Ajira Co., Ltd. New functions added to cutting-edge AI security technology! Exhibited AI security system “Ajira” for facilities at Tokyo Big Sight “Japan Build / Smart Building EXPO”

Ajira Co., Ltd.
New functions added to cutting-edge AI security technology! Exhibited AI security system “Ajira” for facilities at Tokyo Big Sight “Japan Build / Smart Building EXPO”

Ajira Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo; Representative Director: Daisuke Kimura), which provides AI-based video analysis and human action recognition technology, will run from December 5th (Monday) to December 7th (Wednesday), 2022, We will exhibit the AI ​​security system for facilities “Ajira” at Japan’s largest
construction industry event “Japan Build Smart Building EXPO” held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Event overview
Name: Japan Build – Advanced Technology Exhibition for Architecture – 7th Smart Building EXPO
Date: December 5th (Monday) to December 7th (Wednesday), 2022 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on the last day only)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition: AI security system for facilities “Ajira” presentation and demonstration
(* Some functions of “Ajira”: intrusion detection, anomaly detection (falling, fighting, etc.))
At the venue, we will also demonstrate the new functions implemented in “Ajira”. We also have campaigns limited to this event, so please stop by our booth when you come to the venue.
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■ What is “Ajira”, an AI security system for facilities?
‍Ajira is a security and monitoring system based on world-class behavior recognition AI technology. Existing cameras can be
AI-powered, and only when abnormal behavior (falling, fainting, fighting, destructive behavior) or suspicious behavior (staggering, staggering, strange behavior) is detected, the image can be instantly notified, so the image can be monitored. It can reduce the work of security guards, and can eliminate oversights and oversights. “Ajira” has the following features.
・ Detects behavior that predicts incidents and accidents-patented “discomfort detection”
AI autonomously learns normal behavior for each camera angle of view, and detects movements that deviate from the learned normal behavior as “discomfort.” By comprehensively capturing suspicious behavior and unexpected dangerous behavior and notifying them immediately, it leads to the prevention of incidents and accidents.
・Monitoring with AI eyes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
AI constantly monitors images from hundreds of cameras, and when an abnormality occurs, it automatically detects and immediately notifies you. Even small movements that cannot be captured by the human eye alone are not overlooked, reducing oversights over a wide range. ・Initial cost is 0, 1 server can process 50 videos
It is possible to use existing cameras as they are, and there is no initial cost burden that tends to be a barrier to introduction. A single server can analyze video from up to 50 cameras, so operating costs are low for large-scale facilities.
・Available in a secure environment
With a network configuration that is completed locally, there is no risk of video leakage to the outside, and it is possible to use it in a secure environment.
In the future, we plan to implement a function to analyze “congestion situation” and “user flow line”. We will update the product to realize a more comfortable facility. If you are interested, or would like to hear more, please drop by our booth.

Inquiries about the AI ​​security system “Ajira” for facilities https://www.asilla.jp/lp/lp11/
Opening of the “Presentation Room” where you can experience a demonstration of “Ajira”!
“Ajira” “Presentation Room (Demo Experience)” Reservation
■ What is Japan Build – Advanced Technology Exhibition for Architecture? This is a comprehensive architectural exhibition that targets all kinds of buildings, including houses, buildings, commercial and public facilities. Building materials, housing equipment, building management and operation systems, renovation technology, AI (artificial intelligence)/IoT related technology, real estate tech, construction DX, etc. will be exhibited from all over the world, and the
development, design, construction, management, and operation fields of the construction industry will be exhibited. of experts will visit for the purpose of business negotiations.
*An invitation ticket is required to enter the exhibition.
→ Click here for details of “Smart Building EXPO” in Japan Build https://www.japan-build.jp/tokyo/ja-jp/visit/sbd.html
■ About Ajira Co., Ltd.
Company name: Ajira Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-4-2 Nakamachi, Machida, Tokyo
Presentation Office @ Kanda: Yamato Kaikan 3F, 1-16-13 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Daisuke Kimura
Capital: 326.38 million yen
Established: June 1, 2015
Business description: Development and sales of AI security system “Ajira”, provision of action recognition AI solutions
Official website: https://www.asilla.jp/
[Award History]
・ ASCII STARTUP “IoT H/W BIZ DAYProduct Pitch 2021” Disaster Prevention Tech Award
・X-PITCH 2021 Best Startup of Public Service/Healthcare
・ Real Estate Tech Pitch Contest 2021 3rd place
・Docomo 5G DX AWARDS 2021 Second Prize
・MAKE IN VIET NAM2020 Winner
・Awarded Plug and Play Japan Summer/Fall 2019 EXPO Domestic Winner [Image 2d43312-106-6298d021a2e89f818996-1.png&s3=43312-106-7df799a0329749d26604f3847cc859f6-634x398.png
*The name and logo of “Ajira” are registered trademarks of Ajira Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries.
*Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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