Adora Japan has been selected as a donation recipient organization for Shibuya Ward’s “Furusato Nozei”.

Authorized Specified Non-Profit Organization ADRA Japan
Adora Japan has been selected as a donation recipient organization for Shibuya Ward’s “Furusato Nozei”.
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo NPO Support x Authorized NPO ADRA Japan

From November 10th to December 31st, we will start supporting NPOs with furusato nozei in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
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Shibuya Ward, Tokyo (Location: 1-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ward Head: Ken Hasebe) certified donations collected through hometown tax to support the activities of certified NPO corporations based in Shibuya Ward. Announced that it will be issued to NPO corporations (Note)

Mayor Hasebe of Shibuya Ward said the following about the project. “In recent years, in a society that has become more diverse and complex, the importance of the activities of non-profit organizations such as NPOs has increased. It has been certified by the competent authority as a business that contributes to the public
interest.Supporting the activities of these certified NPOs that work to solve social issues will promote the public interest of society as a whole and create a more livable society. This will lead to the realization of this vision. I would like to ask for your support and cooperation.”

Furusato Choice [Authorized NPO ADRA Japan] support page
(note) when we issue donation from Shibuya City to authorized NPO corporation, we issue after having deducted expense required for offer.
ADRA Japan (Location: 1-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Toshio Shibata), an authorized specified non-profit organization that was selected as a support recipient by Shibuya Ward, expressed its gratitude for this project. said aspirations.
“Thank you very much for choosing Adora Japan as a support destination for this project from Shibuya City. We have decided to donate a part of the valuable tax money from everyone who cooperated with tax payment to the support activities of this organization.
As part of this new initiative, we will use the funds you have provided for emergency disaster relief activities in Japan to prepare for future large-scale disasters.
In anticipation of future disasters, we will use this money to save money to prevent the spread of damage, and in the event of an emergency, we will make preparations so that we can provide assistance to those affected by the disaster. ”
The target amount of donation is 1 million yen.
The donation received this time will be used for the following activity funds. Purpose of donation
-Disaster prevention and mitigation business-
・Disaster volunteer course held: 100,000 yen
・Lecture on disaster prevention and mitigation and volunteer event to create rags: 100,000 yen
-Disaster Area Support Project-
・ Sending rags to disaster areas: 100,000 yen
・Purchase of support supplies: 400,000 yen
(Including support coordination and on-site support work)
・Office operating expenses: 300,000 yen
*If the target amount is not reached, we will make up for it from the donations collected by ADRA and use it for the project. Even if you donate more than the target amount, we will use it for future disaster prevention and mitigation activities and disaster area support. Main activities in Japan
■Emergency support for disaster areas in Japan
・The Great Hanshin Earthquake (1995): Assistance with food
distribution, house cleaning, etc.
・The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011~2017) Evacuation center management ・Distribution of life support supplies ・Support to prevent isolation of evacuees, etc.
・Distribution of relief supplies for heavy rain in July 2020 ・Emergency treatment of houses in cooperation with technical volunteers, etc.
・Distribution of relief supplies for heavy rain in August 2021 ・Emergency treatment of houses in cooperation with technical volunteers, etc.
・Distribution of approximately 600 rags for cleaning necessary for restoration work of houses flooded by Typhoon No. 15 (2022), distribution of a booklet summarizing flood damage response, support such as air blowers to dry under the floor
■Footbath Volunteer
・We provide disaster victims with an atmosphere in which they can easily talk about their problems and have time to relax.
[Image 2d49238-32-f4e721e1524e496f835e-0.jpg&s3=49238-32-fc01dd68517665891f2fd2ae98cfc2c1-3900x2925.jpg
Prickly Volunteer
This is an activity to sew useful rags in flood-stricken areas while deepening knowledge about disaster prevention and mitigation. Collected rags are managed and stockpiled, and in the event that a situation arises in which rags are needed, they are promptly sent in coordination with the site. More than 10,000 pieces have been supported so far.
[Image 3d49238-32-093d2a7fa936687d2d8f-2.jpg&s3=49238-32-3f0ea94d628f361094afb8b9d22a830b-1706x960.jpg
■ Efforts for disaster prevention and mitigation
In response to requests from volunteer centers in local governments, we dispatch instructors to lectures on disaster volunteers, city walking programs, and drills for setting up disaster volunteer centers. We aim to work with local residents to develop human resources and communities that are resilient to disasters.
[Image 4d49238-32-7a8aa4ae5eddb61e6d69-1.jpg&s3=49238-32-ea2e1aa20cbb20a9840b3908b14d68d3-3900x2925.jpg
■■■ About NPO Adora Japan ■■■
ADRA Japan is the Japanese branch of ADRA, the world’s largest international NGO with branches in about 120 countries around the world. In cooperation with ADRA chapters in each country and partner organizations such as the United Nations, with the motto “Change the world from one life”, we stand by each and every person in areas affected by conflicts and natural disasters, as well as in developing countries, regardless of race, religion, or politics. , we are working on support to help self-reliance.
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