Aged soy sauce ramen cabeton From November 29th (Tuesday), the limited-time menu “Yao’s bone tantan noodles” will be on sale!

Monogatari Corporation
[Aged soy sauce ramen cabeton] From November 29th (Tuesday), the limited-time menu “Yao’s bone tantan noodles” will be on sale!
“Aging soy sauce ramen cabeton” operated by Monogatari Corporation (Headquarters: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture / President: Hiroyuki Kato) will be available for a limited time from November 29, 2022 (Tuesday). We will sell Mr.’s Bones Dandan Noodles.
About Yao’s Boned Dandan Noodles
A slit is made in the pork belly to make it softer, and it is marinated in a special sauce that uses five-spice powder to add flavor. The spices used for the finish are fried onions, black pepper, curry powder, chili pepper, salt, and sugar. It is a gem that has been particular about perfection as boneless dandan noodles.
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*Some stores have different sales schedules. Please contact each store for details
*Liquor offerings and business hours may change due to requests from the government and local governments.
About “Aged soy sauce ramen cabeton”
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A full-fledged, community-based ramen shop that takes advantage of the characteristics of a small shop. Their flagship product is “Jukusei Soy Sauce Cabbage Ton,” which boasts hot and crispy cabbage, large-sized char siu, and semi-emulsified aged soy sauce soup. The fragrant aged soy sauce soup is a perfect match with the special thin noodles and hot crispy cabbage. A cup of pride that has been carefully selected for the ingredients used will make ramen lovers groan. In addition to side menus such as “cabeton gyoza”, “grilled pork fried rice” and “fried chicken”, the “soft serve ice cream” after meals is also popular. All stores are fully equipped with parking lots, and there are bench seats and tatami mats inside the store, so customers with children can use it with peace of mind.
Commitment to the signboard product “Aging soy sauce cabeton” [Image 3

[Soup] Finished with pork, chicken, and soda-bushi, harmonizing umami, aroma, and richness!
[Matured soy sauce] By combining two types of soy sauce and maturing for 20 days, it becomes “mellow”!
[Noodles] “Special thin straight noodles” made with carefully selected wheat flour from the production area and quality!
[Cabbage] Deep-fried in 200°C oil! The umami and sweetness are condensed and the texture is crispy!
[Cabbage sauce] Special sauce that brings out the umami of cabbage! [Char siu] Thick and tender rolled pork with a balance of lean meat and fat! [Green onions] Carefully selected green onions produced by contracted farmers with different production areas for each season!
[Roasted seaweed] Thick seaweed with a strong aroma and flavor! [Donburi] A donburi with excellent heat retention that keeps the soup hot! [Image 4d44964-489-6a2ca9dc1f19dbba0cdb-2.jpg&s3=44964-489-8f929033741aade55b1d63cad9117a4a-1910x1000.jpg
[Image 5d44964-489-935232ba746d267b524b-4.jpg&s3=44964-489-eac1c8de7d5eee3b42f2d2d2ad9cb4a0-1910x1000.jpg
■Cabbaton WEB page:
■Kyabeton Official Twitter: ■Kyabeton Official Instagram: ■Cabbaton Official Facebook: About Monogatari Corporation
Representative: Hiroyuki Kato, President and Representative Director Founded: December 1949 Established: September 1969
Location: 5-7-11 Nishiiwata, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture Capital: 2.8 billion yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Net sales: 73.2 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022)
* Group sales: approximately 108.5 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022) Business description: Direct management of restaurant chains and franchise chain development
Brands: Yakiniku King/Yakiniku Ichiban Karubi/Marugen Ramen/Nidaime Marugen/Aged Soy Sauce Ramen Cabbeton/Sushi/Shabu Shabu
Yuzuan/Okonomiyaki Honpo/Gyokai Zanmai Genya/Shabu Tokani Genji Sohonten/Aged Yakiniku Nikugen/Beef Tongue Lover Yakiniku
Happy/Freshly Baked Karubi, etc.
Store openings: 613 stores in Japan (including 377 directly managed stores and 236 franchised stores), 21 overseas stores (as of October 31, 2022)
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