Aiwa Advertising Co., Ltd. \ Limited time / Seasonal pound “Chestnut raw bread” is now on sale! More than bread, less than cake. Winter limited new product

Aiwa Advertising Co., Ltd.
\ Limited time / Seasonal pound “Chestnut raw bread” is now on sale! More than bread, less than cake. Winter limited new product

“More than bread, less than cake.” (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo, Representative: Masaaki Koyama), which manufactures and sells 100% raw bread made from Tokachi, Hokkaido, “Yumechikara”, has released a seasonal pound cake series called “Kuri no Nama”. sell bread. Pound raw bread with a combination of moist caramel dough and chestnuts. A special item that is perfect for the current season will be on sale only in winter.
\ New product for a limited time / “Raw Chestnut Bread” 1,295 yen including tax

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The chestnut flavor that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth. The pleasant caramel sweetness oozes out the more you chew the moist dough. This is like a Japanese-style Mont Blanc cake. It’s not bread, it’s not cake. Yes, it’s just “more than bread, less than cake.”

[Image 2d40070-29-0c742f39fb3a55525eb4-11.jpg&s3=40070-29-64678fb74eb3bc0e41c08b9fe4cf12c1-640x480.jpg
The raw materials are chestnut and caramel. 100% Yumechikara flour from Tokachi, Hokkaido is fermented with natural yeast, and caramel is kneaded into the dough to create a flavorful caramel raw bread. To finish, it is topped with large chestnuts and chestnut cream made by mixing syrup with Italian chestnut paste. It is a “raw chestnut bread” that looks colorful.

[Image 3d40070-29-c4f998e8b80e281aa793-10.jpg&s3=40070-29-fb330a558e97b009bf7443a737daf738-1200x800.jpg
・Product name: Raw chestnut bread
・Price: 1,295 yen including tax
・Sales period: Until late December
Introducing some popular standard products
[Image 4d40070-29-4e2e597ab2ffc1c20c10-1.jpg&s3=40070-29-e3bbb6559fcec84b58b6850b5515be60-522x347.jpg
・Very popular product with many repeat customers “Yumechi Kara Mochi Mochi Raw Bread” 2 loaves 1,187 yen including tax
For the flour used in the dough, we use only “Yumechikara”, a super-strong flour from Tokachi, Hokkaido, which until now was considered difficult to commercialize with a single variety. If you use a single variety of Yumechikara, you will be able to enjoy a rich and chewy flavor that is incomparably stronger than other varieties. At the same time, natural yeast is used so as not to impair the flavor of Yumechi.
“Yumechikara Mochi Mochi Raw Bread” was completed after three years of repeated trial and error, starting from where there was no recipe. Fuji TV, TBS TV, Shogakukan, Tokyo Shimbun, Tokyo Walker, Yokohama Walker, and many other media outlets.
[Image 5d40070-29-37ae561c6ee8ed70b083-0.jpg&s3=40070-29-33005a55ed7cff0468aa0d8cbcf0121f-650x434.jpg
・Raisin raw bread, which was highly acclaimed on NTV’s “Arashi ni Shiyagare”, 1,079 yen (tax included)
Almost every day, we receive surprise comments from customers, such as “I’ve never eaten raisin bread like this before” or “I didn’t like raisin bread until now, but this raw raisin bread tasted delicious for the first time.” I’m here.
Even people who don’t like raisins can enjoy this raisin raw bread. The rich sweetness of the plump raisins and the chewy and fluffy texture of the raw bread blend together to create a raisin bread that will make anyone smile the moment they take a bite.
The tightly packed raisins match the sweetness of the raw bread and give you the ultimate satisfaction. It is a very popular product of our store that we would like many people to experience the taste that “once you eat it, you will be addicted”.
[Image 6d40070-29-1a145f20365b752d1d2f-5.jpg&s3=40070-29-16f00624027c258c544fc9700122b074-650x365.jpg
・”Matcha Bread”, which has a reputation for being like Japanese sweets, 1,079 yen (tax included)
“If you eat it without adding anything, the flavor of matcha spreads in your mouth, just like eating Japanese sweets! “Matcha fresh bread” surprised customers.
We use 100% additive-free, color-free, and fragrance-free “tea leaf tea” made from finely powdered tea leaves of the finest quality from Shizuoka Prefecture. Whole “tea leaves” containing nutrients such as catechins and vitamins are kneaded into bread dough.
The original flavor and aroma of tea, the chewy texture created by 100% Yumechikara dough, and the original umami of wheat flour. During the development, we made a total of 12 patterns of prototypes with 6 kinds of tea leaves.
This prototype will be tasted by employees and staff of various ages in the company and a questionnaire will be taken. The results were aggregated and the tea leaves to be commercialized were determined using a unique “bread deviation value”.
The reason why we take so much time and effort to determine the tea leaves is to create a product that ordinary consumers feel is “really delicious”, rather than making bread with the sensibility of a bread-making craftsman. The addictive taste and texture that makes you want to eat it again and again was born from such thorough attention to detail.
[Image 7d40070-29-5e249182ccb6f8bfa886-4.jpg&s3=40070-29-5d3e7a05ba8a5b45e3a90445752dc03c-610x406.jpg
・Rich Cheese Fragrance “Dough Melting Cheese Raw Bread” 1,079 yen including tax
The cheese melted into the dough enhances the deliciousness of the bread. Fans are rapidly increasing with new sense of taste and flavor. You can eat it raw, toast it, and enjoy the different tastes of this “Dough Melting Cheese Raw Bread”.
The aroma of mellow cheese drifts the moment you open the product bag. The color of cheese that appears on the surface of the bread dough. When you cut it into pieces and put it in your mouth, it has a springy texture and at the same time, the rich cheese flavor spreads. Pair with wine for a more elegant taste.
[Image 8d40070-29-f8feec813430e5fa74bb-6.jpg&s3=40070-29-9f855a3a56bd3e17e44da75dfa608583-650x434.jpg
・”Fig walnut raisin raw bread” with three fruit textures 1,079 yen (tax included) per piece
Figs, walnuts, and raisins are mixed with 100% Yumechikara dough, and the moment you eat it, it melts in your mouth.
The gentle sweetness of the chewy raw bread, the faint sourness of the figs and raisins, and the texture of the walnuts create an unstoppable deliciousness that makes you want to eat it again and again. For a snack, a meal, raw bread with a response
Aiming for “original deliciousness” that tightly confines the blessings of the sun and the earth
[Image 9d40070-29-7dd7c6cdde8576865aa6-3.jpg&s3=40070-29-214fc4d221455b7090742f3ebb3b7565-650x308.jpg
“Delicious” means “happiness”. In order to taste this “delicious”, what you ate becomes important. “More than bread, less than cake.” The original taste is not the artificial “deliciousness” that uses a large amount of butter or milk to bring out the excessive sweetness, or the artificial taste that uses additives or chemical seasonings. About deliciousness. It is a bread that makes use of the original flavor of wheat flour, and the more you chew it, the more natural deliciousness oozes out.
“More than bread, less than cake.” Our aim is not to surprise customers with superficial tastes, but to make bread that is delicious and happy with the original flavor and taste of the ingredients. We value three “stories” so that the “original deliciousness” that we aim for will become the new staple of bread in the future, whether 10 years or 50 years have passed.
Story 1. “Security and safety”
“I want you to enjoy the deliciousness of bread with peace of mind” “More than bread, less than a cake” is thoroughly made without any additives such as emulsifiers, shortening, preservatives, and colorings so that even small children can eat it with peace of mind. Everything is to deliver “bread that everyone can enjoy safely and securely”.
Story 2. “Flour”
“More than bread, less than cake.” The bread dough baked with the super-strong flour “Yumechikara” has a different texture. The overwhelming “sticky feeling” you feel in your mouth can only be produced by 100% from Yumechi. That’s why we consistently use only domestic Yumechikara.
Story 3. “Natural yeast”
“More than bread, less than cake” uses natural yeast to ferment the dough. This is to maximize the flavor of “Yumechikara”. When baked, it carries a special aroma in your mouth that stimulates your taste and smell as you chew. It is the original flavor of flour nurtured by the sun and the land of the Tokachi Plain in Hokkaido, the place of origin. Please enjoy the taste of the earth and the sun, which can only be tasted with 100% Yumechikara bread, which is brought out by natural yeast.
Please check the e-book “How to make a sun shop” that you can subscribe for free.
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Store overview
[Image 11d40070-29-37cbdaabf2afa6b3520c-7.png&s3=40070-29-5fb3180dd219e82dcbc450ba4f764031-445x443.png
Store location:
・Sunny Beccary
〒194-0023 1-21-14 Asahi-cho, Machida-shi, Tokyo Aiwa advertising building 1st floor
・Machida Beccary
〒194-0013 6-10-19 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo Arrow Building 1st floor ・Shinyuri Beccary
〒215-0021 1-6-3 Kamiasou, Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Maple 1F ・Aobadai Beccary
Alex Aobadai 1F, 2-5 Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 227-0062
Official website:
・Sunny Beccary
・Machida Beccary
・Shinyuri Beccary
・Aobadai Beccary
Official mail order site:
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contact address :
Company Profile
Company name: Aiwa Advertising Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-21-14 Asahicho, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0023
Phone number: 042-710-1200
Representative: Masaaki Koyama, President and Representative Director Instagram account information
・Sunny Beccary
・Machida Beccary
・Shinyuri Beccary
・Aobadai Beccary

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