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Actively promoting SDGs by introducing electric micro-mobility sharing services to assets under management

Actively promoting SDGs by introducing electric micro-mobility sharing services to assets under management
Start with “CREAL” and “CREAL Pro” Residences

Clear Co., Ltd. (President: Daizo Yokota, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will introduce an eco-friendly electric micro-mobility (*1) sharing service at rental residences owned by our company or entrusted with asset management operations. We are pleased to announce that we have started initiatives to achieve the SDGs by contributing to urban development by improving transportation convenience for residents and local residents and promoting the use of clean energy. *1 Electric motorcycles, electric scooters, and other vehicles that are more compact than automobiles and have a small turning radius. [Image 1

Photo left: Sharero, Photo right: LUUP after installation. Both from CREAL premier Meidaimae.
Introduction started at CREAL and CREAL Pro residences
The residences owned by our company or entrusted with asset management operations will be subject to the introduction of this electric micro-mobility sharing service. Part of the grounds of each residence will be used as a dedicated installation site to provide residents and local residents with electric micromobility, a clean means of transportation with low CO2 emissions. Through these efforts, we will contribute to the improvement of transportation convenience in the region and promote the spread of environmentally friendly means of transportation. We aim to achieve Affordable and Clean Energy. Starting with this initiative, we will continue our efforts to achieve the SDGs. [Image 2

Introduction to micromobility
◆ LUUP (Loop)
LUUP (Loop) comprehensively handles electric, compact, and
single-seater micromobility. Currently, we are developing a sharing service using electric assist bicycles and electric kickboards.
Properties with LUUP
[Table 3: ]
◆ Sharero
Sharero is an electric bike sharing service. It provides the best means of transportation for traveling around 10km in urban areas. Since it’s an electric motorcycle, you don’t have to paddle on your own, worry about slopes or traffic jams, and don’t need to change trains or wait, so getting around in the city is convenient and fun.
Properties with Sharero installed
[Table 4: ]

About Clear Group
CREAL Co., Ltd. develops “CREAL”, a real estate fund online market (real estate investment crowdfunding), and “CREAL Pro”, an asset management service for institutional investors and the super-rich. “CREAL” is a real estate investment online market that started service in November 2018 under the mission of “changing real estate investment and changing society.” By easily providing investment opportunities in various types of real estate, including large-scale real estate and ESG real estate (*2), which have been difficult for individuals to obtain investment opportunities from 10,000 yen, anyone can We aim to realize a society where we can start asset management.
From the start of the service to the present, 71 funds have been fully procured and formed, and the cumulative procurement amount has exceeded 23 billion yen. Of the funds that have been formed, the fund has finished its operation, and all of the invested capital has been redeemed without loss of principal. (*3)
We offer a wide range of fund asset types, including whole/partitioned residences, nursery schools, schools, hotels, and offices, enabling us to provide investors with regular investment opportunities.
Group company Clear Partners Co., Ltd. is developing “CREAL Partners,” a real estate investment management service for individuals aimed at medium- to long-term asset formation using DX.
*2 Real estate that takes into account the environment, society, and corporate governance that contributes to solving pressing issues such as population decline, declining birthrate and aging population *3 As of November 11, 2022
▼ CREAL service introduction video
[Video 2:]

▼ Click here for CREAL’s latest fund management results
Company Profile
Company name: Clear Co., Ltd.
Head office: CREAL UENO, 2-13-2 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Established: May 11, 2011
Representative: Daizo Yokota, President and Representative Director Capital: 1,298,803,300 yen (including capital reserve, as of the end of October 2022)
Business description: Real estate fund online market / real estate investment management service for individuals / real estate fund management service for institutional investors and super wealthy people
License, etc.: Real Estate Specified Joint Business Permit Number: Governor of Tokyo No. 112/Financial Instruments Business (Type 2 Financial Instruments Business, Investment Advisory and Agency Business) Registration Number: Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No. 2898/Building Lots and Buildings Business License Number Tokyo Governor (2) No. 100911
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities Code: 2998) Details about this release:

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