Akina Minami first appeared in “Zexy Baby”! Talking about episodes of childbirth and first parenting

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Akina Minami first appeared in “Zexy Baby”! Talking about episodes of childbirth and first parenting
“Zexy Baby book for pregnant women” 5th anniversary special interview
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Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihiro Kitamura) plans and produces the pregnancy and childbirth information magazine “Zexy Baby Book for Pregnant Women” to
commemorate its 5th anniversary, and will be issued on November 28, 2022. Now, we have conducted a special interview with Akina Minami, who is active as a talent, so let me give you an overview. Also, this interview will be published not only in the information magazine but also in “Zexy Baby” from 10:00 on November 28th, so please take a look.
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■ Minami-san, who became a mother of one child, showed an episode that left an impression on her when she gave birth
Mr. Minami said about this shoot, “It was my first time shooting for a long time, so it was a lot of fun. I was able to wear a cute costume and take a nice picture, which was refreshing.” When I asked Ms. Minami what left an impression on her since she became pregnant, she said, “There are many things, but the time when I gave birth was the most impressive. It was a schedule that didn’t make it on time, but the baby wasn’t born on time, and when my husband came back to Tokyo, he was born and I was able to be there. I’ve been talking to him for a long time thinking that I would be happy if he was born when I was still with him.Since that wish came true, I thought that the voice I heard when I was in the womb was reaching the baby.” I was.
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■Mr. Minami’s burping face looks like him! ? Talk about a child growing up day by day
Regarding the child, who looked exactly like Mr. Hamaguchi when he was born, he said, “Recently, my face is starting to look like me when I was little, especially when I burp. Sometimes he looks like me, and sometimes he looks like me, and it’s interesting to discover all kinds of things every day,” he said with a big smile about his growing child. Also, regarding child-rearing in the future, “I’m trying to create a home full of smiles as a couple, so I hope my children grow up to be people full of smiles. Also, I don’t care if I’m not good at studying, but I want to be healthy and considerate.” I want her to become a certain person,” revealing her thoughts as a mother who shows deep affection.
■ “Dozens of Times Harder than Imagined” Talking about First Parenting Regarding raising children for the first time, “The hardest thing was not knowing what my child wanted right now. I didn’t know why he was crying. I also care about the air conditioning. Lately, she seems to have calmed down little by little, “I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ve found that crying means you’re growing up. That’s the kind of time I’m at now. It made me feel very comfortable,” she said, revealing that she is facing child-rearing through trial and error. ■ As a senior mom, my advice is “Enjoy what you can only do now!” As a senior mom, when asked about her advice to moms who are about to become pregnant or give birth, she said, “While I’m pregnant, I go to teppanyaki restaurants, watch movies, go shopping alone, and so on. I’ve been to many places where I can’t go.Everything is so busy while raising a child, so I feel like I’m so thankful for the time I can take a relaxing bath or pack.That’s why I’m doing what I want to do now. I think I want one,” he said, giving accurate advice based on his own experience.
■ Other cut
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■Performer information
Akina Minami
Known by the nickname Akkina, she is active in variety shows and commercials. After marrying Yoiko Hamaguchi Yu in 2018, she became a mother of one child in July 2022.
YouTube “Hamaguchi Couple Channel” is very popular when you can see two people who are not decorated.
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■ Media information
“Zexy Baby Book for Pregnant Women”
-Outline- Full of basic knowledge and know-how on pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare that are useful from early pregnancy to postpartum. Advice from experts such as doctors and midwives and many real experiences of senior moms are posted. Articles that can be enjoyed with dads, articles about the growth of the baby in the womb, content that understands the changes in the body of the mother, childbirth preparation content, gift planning, etc. are posted. -Distribution method- If you register as a member of “Zexy Baby”, we will send every issue free of charge to pregnant women who are 2 to 8 months pregnant. (* Those who are 9 months pregnant and have never delivered before are also eligible.)
* When registering as a member of “Zexy Baby”, it is necessary to register your child’s birthday.
For details, please see the “Zexy Baby” website.
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