Across Solutions Digital Marketing Business Headquarters Across Solutions Co., Ltd. (DM Business Headquarters) utilizes the know-how cultivated through the operation of its own media to provide production services for “winning articles” that focus

Across Solutions Digital Marketing Division
Across Solutions Co., Ltd. (DM Business Headquarters) utilizes the know-how cultivated in the management of its own media to provide a production service for “winning articles” that focuses on high-ranking display.
We handle everything related to content creation, such as SEO-specific article creation, media launch, site migration route improvement (PV improvement measures), and SEO target keyword review!

-Seven points of “winning article” service-
・You can order from 1 article
・Available to order more than 100 bottles per month
・No contract period
・Available in all genres including finance, real estate, law, etc. ・It is possible to throw everything from planning to submission ・ Support for media management and rebuilding is also possible ・There are many achievements in obtaining KW rankings in our own media [Image 1d23552-41-0f58524c612b5078321e-0.jpg&s3=23552-41-b13f66d8c83776a4a080d524104fb105-1226x524.jpg
While it can be said that SEO measures are essential for content marketing, it is extremely difficult to cover everything from planning, article creation, and site management with internal resources, so many companies are using external resources. situation. However, there are many cases where companies have problems such as “no results”, “feeling that the quality is low”, and “cannot judge whether the article is good in the first place”.
Therefore, we create articles by condensing the know-how that has produced results in the operation of our own media, and provide a service package that can be used from one article to the fullest, thereby providing strong support for content marketing.
In addition to article production, we also support media launch from scratch, numerical improvement and rebuilding of media according to client’s request.
◆ Achievements
While there are many SEO consulting companies and production companies, I don’t think there are many companies that operate multiple media in-house and are ranked high in multiple KWs. [Image 2d23552-41-803069622e9538cc221d-2.jpg&s3=23552-41-60bc2adb94684ff0af7a26af85d8d346-572x287.jpg
[Image 3d23552-41-e9f52b2821356c6134ff-3.jpg&s3=23552-41-4acaa1974522c5c4fcabf34198ccce82-571x282.jpg
In order to produce “winning articles”, it is necessary to constantly catch up with the latest trends and update our know-how by repeating trial and error, and we practice these through our own media.

[Image 4d23552-41-3111fcdf21dc220801ff-1.jpg&s3=23552-41-c91803bf3452fb14bc74b1b0d4b57264-1040x693.jpg
In addition, in a case where a client company is entrusted with media management, we have a track record of increasing 70,000 page views to 700,000 page views, a tenfold increase in eight months. and the know-how acquired through it.
[Image 5d23552-41-78a9d74cf759209d0ced-4.jpg&s3=23552-41-178d09f419e9ed453d3fd3670ad4e54e-962x656.jpg
We undertake the production of “winnable articles” from 1 article, 1 month. Our article production service has a continuation rate of over 90% from the first request. Therefore, there is no need to bind the number and period, and we are proud that we are producing articles that are chosen by our clients.
On the contrary, it is possible to request more than 100 productions per month, and we actively undertake difficult genres such as real estate, finance, and law.
We believe that we can definitely help companies who want to grow their sites further by being freed from situations where high-ranking results are not possible, low-quality articles despite being cheap, and the hassle of management and production progress. increase. ◆This service page
Content marketing with SEO article production agency service
◆ Inquiries
Across Solutions Co., Ltd.
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