Adidas Futsal Park AFP Photo Campaign

Tokyu Sports System Co., Ltd.
[Adidas Futsal Park] AFP Photo Campaign
~Nice shot with AFP~

At the Adidas Futsal Park, we will carry out a photo campaign where you can post “pictures of everyone using the facility” on Instagram. In addition, we will present a novelty by lottery from those who have posted. We look forward to your contributions.
*This campaign is for kick festival.
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If you meet the specified conditions below and post “photos of everyone using the facility” on Instagram, you will be given a novelty by lottery from the posters.
■ Conditions
1. Follow the facility account of Adidas Futsal Park taken on Instagram 2. Post “photos of everyone using the facility” on Instagram with the following hashtags
“# Adidas Futsal Park” and “# Kicking Festival 2022”
■ Target
Everyone using the facility
■ Period
Saturday, October 1, 2022 – Saturday, December 31, 2022
A lottery will be drawn from those who have submitted…
a. Adidas practice shirt: 1 piece
b. Adidas gloves: 1 piece
c. Adidas neck warmer: 1 piece
d. Adidas knit cap: 1 piece
e. Adidas shoe case: 1
f.1,000 yen point: 1
*One post per post.
*Winners will be notified via Instagram DM in early January. *Please note that you cannot specify the size.
[Image 2d59271-258-5349fc7883fd7ca6207d-1.png&s3=59271-258-16b89275c062a01f8b7f9479ab16165e-960x450.png
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