Acura Home Co., Ltd. Held the “Kavewan GP”, the birthplace of the technology that made the 8-story wooden building real Acura Team Takumi achieved the highest level of strength to date and won the tournament

Acura Home Co., Ltd.
“Kavewan GP” held, the birthplace of the technology that made the 8-story wooden building possible Acura Team Takumi won the tournament with the highest level of strength ever achieved
-Companies and students compete to promote wooden construction technology to create the strongest load-bearing walls-

The Acura Home Group (*1), which deals with wooden architecture (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiya Miyazawa), held the 5th Exhibition at Monotsukuri University (Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture) on October 22nd and 23rd. Participated in the Kabewan GP (Wall-1 Grand Prix) as an Acura Team Takumi and won the tournament. The Kabewan GP was started by Professor Masahiro Inayama of the University of Tokyo after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, with the aim of dispelling the prejudice that wooden structures are weak. It is a tournament that has continued for a total of 25 years since. Compete for strength by drawing two walls in a tournament format.
This year, 10 teams from all over Japan participated, ranging from wooden house manufacturers to general contractors building medium to large-scale wooden buildings, as well as research groups from universities and vocational schools. All of the participating teams are particular about wooden structures and have a strong desire to lead the industry in the future not only in strength but also in terms of design, workability, cost, environment, and overall strength. By competing in this hands-on competition, they hone their skills and transcended the barriers between students and companies, making friends and contributing to the development of technology for the realization of medium- and large-scale wooden buildings.
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Acura Team Takumi and load-bearing wall “Hino Sanshiro”
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A tournament in which two teams compete against each other by pulling walls ◆◇ Achieved a total of 7 tournament wins with the technical skills cultivated by participating in tournaments for over 20 years ◇◆ Acura Home is promoting the creation of housing based on the idea of ​​“realizing safe and secure housing from the perspective of the resident while keeping costs down through “construction
capabilities.” Professor Masahiro Inayama of the University of Tokyo is We have been receiving guidance in the technical development of wooden architecture since before. In this competition, Professor Masahiro Inayama and Shinohara Shoten Co., Ltd. are participating in the joint development team “Acura Team Takumi”. He has been involved in the tournament for more than 20 years as a sponsor and participant, and has won the tournament seven times in total since its predecessor, the Wooden Bearing Wall Japan Cup, as well as the overall victory seven times. Acura Home believes that the best way to promote research and development is to conduct direct experiments to confirm strength. I have come.
The load-bearing wall for this year’s competition consists of 3 horizontal frames and 4 vertical piers. By embedding the vertical piers into the horizontal frames, it has both high strength and toughness. Participated in “Hisanshiro”. All domestic materials (cypress and white oak) are used, without using face materials or foreign materials. We won the first round (VS Tohoku College of Education), the second round (VS Tokyo University Wood Materials Laboratory + Aminaka Lumber Co., Ltd.), and the final match (VS Maeda Corporation), achieving the highest level of durability ever. and won the tournament.
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Load-bearing wall “Hisanshiro”
◆◇ Realization of new construction methods and medium-scale wooden buildings realized through practical experiments and research and development◇◆
The Acura Home Group has accumulated technology development over the past 20 years by participating in five earthquake resistance tests, wind resistance tests, and the Kabewan GP, ​​which is a place for practical experiments. Through these technological developments, medium- and large-scale wooden structures such as the new office building, which is an 8-story pure wooden building, and a 5-story pure wooden building model house have been realized. In addition, it is the foundation for the development of original construction methods that achieve ultra-comfortable spaces that could only be achieved with steel and RC (concrete) structures. We will continue to conduct further research and apply better technology to wooden houses, medium-sized wooden buildings, and residential construction to provide a richer life.
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Acura Home’s new office building “8-story pure wooden building” image [Image 5

Interior view of the Good Design Award winning “Hyperspace House” [Comment from Professor Masahiro Inayama of the University of Tokyo] Construction of Acura Home’s new 8-story office building has begun in Saitama Prefecture. This building has an earthquake-resistant structure made entirely of wood. The experience I have gained as a team craftsman since the Bearing Wall Japan Cup has become the foundation for the development of a high-strength bearing wall that has reached the eight-story building. I believe that this tournament is not just a game, but a serious effort that will create a foundation for new technology, contribute to the development of wooden
architecture in Japan, and contribute to the future of wooden construction.
[Comment from Toshiya Miyazawa, President and CEO of Acura Home] Working on research and development with Professor Inayama,
construction of a new 8-story pure wooden office building has begun. We have also started construction of a technical research institute specializing in wooden structures in Ageo City. We are also
envisioning the installation of a large testing machine at the research institute, which we hope will contribute to the development of medium-to-large-scale wooden architecture by allowing the participants of the competition and the students who will lead the future to use it. Acura Home has been learning from the “bearing wall Japan Cup” era, and has grown not only wooden houses but also medium-sized wooden houses. I am very grateful for this competition. I would like to continue working with you on the development of wooden architecture.
*1 Acura Home Group: Acura Home Co., Ltd., Acura Home Saitama Co., Ltd., Acura Home Kanagawa Co., Ltd., AQ Construction Co., Ltd., Acura Home Tokyo Chuo Co., Ltd., House Logicom Co., Ltd., Okazaki Home Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture), stock Company Fuku Kobo (Shizuoka Prefecture)

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