ADVASA Co., Ltd. Participated in ADVASA Co., Ltd. and IPwe Inc’s blockchain smart pool as the first member in Japan. Accelerate innovation in blockchain business.

ADVASA Co., Ltd.
Participated in ADVASA Co., Ltd. and IPwe Inc.’s blockchain smart pool as the first member in Japan. Accelerate innovation in blockchain business.

ADVASA Inc. (Advasa, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomomi Kosugi, hereinafter “ADVASA”) is IPwe Inc. (head office: Delaware, CEO: Erich Spangenberg, hereinafter “IPwe”). As the first Japanese member to participate in the blockchain smart pool provided, it became possible to immediately access more than 1250 blockchain patents and patent applications. ADVASA will accelerate further innovation in the blockchain business through its extensive patent portfolio.
■ About IPwe Smart Pool
By licensing intellectual property at scale in an annual membership smart pool, IPwe has transformed the way companies innovate with emerging technologies. Since launching our smart pool earlier this year, we have also launched three smart pools: Metaverse, Digital Link, and LiDAR technology, in addition to our blockchain smart pool, which now has over 350 members. By streamlining the technology sharing process, IPwe provides innovators like ADVASA with an efficient and transparent way to access critical blockchain patent licenses. ADVASA, a provider of Instant Payroll Access (EWA) services in Japan and a major EWA technology patent holder, and IPwe, a leader in innovation in the IP field, will form a joint venture in the United States in the first quarter of 2023. Launch and provide
blockchain-powered EWA solutions to U.S. employers, opening the door to key technologies that enable both employees and employers to enjoy the greatest benefits of EWA. increase.
About nChain, Founder of IPwe Blockchain Smart Pool
Founded in 2015, nChain has offices in London (UK), Zug (Switzerland), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Manila (Philippines) to continue research and development of inventions, including maintaining a robust patent portfolio and BSV It is a company that advances the possibilities of blockchain technology while providing commercial solutions such as the API set “Kensei” for developers built on the blockchain. Currently, nChain has registered approximately 2,800 patent applications, of which approximately 500 have been granted, and is well positioned to provide IP solutions in all areas required by government and corporate clients.
About Web3 and blockchain concept that ADVASA aims for
Our company’s philosophy and vision since its establishment are “realization of a society where hard-working workers can receive fair evaluation” and “realization of financial inclusion”. By recording and scoring labor performance that benefits both employers and employees through blockchain technology, we create value in the core information of labor performance that could not be utilized until now. increase. Furthermore, we aim to create a world of “Web3, Web5” that aims to transform the conventional system in which service providers hold personal information, and to build a decentralized web platform in which the individual himself/herself manages personal information. increase.
The blockchain technology we are currently developing will create the greatest benefits, especially for seasonal workers (seasonal workers, migrant workers) and gig workers overseas. Accumulation and
transparency of information on labor performance will improve recruitment costs comprehensively, including optimal staffing and reduction of potential risks for employers who hire workers. Together with IPwe and nChain, we will accelerate blockchain business innovation and realize financial inclusion by providing a new financial solution called “EWA + Blockchain”.
■ Comments from both companies
IPwe Inc. President Leann Pinto
“ADVASA’s mission to promote financial inclusion in the U.S. through Instant Payroll Access (EWA) built on blockchain technology is exactly what IPwe has done to streamline the technology sharing process and create smart pools to efficiently generate innovation.” That’s why we created the model: We’re working with ADVASA to foster their freedom to innovate using blockchain to provide U.S. employers and employees with next-generation EWA solutions and financial inclusion. I am very pleased to be able to promote the
ADVASA Co., Ltd. President Asami Kosugi
“Access to IPwe’s blockchain smart pool is not only the most cost-effective way for us and our joint venture to unlock innovation in the blockchain market, but also the most innovative way.” Leveraging nChain’s robust, high-quality blockchain patent portfolio, which begins with over 1,250 patents and patent applications, the ability to develop and expand our own technology not only in the U.S. but globally is a great opportunity to take our EWA innovations to the next level. It is the best option for promoting financial inclusion and achieving financial inclusion.”
Established in 2018, IPwe is a global platform that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology centered on Smart Intangible Asset Management. IPwe expands the traditional IP marketplace by increasing transparency, lowering costs and enhancing value and returns with clear and verifiable metrics. Through IPwe, everyone from startups to large corporations, from business and finance executives to IP professionals, can work together at the business, technical, legal and financial levels to increase
efficiency, value, opportunity, innovation and create intangible assets. can be better managed. For more information on IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management platform and IPwe Digital Assets, please visit Innovation matters. Manage it better. IPwe.
Press contact:
Mia Mixan
VP – Marketing and Communications
With the realization of financial inclusion as one of its missions, ADVASA is developing the employee funding system “FUKUPE”, focusing on partnership strategies by providing embedded financial functions and providing patent licenses for immediate access to payroll schemes. is expanded to
Japan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, etc. have already acquired patents, and in the intellectual property (IP) industry, we have a global network including the United States, Europe, and China, and have developed a platform specializing in patent transactions. We are also promoting overseas expansion in partnership with companies that handle such things.
In Japan as well, the ban on digital salaries is scheduled to be lifted in 2023, and while there is a growing trend toward changes in the way salaries are received, we will promote cooperation and discussions with payment companies to enable immediate receipt of salaries. We will proceed with preparations to provide the original EWA function.
Company name: ADVASA Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomomitsu Kosugi, Representative Director
Location: Akasaka K Tower 4F, 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2017
Capital: 2,059,515,022 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description:
・Development of funding system for workers ・OEM provision
・System development for Fintech, AI, blockchain, etc.
Details about this release:

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