Adastria Co., Ltd. Surprise announcement at the Budokan one-man live on November 4th (Friday)! In the spring of 2023, Thelma Aoyama will be appointed as the communication director of “FOREVER 21”, which will re-enter Japan.

Adastria Co., Ltd.
Surprise announcement at Budokan one-man live on Friday, November 4th! In the spring of 2023, Thelma Aoyama will be appointed as the communication director of “FOREVER 21”, which will re-enter Japan. -Participating in brand creative for the 15th anniversary of debut-
Gate Win Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Adastria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Osamu Kimura), aiming to be a “good community co-creation company” with the mission of “Play fashion!” (Gatewin) will appoint musician Thelma Aoyama as the communication director of “FOREVER 21”, which will re-land in Japan on February 21, 2023. We have decided to become a member of the new “FOREVER 21”, such as creative direction of visual shooting and design supervision of some products, and lead the campaign.
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■ In the spring of 2023, “FOREVER 21” will land again in Japan “FOREVER 21” is a fashion casual brand from Los Angeles, USA with a history of over 30 years. Leading the foreign fashion boom in the 2010s, the expansion in Japan ended in 2019, but in September of this year, Adastria announced that it will serve as a re-landing partner in Japan.
The major theme of Adastria Group’s work is “conversion to trends and high quality”. The potential as a fashion brand of FOREVER 21, which has a high fashion sensitivity and diverse culture, and the company’s strengths centered on our supply chain management (SCM) (our own e-commerce with over 14 million members, stores We will deliver localized fashion to the current Japanese market by multiplying our development capabilities, product development capabilities, etc.). ■ New “FOREVER 21” communication theme “Wear No Filter”
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The communication theme that expresses FOREVER 21’s new values ​​is “Wear No Filter”.
“Rather than beautifying or obscuring the reality of each person, wearing clothes reveals the personality of the individual. Reflecting the person as it is. The slogan of FOREVER 21, which we believe is the most attractive. .”
The new FOREVER 21 will express respect and resonance for various modern values ​​in various creations.
■ Background to appointing “Thelma Aoyama” as communication director Although Thelma Aoyama is one of Japan’s leading top artists, she is supported by men and women of all ages for her unpretentious stance that she shows on social media on a daily basis and how she treats fans like friends. Thelma Aoyama is an icon that embodies the concept of “Wear No Filter”, which is the concept of the re-landing of FOREVER 21. By teaming up with her, we aim to make this brand loved by Japanese customers again.
The visuals that will be released sequentially from today are created by a team of creators (photographer NINA, stylist Tetsuya Nishimura, and hair and makeup artist Arisa Suiryu) who have a close personal relationship with Thelma Aoyama. In addition, we plan to have a wide range of activities as a “communication director”, such as supervising collaboration items and planning store visit events. Please look forward to the future of the new FOREVER 21.
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■ Profile of Thelma Aoyama
Born October 27, 1987. Blood type B, from Nara prefecture. Quarters of Trinidad and Tobago and Japanese.
They made their major debut on September 5, 2007, and in 2008 released “Soba ni Iru ne feat. SoulJa”, which was a big hit and attracted attention. He has many hobbies such as fashion, photography, and art, and his Instagram account, which has over 1 million followers, has also attracted attention.
In the TBS Tuesday drama “Unicorn ni Ride”, which will start broadcasting in July 2022, she will make her first regular appearance in a serial drama as Emi Natsui. In the same year, he started producing the hair care brand “mythm”, and immediately after its release, he won first place in the Rakuten hair care ranking, demonstrating his multifaceted talents. In 2022, she will celebrate her 15th anniversary, and on November 4th, she will hold her first one-man live “Thelma Aoyama 15th Anniversary ~Onigiri Festival~” at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.
■ Future schedule
February 21, 2023: Sales start at the Adastria Group official web store .st (dot Estee)
April 2023: Opened the first store in LaLaport Kadoma, Osaka ■ About FOREVER 21
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FOREVER 21 is the fashion industry leader in providing everyone with the latest trends that inspire unique style and confidence. With a renewed focus on customer experience, it offers high-style design and fashion basics with compelling value and a dynamic store environment. With more than 570 stores worldwide and online, we continue to strengthen our position as a brand of choice for today’s fashionable consumers while improving the convenience of access by making full use of e-commerce and digital technology.
■ About Gate Win Co., Ltd.
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A group subsidiary established in 2022 with the aim of building a business model for the licensing business in the Adastria Group. We are developing overseas brand content in Japan, and in the future we are looking to expand our business throughout Asia.
-Headquarters location- Shibuya Hikarie 28th floor, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510
– URL –
■ About Adastria Co., Ltd.
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Adastria Co., Ltd. (President: Osamu Kimura) is a casual fashion specialty store chain that operates approximately 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas with more than 30 brands such as “Global Work”, “Niko and”, and “Lowrys Farm”. With the mission of “Play fashion!”, which excites everyone’s life through fashion, we aim to create an open community where people and information come and go, and to become a “good community co-creation company” that creates new value. . -Location of headquarters- Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510

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