Aigran Holdings Co., Ltd. Aigran, which operates the largest number of facilities in the nursery school industry, collaborates with Number One Solutions, which handles programming education. Programming education will start in October 2022 at 455 c

Aigran Holdings Co., Ltd.
Aiglan, which operates the largest number of facilities in the nursery industry, collaborates with Number One Solutions, which handles programming education. Programming education will start in October 2022 at 455 childcare facilities nationwide operated by Aiglan. -Experts in early childhood education and programming cooperate in developing future human resources-

Aigran Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President Masafumi Hashimoto, hereinafter referred to as our company), which handles childcare services, and Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Tetsuo Okorai, hereinafter Number One Solutions), which handles programming education business. ) announces that it has signed a partnership agreement in September 2022. From October of the same year, we will start programming education for children from 2 years old to older classes at nursery schools nationwide. Programming education for 2-year-old children is the first attempt in Japan, and the purpose is to develop independent and creative human resources and expand their possibilities by touching them at an early stage. I think that what is important in introducing this case is to develop programming thinking and action, thinking for yourself from an early age and giving shape to it. We hope that through these activities, you will acquire the strength and positivity to deal with various problems.
In addition, we will bear all the costs of introduction so that children can be equally exposed to programming education. Instead of collecting fees and only those who wish to receive it, we incorporate it into our childcare activities so that all children who attend our nursery school can participate.
An era where the ability to think and act independently is required Globalization and technological innovation such as artificial intelligence and AI are progressing rapidly, and the coming era will be difficult to predict. Children are required to have the ability to identify issues on their own, learn on their own, think for
themselves, judge and act on their own, and carve out a better society and life. In order to nurture such “zest for living” in children, the Course of Study was revised for the first time in about 10 years. Programming education will be made compulsory in elementary, junior high, and high schools, and information I will be added to the common university entrance exam in 2024, leading to new learning in anticipation of social changes. has achieved
Update to fun and attractive education with the power of technology I believe that it is precisely because of this kind of age that children are born and spend their early childhood that it is necessary not to keep them away from technology, but rather to teach them how to properly interact with technology by making full use of it. , Number One Solutions launched early childhood programming education. In collaboration with Number One Solutions, we will use the power of technology to update early childhood education to make it more enjoyable and attractive, without losing the essence of early childhood education, and contribute to the development of human resources who can play an active role in society in the future. I would like to continue
This time, a programming education curriculum will be provided by Number One Solutions, and childcare workers who have undergone training will incorporate programming education into their childcare activities. I want to make something like this, of course, to nurture logical power! “Creativity” like this, “Ingenuity” to create something better, “Trial and error” to get closer to what you thought, “Sense of accomplishment” to feel the joy of a satisfying result, Try to make something better this time ” Develop subjectivity.
At more than 455 nursery schools nationwide operated by our company, we will start programming education from 2-year-olds to older (5-year-olds) classes. Classes for 2-year-olds are 10 minutes each, and classes for 3-year-olds and older are 20 minutes per lesson, 48 times a year.
Providing high quality childcare with early childhood education programs We operate nursery schools nationwide, and as of September 1, 2022, we operate a total of 455 nurseries, including 96 licensed nurseries, 35 company-led directly managed nurseries, and 324 nurseries within hospitals and offices. In addition, we operate after-school children’s clubs, child development support facilities, child-rearing support stations, etc., and have a track record of operating more than 490 locations in total.
Utilizing the know-how of the childcare business for more than 20 years, we receive guidance and supervision from experts and introduce various early childhood education programs such as rhythmic, English conversation, and dance. In that thought, the guardians who are using the nursery school are dual-income families. Among them, there are many families who want to have their children learn from an early age, but give up because it is difficult to take time. We strongly believe that we should understand the feelings of such parents, stand by them, and do what we can.
In addition, childhood is a time when the power to absorb is flexible. By having children enjoy various forms of education from an early age, they will be able to smoothly work on their studies later, and I want to expand the possibilities of children.

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