proposals.
We will propose the contents of the seminar according to your request. There will also be a question-and-answer period, so you can answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Please use it for training new employees and for tasks such as improving your ability to make proposals to clients.
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