Aichi Prefecture The 11th Hotto Net Higashi Mikawa Photo Contest will be held!

Aichi prefecture
The 11th Hotto Net Higashi-Mikawa Photo Contest will be held!
The Higashi-Mikawa Prefectural Office has held the Hotto Net Higashi-Mikawa Photo Contest every year since 2012 in order to spread the charm of the Higashi-Mikawa region* both inside and outside the region.
This year, which will be the 11th time, we are looking for works as follows, with the theme of “Please tell us your favorite thing!” We look forward to receiving many applications.
[* Higashi Mikawa area: 8 municipalities of Toyohashi City, Toyokawa City, Gamagori City, Shinshiro City, Tahara City, Shitara Town, Toei Town and Toyone Village]
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This project is an initiative that contributes to SDGs 11 “Creating sustainable communities.”
1 Work submission period
From Friday, November 11, 2022 to Sunday, January 22, 2023
2 Recruitment theme
“Please tell me your guess!”
We are looking for a picture of Higashi Mikawa that you “recommend”, such as beautiful nature and scenery that will stir your heart, historic sites that make you feel the romance of history, spots and specialties that you want to recommend to people.
3 Application conditions
Photo taken in Higashi Mikawa area
*Limited to amateurs residing in Japan.
* Subjects such as landscapes and people do not matter.
* If the subject is a person, please obtain the consent of the person (subject) before publishing the work. (Consent of parental authority if the subject is a minor)
* You can submit as many works as you like, but they must be original and unpublished works. You cannot apply for diversion or plagiarism. * You can also apply for works taken before the start date of recruitment. * Works that are against public order and morals, slander a third party, violate privacy, violate laws and regulations, or lead to criminal acts cannot be submitted.
*Please refrain from submitting specially processed or composite photos. * When taking photos, please behave in a manner that protects your manners. * Be sure to check the application requirements on the back of the flyer or on the special site, and apply after agreeing.
Special site URL:
4 How to apply
(1) Application from the Internet
Please access the special site below and apply.
[Image 3d45082-257-2d3384ee9427d7945928-2.jpg&s3=45082-257-6dc467f04b6c992e0432690255054b78-146x146.jpg
Click here to apply online
(2) Application by email
Application email address:
Please fill in the following contents in the body of the email and attach the image of the work to apply.
1. Work title (up to 30 double-byte characters) 2. Comment on the work (about 50-100 double-byte characters)
3. Shooting area (municipalities) 4. Shooting location 5. Name (furigana) 6. Nickname (optional) 7. Address 8. Telephone number 9. Email address *Please use JPEG format for photos.
* We recommend that you submit your work in the size you took it, but the maximum limit is 30MB for online submissions and 10MB for email submissions.
* Winning works will be posted on posters and flyers, so we may ask you to submit higher resolution image data after the award is decided. 5 Award categories and judging method
(1) Grand Prix (1 work), Semi-Grand Prix (2 works), Excellence Award (5 works) Decisions will be made by the following selection committee members. Chunichi Photo Association Headquarters Secretariat
Mr. Hiroshi Nishizawa, Vice Chairman
Headquarters Director Masayuki Michiie
Director Shogo Niwa
Mr. Kazutaka Horiuchi, President and CEO, Higashi Aichi Shimbun (2) Municipal Encouragement Award (8 municipalities in the Higashi Mikawa region, 2 works each, 16 works in total)
It will be determined by the examination of the municipality corresponding to the filming location of the submitted work. 6 Prizes
(1) Grand Prix Book Card 5,000 Yen
(2) Semi-Grand Prix book card worth 3,000 yen
(3) Excellence Award Book card worth 500 yen
(4) Municipal Incentive Award Commemorative gift from each
municipality in the Higashi Mikawa area
7 Announcement of prize-winning works
A press release will be held in February 2023 and the applicant will be notified by email. In addition, the winning works will be posted on the special site of the Higashi Mikawa prefectural government portal site “Hot Net Higashi Mikawa”.
8 Prize-winning works exhibition
From March to April 2023, exhibitions of winning works will be held at two locations in the prefecture.
1. From Thursday, March 2, 2023 to Sunday, March 12, 2023
Toyohashi City Children’s Museum Cocoko (3-1 Matsuba-cho, Toyohashi City) 2. From Thursday, March 16, 2023 to Wednesday, April 12, 2023 Aichi Prefectural Library 1st floor entrance Yotteko (1-9-3 Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya)
9 Use of works
1. The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the photographer (applicant). However, Aichi Prefecture and related municipalities, wide-area unions, and tourist associations may use the submitted work for pamphlets, web media, etc. without the permission of the applicant, and may also use the submitted work for non-commercial purposes. Use (reproduction, screening, distribution) is permitted.
2. Part of the submitted work may be processed when using the submitted work. In that case, we will obtain the approval of the applicant of the work.
10 Others
(1) Personal information provided at the time of application will be used only for the following purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the applicant.
1. Inquiries about application details
2. Notifications and announcements regarding winning
3.Introduction of works in publicity activities by the organizer (2) Entries will be posted on the Higashi-Mikawa prefectural office’s portal site “Hot Net Higashi-Mikawa.” In addition, when introducing the submitted work, the name and address (up to the municipality) will be posted as necessary. In addition, if you apply with a nickname, your nickname will be posted instead of your real name, but the winner will be posted with their real name.
11 Application/Inquiries
Hot Net Higashi-Mikawa Campaign Secretariat (Pico Knowledge Co., Ltd.: Prefectural business consignee)
Phone 052-586-8575
Details about this release:


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