AEON Delight Co., Ltd. Held the 4th AEON Delight Technology Contest Equipment Category

Aeon Delight Co., Ltd.
Held the 4th Aeon Delight Technology Contest [Equipment Category] Teams representing 8 branch offices across the country competed in “response to recovery from facility water outages due to earthquakes”
Aeon Delight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Group CEO: Kazunari Hamada; hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will open “Aeon Delight Academy Nagahama” on November 15, 2022. (Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture)” held the “4th AEON Delight Technology Contest [Equipment Category]” (hereafter, “this contest”)*. ◆ Aeon Delight Co., Ltd.
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* As a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of visitors was kept to a minimum, and the examination was conducted by nationwide simultaneous distribution.
This contest will be held as the “4th Aeon Delight Technology Contest” as the first*1 of the business-specific (facility management, cleaning, security) technology contests to be held in November 2022. In this contest, which was the 4th time, a representative team consisting of equipment managers selected from each branch office participated from 8 branches nationwide, and the theme was “response to restoration from water outage of entrusted property due to earthquake”. A competition was held.
In the contest, two equipment managers from each team will conduct “cause investigation and restoration work (primary response)”, and the Customer Support Center (hereinafter “CSC”) will provide remote business support based on images captured by wearable cameras. One facility manager participated in a team of three and competed to see how safely, accurately, and quickly the following response procedures could be carried out.
[Response procedure]
1. Received water outage notification and restoration request in the building from the manager of the commercial facility that is the entrusted property
2. Temporary restoration of damaged pipes and replacement of two-tank water storage tanks that were broken by the earthquake*2
3. Report the situation and work to the store manager and store staff, and propose future improvements
As a result of the examination, the representative team of the Kanto branch office was selected for the highest award because of their “awareness of safety and quality”, “accuracy and speed of work”, as well as their high communication skills and smooth cooperation. *1 For the 2nd and 3rd rounds, on November 18, 2022, the “8th Presentation of Initiatives to Pursue a Comfortable Workplace” (Cleaning),
On November 25th, we plan to implement the “4th Joy and Job
Satisfaction Improvement Project” (security).
*2 Work to switch to operation of only one of the two water tanks when part of the water tank is damaged.
[Competition pattern]
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Left: Remote business support from CSC Medium: Primary support for restoration of water supply pump piping Right: Equipped with wearable camera Connecting CSC and site with “video and audio”
■ Summary by our president Hamada
“Looking at the response of the participants selected from each branch office, I was able to reconfirm that our company’s strength lies in ‘on-site capabilities’ with high expertise and technical capabilities. On the other hand, the labor shortage is becoming more serious. In the event of an emergency, it is not always possible to immediately secure a sufficient number of highly skilled personnel to handle various cases.For this reason, remote business support by CSC will be important in the future. We will strengthen the functions of CSC so that human resources with high expertise and technical skills can provide prompt and accurate operational support and instructions remotely, and we will establish a system that can respond to any unforeseen situation. I would like to build it as soon as possible. Our company celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 16th. The origin of the company’s founding can be traced back to the Osaka Sennichi Department Store Fire that occurred in May 1972, which is considered to be the worst building fire in Japan’s history. At the heart of this technical contest is the belief that “this kind of accident should never happen again.” For that reason, we will acquire a high level of expertise in facility management and protect the “safety and security” of the facility.
I would like the members who participated in today’s contest to share with their colleagues the thoughts and feelings that led to the company’s founding, in addition to what they have learned and noticed in their respective workplaces. By doing so, we believe that the sense of values ​​and purpose (reason for existence) that we value will be handed down within the company and become a driving force for further growth.”
[Image 3d60460-46-26e84b660f40ba8a7a73-2.png&s3=60460-46-a76a80752d7044b9e6ed3ef7f94a0219-670x409.png
The winning Kanto branch representative team. From the left in the photo, Tatsuya Tanaka, President Hamada, Sou Hasegawa, and Kei Suzuki

In October 2018, we announced AEON Delight Vision 2025 in order to achieve further sustainable growth. In Asia, we have set the three pillars of our growth strategy: safety and security, labor shortages, and the environment. We have decided to aim to be an environmental value creation company that solves social issues. In order to achieve this, we will develop specialists who have both “human power” and “technical skills”, and through the provision of services that exceed expectations, we will start in 2019 with the aim of further increasing customer satisfaction. We hold the AEON Delight Technology Contest. Through various initiatives such as technical contests, we will continue to improve our expertise in facility management, and contribute to the safety and security of facilities and their surrounding environments, including strengthening our customers’ BCP measures. increase.

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