Aichi Prefecture At AICHI IMPACT! 2022, the long-awaited offline revival of the professional gaming team “DETONATOR” at Red Bull DTN’s ROAD TRIP!

Aichi prefecture
At AICHI IMPACT! 2022, the professional gaming team “DETONATOR” will return to the long-awaited offline at Red Bull DTN’s ROAD TRIP! Benefits that only visitors can enjoy and additional information about the Children’s Expo are also available!

AICHI IMPACT! 2022 Executive Committee [Executive committee member organization: Aichi Sky Expo Activation Promotion Organization (a public-private partnership organization consisting of Aichi Prefecture and Aichi International Convention and Exhibition Center), Tokai Television Broadcasting], Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center), November 18th (Friday), November 19th (Saturday), November 20th (Sunday), 2022, the third e-sports community festival ” AICHI IMPACT!2022” was held.
The long-awaited offline event “DTN’s ROAD TRIP” will be revived! In the game title zone, you can experience the monster stadium where you can interact with professional players, battle shogi, simulator driving machines, and popular VR games. And the general incorporated association Aichi e-Sports Union has been decided to support! [Image 1

At Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center), a community festival for e-sports fans “AICHI IMPACT” will be held for three days on November 18th (Friday), 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday), 2022. ! 2022 (Aichi Impact! 2022)” will hold a number of e-sports
competitions, a popular talk show, and a K-POP idol stage! We will also release information about performers and parking lots.
AICHI IMPACT!2022 official website ■ [eSports event additional information]
[Off Event] DTN’s ROAD TRIP in AICHI IMPACT!2022
The long-awaited fan meeting will be held in Aichi Prefecture! [Image 2

“DTN’s ROAD TRIP”, the first local offline event after rebranding, will be held at AICHI IMPACT!
The long-awaited DTN offline event is finally back. With the cooperation of Red Bull, DTN’s ROAD TRIP is being held at various locations throughout Japan. The second installment will be held in “Aichi”, which is also a land of ties.
This time, three members from the three Splatoon divisions
participated in the offline event for the first time. There will also be a talk show featuring the streamer and two members of the VALORANT division, a rock-paper-scissors competition, a question corner, a photo session with the members, and an autograph session!
We are also planning a limited gift plan for participants to win DTN’s ROAD TRIP limited collaboration goods!
Check out the event details and application overview below!
[Image 3

[Event overview]
・Event name: DTN‘s ROAD TRIP in AICHI IMPACT!2022
・Date: Saturday, November 19, 16:00-18:30
[Application overview]
・Deadline: Until 23:59:59 on November 11, 2022
・ How to apply: Apply from the application page from the URL below ・ Application page: Applicants will be contacted via DM on DTN’s official Twitter for winning notifications, so please open your own Twitter DM.
■ [Content additional information in the game title zone]
At AICHI IMPACT!2022, we have set up a “GAME TITLE ZONE” where you can experience various game titles. Many encounters are waiting, such as titles that you have never played before and titles that will become popular in the future!
Please experience it at the venue!
Game title zone addition 1st
Demo play of the blockbuster VR game “Disklonia: CA” released on September 23rd is possible!
Furthermore, those who play the trial version will receive a special novelty *1 for “Dischronia: CA”!
[Image 4

The stage is far in the future, in a sea city with a crime rate of 0.001%. Your mission is to become Inspector General Hal Scion and solve a “murder case that never happened”. Explore the mysterious city and uncover the truth of the incident while making full use of the special ability to dive into the “owner’s memory” of the things you touch with your left hand.
It is a VR investigation game where you can enjoy the experience of entering the world of movies and a magnificent story.
*1 All novelties will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and the number is limited. Please note.
[Event overview]
・ Event name: “Dischronia: CA” VR LAB (@AICHI IMPACT!2022)
・Schedule: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday)
・ Organizer: MyDearest Co., Ltd.
Game title zone second addition
The contents of MONSTER STRIKE PRO TOUR2022 have been decided! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge a professional and interact with one another! Please join us at the venue.
[Challenge a professional! Monster Stadium】
A corner where you can play against the fastest clear video of the 9 teams participating in this tournament!
Those who clear faster than the clear image of the professional team and win brilliantly will be presented with the “Fastest Certificate”. And if you collect 3 “Fastest Certificates”, you will receive an official tournament uniform (not for sale) of your favorite team signed by the members!
*We will present the official tournament uniform to those who bring the fastest certificate of 3 different stages.
*Limited to one uniform per team. Please note.
*You can participate from one person.
[Image 5

[Exchange meeting with professional athletes]
After each match, we will distribute professional team original pins (9 types in total) to everyone who came from the participating players.
On the day of the event, the staff at the venue will guide you, so please cooperate.
[Event overview]
・Schedule: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday)
・Organizer: MIXI
[Image 6

Game title zone addition 3rd
You can quickly experience the new features of “Real-time Battle Shogi”! We will also be holding the “Electric Chess Battle Amateur National Finals” livestreamed by the familiar commentary “Heavenly Voice” and the commentary “Yoshio Hoshino 5th Dan”!
[Image 7

At the real-time battle shogi booth, you can play the Japan esports union official title (JeSU) “real-time battle shogi”. In addition, the “pair shogi” function, which has been requested by many users, will be unveiled in advance! You can experience the new functions as soon as possible before the actual implementation!
Furthermore, on the 20th (Sunday), a live broadcast of the “Dengi Battle Amateur Finals” (online), a tournament for amateurs to participate in the real-time battle shogi title match “2nd Dengi Battle” will be held.
The familiar commentary “Heavenly Voice” and the commentary “Yoshio Hoshino 5th Dan” will come to AICHI IMPACT and broadcast live to liven up the tournament!
[Yoshio Hoshino Professional e-player 4th dan and Professional 5th dan] -Main competitions-
・The 1st Challenge God Battle
・The 1st Silver Star Battle
・ “Real-time battle shogi” strongest decision tournament
・The first electric chess game
・”Real-time battle shogi” No. 1 deciding match
・ Real-time battle Shogi (R) Championship in AICHI IMPACT!2021 [Event overview]
・ Event name: Real-time battle shogi (R) in AICHI IMPACT!2022 ・Schedule: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday)
・ Organizer: Silver Star Japan Co., Ltd.
[Image 8

Game title zone addition 4th
The addition of Puyo Puyo esports has been decided!
You can also experience the popular e-sports title “Puyo Puyo e-Sports”, which is used in various domestic competitions, at the venue!
[Image 9

[Event overview]
・Event name: Puyo Puyo esports
・Schedule: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday)
Game title zone 5th addition
Experience the simulator drive machine “DRiVe-X”!
Additional information from Spaspo Shinyukan, a hot spring inn that connects you to the world via the Internet.
[Image 10

At the venue, you can experience the simulator drive machine “DRiVe-X” developed under the supervision of a professional racer!
Why don’t you feel the overwhelming power of the world’s famous circuits as if you were an F1 racer?
*Children can ride with their parents.
[Event overview]
・ Event name: DRiVe-X
・Schedule: November 18th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday)
・Organizer: SPASPO Kamiyukan
Game title zone addition 6th
Three additional appearance information has been lifted to make the Children’s Expo (R) even more exciting!
[Addition 1.: “Funk Kid”]
Established in the former Meitetsu Culture School in 1992 and now relocated to Arimatsu, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Aichi Expo, Shanghai Expo, SMAP Nagoya Dome Concert, Jang Keun Suk “You’re My Pet” Kyocera Dome Concert, Chubu Centrair International Airport “Jetstar Launch Commemorative Ceremony” ] and many other big events as a kids dancer team.
OBs include Kisumai Takenaga Senga, Kinpuri Shoya Hirano, and JO1 Shoya Kimata. [Image 11

[Addition 3.: Mr. Ranma]
The eco experiment performer “Ranma Sensei” is the only performer in Japan who has been certified as an “environmental performer” by the Ministry of the Environment and performs performances that combine environmental issues and scientific experiments.
In 2018, he became the first Japanese to make a Guinness World Record for his experiment with an air cannon that uses eco-friendly energy. At Ranma-sensei’s stage, in addition to the SDGs-themed experiments, the world’s largest air cannon experiment, and juggling experiments, Ranma-sensei’s souvenirs are also available!
[Image 13

[Operating company: Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd.]
Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd. operates a small group after school in Kobe City and conducts visiting classes at elementary schools. In September 2022, Japan’s first Children’s Expo (R) was held in Kobe, with over 1,500 visitors recorded.
[Image 14

[Event overview]
・ Event name: Children’s Expo (R)
・Date: November 20 (Sun)
・Organizer: AICHI IMPACT!2022 Executive Committee
[Blooming Marche] with the theme of “heart” will be held!
[Image 15

[Blooming Marche]
We will hold a marche where flowers “bloom” in your heart. We have developed a lot of miscellaneous goods sales and experience booths with the theme of “heart” and food trucks that will satisfy your “heart” and stomach. At the Marche booth in the exhibition hall, you can enjoy miscellaneous goods sales and experience booths with the theme of “heart”! In the outdoor area, more than 10 kitchen cars will welcome you to fill your heart and stomach. We look forward to seeing you there.
A PR corner for products from Aichi Prefecture will also be open at the venue! In the venue, we will also develop products and food corners that the prefecture is proud of.
(exhibition example)
[Image 16

・Chita beef and Chita pork Chinese steamed buns (Aichi Bussan Co., Ltd.) ・Tokoname ware (Yamatane Co., Ltd.)
・Bento using local ingredients (Yu Co., Ltd.)
・Locally produced and consumed rice cakes made from Chita Peninsula (Okura Mochi)
・Kurimushi yokan made with local ingredients (Daimonya Noriyoshi) ・Beckoning cat goods (Houyu Sticker Co., Ltd.)
・Ebisenbei (Yoshinoya Joint Stock Company)
Please enjoy yourself at the venue.
Liver collaborates with Centrair Hotel in a unique way! ?
Collaboration room special release.
[Image 17

The idol group “MORE*”, which is managed by SHIP!!, an official liver office operated by Konome Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kengo Negishi), and Chubu Centrair International Airport operated by Meitetsu Grand Hotel Co., Ltd. (General Manager: Teruyuki Yamamoto) Centrair Hotel’s collaboration room project “MORE* Fun ROOM” will be held on the following schedule.
 Chubu International Airport Centrair Hotel for 1 night from November 18, 2022 (Friday)
“MORE* Opening Stage ‘ALL aboard!!'” held in AICHI IMPACT from 10:00 on November 19, 2022 (details: ) We will set up a collaboration room limited to 3 rooms per day at a hotel with good access from the venue. It can also be used as a lodging place for fans who participate in LIVE from afar.
Number of rooms: Limited to 3 rooms (The content of the 3 rooms will be the same)
Benefits: Your accommodation plan includes the following special benefits. (1 point per room)
〇 Limited MORE* blanket (140cm×100cm)
〇 Several limited photos “~Our journey~”
〇 Group photo of guests + MORE* members (Rina Aoki, Misaki Kageyama, Meru Kuroki, Azusa Sakurada, Nao Kishimoto)
Fee: ¥45,000 + tax
Sales: Lottery sales entry on MORE * official Twitter from Friday, November 4, 2022
Reception started:
【contact information】
Konome Co., Ltd.
Address: SHIP!! Idol Project
MORE* Official Twitter:
Additional performer information
The performers of “E × CROSS Enterprise Gachinko Battle / PUBG MOBILE” and the finalist universities and commentators of “VAROLANT Ecare Aipaku Cup” have been decided!
[PUBG performers]
Toshiyuki Itakura (Impulse), Masato Yoshihara (BOYS AND MEN), Cha Kumagai (Garitchu), Takeuchi (Monster), Murajun, YUTARO (Country Tail), Kanno Collection (Off Rose), Kengo Sakamoto (three animals) [Image 18

[“VAROLANT Ecare Aipaku Cup” Finalist Universities]
Nihon University and Meiji University have been selected as the finalists of the All-Japan Collegiate Competition “VAROLANT Ecare Aipaku Cup” to be held on November 20th (Sun).
Please take a look at the hot battle between the two universities! [“VAROLANT Ecare Aipaku Cup” commentator]
Kaiju Kohno has been selected as the person in charge of live commentary for this tournament, and the commentator has also been decided.
Kaiju Kohno
An e-sports caster belonging to ODYSSEY Co., Ltd. Although he is only 20 years old, he is a caster at the official VALORANT tournament, VCT. In addition, he is in charge of MC and commentary in various game titles, and has gained popularity for his hot and calm commentary, clear voice, and neat looks. Combining youth and ability, he is the most suitable commentator for this competition, which is held mainly by students and for students.
[Image 19

■ [Parking Information]
The parking fee is 800 yen (500 yen for two-wheel parking) from entering to leaving (within 24 hours).
Parking fees can be paid in advance at any time during your stay at the hotel. After the event, many customers line up at the payment machine at once, which causes waiting time.
Also, on the event dates of November 19th and 20th, there is a possibility that parking lots 1 and 2 will be full.
When the parking lot is full, please use the multi-storey parking lot on the Chubu Centrair International Airport side or the coin parking lot.
*Please understand that the usage fees and discount system for parking lots and coin parking at other facilities are different from those at this facility.
■ Overview of AICHI IMPACT!2022
[Table 2: ]
We plan to update the event information regularly in the future! AICHI IMPACT!2022 official website
AICHI IMPACT!2022 Official Twitter

AICHI IMPACT!2022 Executive Committee Secretariat
052-951-7530 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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