Advance Create Co., Ltd. Japan’s largest insurance selection site “Hoken Ichiba” November 2022 document request ranking!

Advance Create Co., Ltd.
Japan’s largest insurance selection site “Hoken Ichiba” November 2022 document request ranking!

Operated by Advance Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Yoshiharu Hamada, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime / Fukusho, Securities Code: 8798, hereinafter “our company”, We are pleased to announce that the November 2022 version of the “Monthly Document Request Ranking” has been announced on the “Hoken Market” (, one of the largest insurance selection sites in Japan.
You can see the ranking from various angles such as monthly, yearly, by insurance category, and by age group in the insurance market’s “Document Request Ranking”. Please use it when considering insurance. ■Latest! Featured Insurance Ranking
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■ November 2022 edition document request ranking
Based on the number of requests for information materials via Hoken Ichiba from October 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022.
In addition, in the release of new products and product revisions, if there is no change in the main benefits of the main contract, the ranking criteria will be inherited and aggregated.
[Student endowment insurance]
→ 1st place Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Fund [Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance] ↑ 2nd place: Sony Life’s educational endowment insurance
(non-participating type) [Sony Life]
↓ 3rd place Fukoku Life’s “Mirai no Tsubasa” (educational endowment insurance with dividends every 5 years) S (step) type [Fukoku Life]
[Individual pension insurance]
→ 1st place pension hook [Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance]
→ 2nd place Fun future [Sumitomo Life]
→ 3rd place “Kodawari Individual Annuity (foreign currency
denominated)” Non-dividend foreign currency denominated individual annuity insurance (accumulated interest rate variable type) [Manulife Life]
[Cancer insurance]
→ 1st place Whole life cancer treatment insurance premium Z [Zurich Life Insurance]
→ 2nd place Hoken Kumikyoku Best [Taiyo Life]
↑ 3rd place Cancer insurance “Double Yell” [Lifenet Insurance] [Women’s Insurance]
→ 1st place Feminine [Sompo Himawari Life Insurance]
↑ 2nd place Pitatto Lady [Neo First Life]
↓ 3rd place Medical Kit NEO Women’s Plan [Tokio Marine & Nichido Life] [Medical Insurance/Hospitalization Insurance]
→ 1st place Whole life medical insurance premium Z [Zurich Life Insurance] → 2nd place Medical Kit R [Tokio Marine & Nichido Life]
↑ 3rd place Neo de Iryo [Neo First Life] [Death insurance]
→ 1st place SBI Life click subscription! Neo [SBI Life]
↑ 2nd place Insurance for family [Lifenet Insurance]
→ 3rd place Accident premium death insurance [Taiyo Life] Going forward, we will continue to develop our business with a focus on web marketing, improve the usability of Hoken Ichiba, one of the largest insurance selection sites in Japan, and increase the value of customer experience. We will pursue the evolution as an information media site for all types of insurance by anticipating consumer trends and making full use of cutting-edge technology and web marketing know-how.
【What’s New】
◆Column by celebrities “Ichikyou Ichikaku”
Mr. Yusuke Narita, Mr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Mr. Mika Tsutsumi, Mr. Hiroki Azuma, Mr. Ruri Miura, Mr. Yoichi Ochiai, Mr. Yoichi Ito, Mr. Kazumasa Oguro, Mr. Shumpeita Tamada, Mr. Hideki Oe, Mr. Kei Hirata , Shu , Shusaku Hayashi, maako, Yukio Noguchi, Shinobu Iwasa, Takashi Kadokura, Azusa Naito, Mayuki Hiramatsu, Maki Fujimura, Mariko Hatta, Aya Yakabe, Ito Tae, Chiharu Tanaka, Kanako Tsuruta, Yuki Sasahara, Yasunori Oshima, Takuya Suzumura, Shigeki Hisamitsu, Yuto Omori, Yuri Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Konishi, Susumu Fujita, and Min Min Young , Kumi Fujisawa and others are serializing columns by gorgeous authors!
[Image 3d4608-880-d2f03f1ab17d128b29fa-2.png&s3=4608-880-5e1f62ae60f826a449804077411bf709-74x74.png
【Company Profile】
Advance Create Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime/Fukusho, Securities Code: 8798) We advocate “a company that evolves by deepening people and
technology” and provide all kinds of information and services related to insurance. Since our founding in 1995, we have consistently pursued the “logic of how to buy” from the customer’s perspective, such as nationwide expansion of mail-order sales, opening of insurance shops, and promotion of online marketing, and created a new insurance distribution market. rice field. Thanks to you, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our listing on April 23, 2022.
Currently, we are promoting the OMO (Online Merges with Offline) strategy, eliminating the barriers between online and offline, and striving to improve the quality of our services on a daily basis so that we can provide customers with the convenience of online and emotional experiences offline. increase.
Head office location: Nomura Real Estate Midosuji Building, 3-5-7 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Established: October 1995
Representative: Yoshiharu Hamada, President and Representative Director Business: Insurance agency business, media business/media
representative business, reinsurance business, ASP (Application Service Provider) business, BPO business
Japan’s largest insurance selection site “Hoken Ichiba” Advance Create Cloud Platform special site Corporate site
Official SNS:
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