Adobe Co., Ltd. Adobe is holding an online workshop where even beginners of photo editing can learn step by step and recruiting autumn photo works at the same time!

Adobe Inc.
Adobe holds an online workshop where even beginners of photo editing can learn step by step and recruiting autumn photo works at the same time!
Participants in workshops taught by popular photographers will receive Adobe Lightroom presets specially created by the instructors
Adobe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomonobu Kamiya, hereinafter referred to as Adobe) announced that from November 8th (Tuesday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022, “Small Autumn Found Under the theme of ”, we will hold an online workshop by Instagram live of popular photographers and recruitment of autumn photo works at the same time.
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A total of three workshops were held, from how to shoot with a smartphone or camera, editing using Adobe Lightroom By carefully covering everything from the best way to post to , even those who want to start taking photos in earnest and those who aim to improve their skills can gradually step away from beginners through detailed lectures from instructors. . In addition, participants will receive a special Adobe Lightroom preset specially created by the instructor for autumn colors.
In addition, in parallel with the workshop, we are looking for autumn photo works on Instagram with the theme of “#Adobe Little Autumn Found”. Please use the skills you honed in the workshop to post a photo work that makes you feel autumn. Contributors also have the chance to win an Amazon gift card.
[Workshop overview]
Yanchan (, who is very popular for her work that captures important family moments, draws landscapes and people with the concept of “photos that resonate with the heart,” and #Lightroom Ambassador ( Koichi (, who is also active as 83%BC/ ), will be a lecturer and will hold three workshops by theme. The workshop will be held on Instagram live on the instructor’s Instagram account.
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Yan-chan ( Besides being a photographer/graphic designer, she also teaches photography courses for beginners to professional photographers. With the keyword “bringing out hidden stories in everyday life”, Instagram posts that introduce shooting and retouching techniques that anyone can easily challenge, and photo editing methods seen from design are popular. Instagram:
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Koichi (Koichi Iwamatsu) ( Photographer from Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. Active mainly in Tokyo. His main works are landscape photographs of people in landscapes and art works using Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Photoshop. Based on the concept of “photos that resonate with the heart”, cut out everyday life. Recently, he has been working to convey the joy of photography through film cameras.
Workshop #1: “Let’s get started with Adobe Lightroom! Mobile Edition” Lecturer: Mr. Yanchan
Date and time: November 11, 2022 (Friday) 20:00-21:30
Workshop #2: “This is the end of beginners! PC development edition” Lecturer: Mr. Yanchan
Date and time: Friday, November 18, 2022 from 20:00 to 21:30 Workshop No. 3: “Get closer to a professional! A higher-grade PC development edition”
Lecturer: Mr. Koichi
Date and time: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 20:00-21:30
Participant benefits:
・For those who participated in the workshop, add the hashtags “#Yanchan Workshop” and “#Adobe Chiisai Aki Mitsuketa” or “#hakuchuu Workshop” and “#Adobe Chiisai Aki Mitsuketa” during the campaign period. If you post your work on Instagram, the participation photo will be posted on the instructor’s Instagram account and introduced with comments.
・ All workshop participants will receive an original Adobe Lightroom preset that shines in autumn colors.
[Overview of Instagram autumn photo submission recruitment “#Adobe small autumn found”]
We are looking for photo works with the theme of “I found a little autumn” on Instagram. When posting, please add the hashtag “#Adobe Chiisai Autumn Found” and post it. During the period, Yan-chan and Koichi will select one photo each day as “Photo of the day” and post it on their Instagram stories to introduce it, and those who have been selected will receive an Amazon gift card. . We look forward to receiving many submissions, as each person can submit as many entries as they wish.
In addition, with a double chance, even if you are not selected for “Photo of the day”, those who post 2 or more during the period will also win an Amazon gift card by lottery. Furthermore, if you post 5 or more, your chances of winning will be doubled.
Application period: From November 8, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59.
You can apply for as many items as you want during the period. *Photo of the day is available only on weekdays during the period Photo of the day winner benefits:
・Gift an Amazon gift card worth 2,000 yen
・The selected works will be introduced in stories and highlights on the instructor’s Instagram account.
Double chance for those who weren’t selected for Photo of the day: ・20 lucky winners will receive an Amazon gift card worth 2,000 yen by lottery from among those who post 2 or more posts during the period. ・In addition, if you post 5 or more during the period, the winning probability will be doubled.
Please check the details of this contest from the blog below. URL: ■ About “Adobe”
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