Additive-free, safe and secure We deliver ripened “Tamba chestnut” peeled chestnuts from Tamba Sasayama Chinmata Online Shop, which sells ingredients from Tamba Sasayama.

[Additive-free, safe and secure] We deliver ripened “Tamba chestnuts” peeled chestnuts from Tamba Sasayama Chinmata Online Shop, which sells ingredients from Tamba Sasayama.
To the table during the GLION Group’s big thanksgiving “GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~”

The GLION Group (Headquarters: Shinkocho, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) operates an online shop that delivers delicious ingredients from Tamba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. From November 26th, we will deliver the aged “Tanba chestnut” peeled chestnut. In addition, pre-orders for the annual popular original limited sweet “Marron Terrine au Chocolat” have started.
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Starting with fresh organic vegetables and organic rice procured directly from Tamba Sasayama organic farmers, additive-free Japanese sweets made at a long-established Japanese confectionery shop in Tamba Sasayama, we handle a wide variety of foods that are good for the body. The high-quality specialty products grown in the Tamba region have been well received by many customers, not only in the Kansai region.

[Limited stock] Aged Tamba Chestnuts from Sasayama, Peeled Chestnuts [Image 2

Peeled chestnuts from Tanba Sasayama city aged “Tanba chestnuts”. After the chestnuts are harvested, they are sorted, stored at low temperature for more than 20 days to ripen, and peeled and sorted by hand. 300g of the product will be the amount of about 3 to 5 go cooked as chestnut rice.
We use Tanba chestnuts of S to 4L size.
[Click here for product details] [Pre-order] Original Limited Sweets “Maron Terrine au Chocolat” [Image 3

“Maronterine au chocolat” packed with commitment.
The taste and flavor of chestnuts are lost in chocolate, and how to make the chestnut taste more… After repeated trial and error, the product was finally completed. Chestnut paste is mixed into the chocolate terrine as a secret ingredient so that you can enjoy the taste of chestnuts even more.
[Click here for product details] How about a special sweet from Tanba Sasayama Chinmata as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself?
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A big event held once a year by the GLION Group to express our gratitude to our customers who have been patronizing us on a daily basis. We are developing a regular dealer business for 19 domestic brands of imported and domestic cars, and we have a large lineup of specially selected vehicles such as new cars, specially selected used cars, and rare classic cars. This year, we have prepared many special campaigns from businesses other than cars, such as reception and lifestyle departments, that will add color to your daily life. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, this year’s event will be held online. For 9 days from November 26th (Sat) to December 4th (Sun), the GLION Group’s big thanksgiving festival “GLION 39 Fair ~EXPO 2022~” will be held at each store throughout Japan.
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