Aichi Prefecture A colorful and sharp menu is born in Minamichita Town and Morozaki District! Sakipomeshi “Sakitoku” campaign information

Aichi prefecture
A colorful and spicy menu is born in the Morozaki area of
​​Minamichita-cho! Sakipomeshi “Sakitoku” campaign information Sakipomeshi “Sakitoku” Campaign Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)

Minamichita-cho, Minamichita-cho Tourist Association, and Morozaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry offer new possibilities with special products harvested at the tip of the Chita Peninsula! We launched the ~Sakippo Cuisine Development Project~, and in cooperation with volunteer members from the Morozaki area, we developed “Sakippo Meshi,” which will become a signature dish for the region.
In conjunction with the debut of “Sakippomeshi”, three special campaigns will be held for two months from December 1st to the end of January next year!
In addition, we will also show you a collaboration video with the cooking-related YouTuber channel “Russian Sato’s hungry MONSTER!” [Image 1

Sakipomeshi “Sakitoku” campaign
During the period, we have prepared 3 deals!
1. Debut commemoration! Trial price only now!
2. Win a “specialty gourmet dish in the Morozaki area”! Survey gift! “Meshi Gacha” where you can win accommodation tickets and meal tickets for 3.500 yen
Sales: 1st December 10th (Sat) / 2nd December 17th (Sat) Each day from 10:00 at Morozaki Port near the shop
[Image 2

*The dish in the photo is an image
■ Russian Sato collaboration video
Mr. Russian Sato, a gluttonous cooking YouTuber, eats up “Sakippomeshi”! The video is available on Russian Sato’s YouTube channel from Sunday, November 20th!
[Image 3

Overview of Sakippomeshi
What is Sakippomeshi?
Welcome to the Morozaki area.
This is the tip of the Chita Peninsula, the Morozaki district. “Sakippomeshi” is a new local gourmet dish in the Morozaki area. We are proud of the season of the sea, mountains, and villages. A short trip to Minamichita and the islands will be even more exciting! *Morozaki area = Morozaki, Oi and Katana areas in Minamichita-cho. Feature 1 #Seasonal Gourmet
A limited menu of seasonal ingredients recommended by professionals in the production area. Pitch pichi is the season after all. You can only eat it in the Morozaki area!
Feature 2 #Colorful rice
There are so many different colors and ingredients. Starting with fish, vegetables, meat, and traditional seasonings… if you taste it, your heart will be colorful♪
Feature 3 #Tongarimori
Since it is the tip of the Chita Peninsula, the “Tongari Mori” style is also the norm. Now, where are we going to eat from!?
Development support member
Supervised by Naoki Kawai
CEO of Torres Create Co., Ltd., an editing/design company specializing in food. This time, we will participate in formulating the definition of “Sakippo cuisine” that makes the most of the fresh ingredients of Minamichita-cho, and will also cooperate in the direction and copy work of PR media and the selection of food coordinators.
[Image 4

Born in 1962. Born and living in Tajimi City. He is also an account planner and copywriter who operates Tres Create Co., Ltd., which produces food media for food-related companies and organizations, including local co-ops in Aichi Prefecture. Also, as a hobby, he presides over cooking classes and is in charge of writing for “Aichi Taberu Tsushin”.
[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

Food coordinator Mr. Kikuyo Sakai
[Image 8

Born in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. After training at Kobe Com Chinois, he worked as an assistant chef to chefs invited from all over Japan at a kitchen studio run by Chubu Electric Power. In 2016, he opened a small cooking workshop, pepin, while supporting the nutrition management of athletes. Started selling bento boxes, catering, and cooking classes. He also works as a part-time lecturer at his alma mater where he studied nutrition.
Overview of the Sakipomeshi “Sakitoku” campaign
Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) Participating stores: 5 inns and restaurants in the Morozaki district of Minamichita-cho (Morozaki, Oi, and Katana)
Contents: During the period, we will carry out three deals!
1. Debut commemoration! Trial price only now!
“Sakippomeshi” offered at 5 restaurants participating in the campaign will be offered at a trial price only for now!
2. Win luxurious prizes! Questionnaire gift
If you eat “Sakippomeshi”, you have a chance! Access from the QR code on the card that you will receive when you order the target menu, answer the questionnaire, and win a lottery for “specialty gourmet of the Morozaki area”!
“Meshi Gacha” where you can always win accommodation and meal tickets for 3.500 yen
Set up “Sakipomeshi Gacha” at Morozaki Port. For 500 yen once, you will definitely win an accommodation ticket or a meal ticket to enjoy Sakippomeshi! (Limited quantity, first-come-first-served basis, up to one per person)
■ First sale December 10th (Sat) 10:00- Near the shop at Morozaki Port ■Second sale December 17th (Sat) 10:00- near Morozaki Port and shop [Image 9

Introduction of participating stores
Fried rice bowl CHAYA YOSHI
Menu: Mejiro tendon set meal 1,580 yen → CP price 1,380 yen
Amadare katsudon set meal (Sakippo Mori) 1,800 yen → CP price 1,650 yen Address: 31-1 Hamabe, Oi, Minamichita-cho
Phone number: 0569-63-2777
Business hours: 11:00-14:00 (ends when ingredients run out)
Closed: Wednesdays, 3rd Thursdays, New Year holidays 1/1-1/5 [Image 10

Restaurant Kanedai
Menu: Kakiage bowl set meal 1,595 yen → CP price 1,375 yen
Sakippo tendon set meal 2,200 yen → CP price 1,980 yen
White fish colorful carpaccio 1,210 yen (no discount sales)
Sakippo Roast Beef ¥1,320 (no discount)
Address: 7-8 Shinmorozaki, Katana, Minamichita-cho
Phone number: 0569-63-0670
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-15:00 Please check the opening hours in the evening. /Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 16:00-20:00
Closed: Wednesdays, 3rd Tuesday of the month, New Year holidays 12/31, 1/1 closed, 1/4 open
[Image 11

Menu: Morozaki fisherman’s meal miso-grilled set meal 3,300 yen → CP price 3,000 yen
Sakippo / figure sashimi large serving set meal 2,750 yen → CP price 2,500 yen Address: 16-7 Shinmorozaki, Katana, Minamichita-cho
Phone number: 0569-63-1173
Business hours: Meals only Lunch 11:30-14:30 Dinner 17:30-
(reservation required)
Closed: Irregular holidays, closed from 12/30 noon to 1/2 noon (Reservations only on 2nd and 3rd)
[Image 13

Mifune of live fish
Menu: Adjusting menu
Address: 12 Fuyugi, Morozaki, Minamichita-cho
Phone number: 0569-63-2200
Hours: Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 17:00-21:00
Regular holiday: Irregular holidays
[Image 14

*For details, please see the Sakippomeshi special web page.
[Image 15

Russian Sato’s “Monster when you’re hungry! ] Collaboration video overview Cooking glutton YouTuber Russian Sato eats up 7 menus from 4 “Sakippomeshi”! Visit the Morozaki district of Minamichita-machi for the shooting of a collaboration video for Sakippomeshi PR.
Published on a YouTube channel with over 950,000 subscribers. We will deliver it to young women who are the center of information transmission.
Gluttonous Cooking YouTuber Russian Sato
[Image 16

In 2008, he made a shocking debut in the TV Tokyo series “Ganso! Gluttony King Decision Battle” and started his activities as a gluttony talent. In 2016, he opened the YouTube channel “Russian Sato’s hungry MONSTER!” (Currently, there are more than 940,000 channel subscribers, and the total number of video views is over 500 million times.) In July 2021, he declared his retirement from “gluttony as a competition” to fight against opponents. From there, he launched the OTEMOTO Project as a new activity, with the hope that everyone will be able to repay the favor for food and that everyone can have a rich life with their own “happy dining table”. Mainly on YouTube, he is expressing and transmitting various delicious things every day.
[Image 17

[Image 18
[Image 19


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