AITIT LLC Active learning service “Surpass One” beta version released! Can be used by both instructors and students, such as selling and purchasing workbooks

Active learning service “Surpass One” beta version released! Can be used by both instructors and students, such as selling and purchasing workbooks

AITIT LLC (headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; representative: Reo Uno), which develops and operates IT/AI systems, is a beta version of “Surpass One,” an active learning service platform that enables the sale and purchase of workbooks. version has been released. Until the alpha version, it was only available for instructors, but from the beta version, students can also use it.
Official website:
What is Surpass One?
SurpassOne, an active learning service, allows instructors to improve their skills by creating a collection of problems. In addition to national exams and popular qualifications, the service covers a wide range of fields, such as problem collections for skill improvement and self-development. As the number of problem collections increases in the future, students will be able to acquire the qualifications and skills that interest them by solving problems, which will be useful for reskilling, employment, and career change.
What can Surpass One do?
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◆Creating a workbook -for instructors-
If you register as a free member, you can create a collection of problems on the platform. In multiple-choice questions, there are not only multiple-choice questions, but also multiple-choice variations. In the future, we plan to add images to the choices, and the choices themselves will be displayed randomly by AI.
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◆ Monetization of workbooks -For instructors-
It is possible to monetize the problem collection by selling it for a fee as well as providing it for free. You can get a part of the sales as income, so you can work as a side business or start with a low hurdle as a step up to your main business.
[Image 3d112203-2-581065e200e0e8a50485-1.png&s3=112203-2-9a15d05fb3be52dadc0482808290653d-1903x969.png
◆ Setting the question order -For students-
You can set the order in which questions are asked when solving the problem collection, so you can challenge only the questions you got wrong, or you can solve problems at random. Since there is also a “review required” button on the problem solving page, it is also possible to extract and answer only the questions that have finally been summarized as review required.
Functions to be added in the future
◆ Question creation support
We are considering incorporating problem creation support using our own AI technology in the future. We will support you to automatically generate problem sentences from text and make it easier to create problem collections.
◆ SNS within the service
We would like you to add a unique SNS function within the service and use it as a place where students can share their learning, such as teaching each other problems they do not understand. Knowing the progress of people who are solving the same problem collection will also lead to mutual motivation and continuation of learning. ◆ Test function
At this stage, we are only creating a collection of questions, but we would like to add testing functions such as grading so that students can acquire practical skills. We are considering making it available as a platform for scoring and showing skills.
About Representative: Reo Uno
[Image 4d112203-2-24b9c9078e93d5bedca0-8.jpg&s3=112203-2-8029964d16603929cdd4ae82ab6860c1-508x585.jpg
After studying neuroscience and behavioral biology at Hokkaido University Graduate School, he got a job as an engineer at AWL Co., Ltd. Worked on grammar proofreading/editing engine development, security camera video analysis, and AI training for corporations. Experienced in project management and development using English communication in a multinational team. After that, while working as a freelance engineer, he established AITIT LLC in September 2020 with the idea that “I want to aim for a world where everyone can shine freely by pursuing their own interests.” In parallel with soccer play analysis system, food package design support system, web access log / site data analysis, etc., we started developing SurpassOne as our new business.
【Company Profile】
Meguro G Building 7F, 1-4-16 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Leo Uno

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