Agnavi Co., Ltd. Community-based Sake cans from 24 breweries in Saitama Prefecture are now on sale at Belg, a major supermarket in the Kanto region!

Agnavi Co., Ltd.
[Community-based] Sake cans from 24 breweries in Saitama Prefecture are now on sale at Belg, a major supermarket in the Kanto region! We will sell 24 types of Saitama sake, which have gained popularity through crowdfunding, in cans.

1 go cans of sake from 24 breweries in Saitama Prefecture are now on sale at Berg, a major supermarket that operates in the Kanto region, mainly in Saitama!
This project, which gathers 24 famous sake brands that Saitama is proud of, was sold as a set of 24 bottles on the crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE.
This time, based on the desire to deliver to people in the region, we received the cooperation of the community-based supermarket Berg, and we have realized the handling at stores.
You can purchase from 1 piece, so please take a look at the land you are familiar with, the color you are interested in, etc.
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Sales start
From late October 2022 *Limited quantity. Ends as soon as it’s gone sales place
Berg 6 target stores
・Forte Morinagabashi store: 2-1-63 Motomiya, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 230-0004
・Sunori store: 1513-1 Tsurugashima, Saitama Prefecture, 350-2213 ・ Ryumai store: 373-0806 5002 Ryumaicho, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture Oi Midorigaoka Store 356-0043 1-5-8 Midorigaoka, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture
・ Oi Midorigaoka store: 1-5-8 Midorigaoka, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture, 356-0043
・ Saitama Miyahara store: 1-190-8 Miyahara-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 331-0812
・Nagareyama Otakanomori store: 3-1-2 Otakanomorinishi 3-chome, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture 270-0128
24 types of one-go cans Price: 560 yen/bottle
Product information
The following 24 sake breweries, which are carefully brewed using traditional techniques while taking advantage of the climate of Saitama Prefecture, are sold in cans.
[Image 2d57809-25-b4ab96d0d260c7a12052-3.png&s3=57809-25-593f7208bacb20b1717e52e70ea49657-1020x679.png
1. Kikuizumi (Takizawa Brewery/Fukaya City)
2. Seiryu (Seiryu Brewery/Hasuda City)
3. Buko Masamune (Buko Brewery/Chichibu City)
4. Kokonoe Sakura (Otaki Sake Brewery/Saitama City)
5. Sumo wrestlers (Kamaya Co., Ltd./Kazo City)
6. Masukawa (Kawabata Sake Brewery/Gyoda City)
7. Nihonbashi (Yokota Sake Brewery/Gyoda City)
8. Tenranzan (Igarashi Sake Brewery/Hanno City)
9. Asahi Masamune (Naiki Sake Brewery/Saitama City)
10. Ogose Plum Grove (Sato Sake Brewery/Iruma District)
11. Harigiku (Toa Sake Brewery/Hanyu City)
12. Nagatoro (Fujisaki Soubei Store/Chichibu District)
13. Bunraku (Northwest Sake Brewery/Ageo City)
14. East White Chrysanthemum (Fujihashi Tozaburo Store/Fukaya City) 15. Kinmon Sekaitaka (Koyama Honke Sake Brewery/Saitama City) 16. Seiun (Seun Sake Brewery/Hiki-gun)
17. Oriboshi (Maruyama Sake Brewery/Fukaya City)
18. Biwa no Sasanami (Asahara Sake Brewery/Iruma District)
19. Toyoake (Ishii Sake Brewery / Satte City)
20. Naomi (Gonda Sake Brewery/Kumagaya City)
210,000 ryo (Suzuki Sake Brewery/Saitama City)
22. Kagamiyama (Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery/Kawagoe City)
23. Chichibu Nishiki (Yao Main Store/Chichibu City)
24.Teimatsu (Matsuoka Brewery/Hiki-gun)
What is Berg
A community-based food supermarket chain that operates in the Kanto region, mainly in Saitama.
“Better Life with Community” is the management philosophy of Belg, from which the company name was derived. We are working on it. While reducing costs by developing chains, standardizing stores, and improving work efficiency, we will enhance product competitiveness by developing distribution channels and production areas. We will continue to develop stores that are supported and trusted.
[Image 3d57809-25-78d70018e9c97a83bc45-2.jpg&s3=57809-25-c9954ccea29d8ef29663f93896709c43-400x417.jpg

What is ICHI-GO-CAN(R)?
Ichigo can (R) is a 180mL canned sake that realizes “small volume, fashionable, and convenient to carry”. By filling and selling local sake from all over the country, it is possible to convey the charm of local sake breweries regardless of the size of the brewery. In addition, you can easily take it home with you when you travel, so you don’t have to worry about taking up space in the refrigerator even if you collect brands. In addition, it is easy to dispose of,
environmentally friendly (recyclable), cuts UV, which is the enemy of Japanese sake, and can be delivered to consumers in a fresh
barrel-like condition.
[Image 4d57809-25-36f5360c025550f3b87a-0.png&s3=57809-25-1178209e98ce55c71857a35e3407fca8-1666x1411.png

Company Profile
Company name: Agnavi Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2-2-18 Honmura, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative: Representative Director and CEO Gen Naruhide Established: February 27, 2020
Capital: 31 million yen

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