AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd. Zootopia Festival will be held at Molly Fantasy and PALO! “Zootopia” limited prize 4 items including “Nick” and “Judy” stuffed animals will be released on November 18th (Friday)

Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd.
Zootopia Festival will be held at Molly Fantasy, PALO! “Zootopia” limited prize 4 items including “Nick” and “Judy” stuffed animals will be released on November 18th (Friday)
A Twitter campaign is also held to win “Zootopia Super Super Super BIG Sitting Plush Doll” Nick ”

Aeon Fantasy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President: Tokuya Fujiwara, hereinafter referred to as the Company) will hold the “Zootopia Festival” from Friday, November 18th at the amusement facilities “Molly Fantasy” and “PALO”. It will be held. At the “Zootopia Festival”, limited prize game prizes for the Disney movie “Zootopia” will be available for “Molly Fantasy”, “PALO”, “PRISE SPOT PALO”, and the online crane game “Molly Online” from the same day, and will also be eligible for prizes. If you put in 500 yen, you will receive a “Zootopia original sticker”. Molly Fantasy official Twitter will hold a Twitter campaign where you can win “Zootopia Super Super Super BIG Sitting Plush Toy” Nick ”.
Click here for details: [Image 1d60567-384-3312430e553c6cb38625-0.png&s3=60567-384-e6c5bb57900a035881d96af0e07dd56e-885x529.png
■“Judy” and “Nick” appearing in the movie “Zootopia” will appear as limited prizes! A lineup of chibi mascots with cute childhood designs [Image 2d60567-384-6fc23fc85bc2bde334f2-3.png&s3=60567-384-5f7330908b9bc6a3a7aad7f9290253aa-429x352.png
Characters from the Disney movie “Zootopia” will appear as prizes for “Molly Fantasy”, “PALO”, “PRISE SPOT PALO”, and the online crane game “Molly Online”. We will develop four limited items of “Judy” and “Nick” that appear in “Zootopia”.
“Judy” and “Nick” in Zootopia police uniforms, the cheetah
“Crowhauser”, the stuffed sloth “Flash”, and the chibi mascots of childhood “Judy”, “Nick”, “Fennec” and “Lemming”. The lineup is characterized by the attractive designs of the unique characters that appear in “Zootopia”.
Molly Fantasy, PALO, PRIZE SPOT PALO, Molly Online limited movie “Zootopia” prize game prizes
[Image 3d60567-384-d242430224cd7ceb9ec4-6.png&s3=60567-384-f5d4c44f72cb0c9a7e40e4a5323d17ea-831x444.png
Zootopia premium long cushion 2 types
Approximately 80cm in height X approximately 30cm in width
A long size cushion of about 80 cm designed with the character of “Zootopia”. There are two types of patterns, one with the whole body of “Nick” and “Judy” printed, and the other with the famous scene from the movie “Zootopia”.
[Image 4d60567-384-25080d8451eafe757f5c-5.png&s3=60567-384-ee8ce0f0d428be9c6fff306575d201e1-796x478.png
Zootopia premium hanging pouch all 3 types
Approximately 17cm in height X 24cm in width X 14cm in depth A hanging pouch with a cute character pattern that appears in “Zootopia”. The pattern of running “Nick” is limited to the online crane game “Molly Online”.

[Image 5d60567-384-dc95f6adb07333389099-4.png&s3=60567-384-79f2725fee701e8473828077cc971209-815x330.png
Zootopia work stuffed animals all 4 types
Approximately 16cm in height
A work-style stuffed toy of a character that appears in “Zootopia”. There are four types: “Judy”, “Nick”, “Crowhauser” in the uniform of the Zootopia Police Station, and “Flash” in a necktie. It also features charms with different designs for each character.
[Image 6d60567-384-c0c813db08c5339528bb-2.png&s3=60567-384-fd84e744ea8f6b7630080630cfc68ed5-666x285.png
Zootopia Chibikko mascot all 4 types
Approximately 8cm in height
Mascot-sized stuffed animals of the characters that appear in “Zootopia”. Assorted characters that are perfect for the mascot size, such as childhood “Judy”, “Nick”, “Finick”, and popsicle-biting “Lemming”. Movie “Zootopia” prize game prize overview
Zootopia premium long cushion (2 types in total), Zootopia premium hanging pouch (3 types in total), Zootopia work stuffed toy (4 types in total), Zootopia Chibikko mascot (4 types in total)
Deployment period:
November 18, 2022 (Friday) ~ Ends as soon as it is gone
Molly Fantasy, PALO, PRIZE SPOT PALO, Online Crane Game Molly Online A Twitter campaign will be held in which 3 people will win “Zootopia Super Super Super BIG Sitting Plush Toy” Nick “” by lottery! [Image 7d60567-384-405f50cfe4a7fb961bbb-1.png&s3=60567-384-21a08277add4b939b504d6260d446917-239x341.png
Three people who follow the Molly Fantasy official Twitter account and retweet the specified tweet will be chosen by lottery to win a big size “Zootopia super super super BIG sitting plush toy ‘Nick'” with a height of about 80 cm when sitting. I will give you a present. Please check the official Twitter for details.
Application period:
November 14, 2022 (Monday) 17:30 to November 27 (Sunday) 23:59 Morley Fantasy Official Twitter:
■If you spend 500 yen on the target prize, you will receive a “Zootopia original sticker”!
[Image 8d60567-384-d5ef42bb64d8581a53ef-7.png&s3=60567-384-e9694fef6bd04c9090514694ddcbaad7-811x565.png
Every time you put 500 yen into a prize game with limited “Zootopia” prize game prizes, you will receive a random “Zootopia original sticker”.
“Zootopia Original Sticker” is a total of 7 original stickers, including 1 secret type, printed with deformed “Zootopia” characters. * It will end as soon as it runs out.
● What is the online crane game “Molly Online”?
This is a service that allows you to enjoy the Molly Fantasy crane game anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, using the Internet from your smartphone or computer. We also have a lineup of original prizes that can only be obtained at Morley Fantasy and PALO. The prizes won will be delivered directly to the customer with free shipping.
[Image 9d60567-384-fa557e334b72d1f0f7c6-8.jpg&s3=60567-384-9792491839565f78db9954affaf93d35-443x299.jpg
Official website:
App Store:
Google Play: Morley Online LINE friend registration here: (C) Disney
※The image is an image.
* Some stores do not handle this prize.
* Due to natural disasters, etc., the deployment date may be delayed at some stores, and the deployment stores may be changed.
* Deployment dates, deployment stores, and campaigns are subject to change without notice.
*Premiums are limited in number. Please contact your nearest store for details such as the number of items in stock.

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