AlbaLink Co., Ltd. Ranking of cities where people want to live in Ibaraki Prefecture Questionnaire survey of 428 people

AlbaLink Co., Ltd.
[Ranking of cities in Ibaraki prefecture where people want to live] Questionnaire survey of 428 people
Awareness survey on the city in Ibaraki prefecture where people want to live
AlbaLink Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenji Kawata) conducted a survey of 428 men and women nationwide about the city they want to live in Ibaraki Prefecture, and ranked the data.
Details will be published by Property Purchasing Pro.
Ibaraki Prefecture is said to be a “lower regular prefecture” in the attractiveness ranking of prefectures.
However, once you actually live here, you can feel the merits such as being able to live a leisurely life surrounded by rich nature and having good access to Tokyo in the southern part of the prefecture. Therefore, this time, AlbaLink Co., Ltd. ( operated a property purchase pro (, targeting 428 men and women nationwide, “Ibaraki Prefecture We conducted a questionnaire survey on “city where you want to live”.
Survey outline
Survey target: Men and women nationwide
Survey period: October 26 to November 14, 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of valid responses: 428 (224 women/204 men)
Age of respondents: 10s 1.2% / 20s 17.5% / 30s 33.2% / 40s 30.1% / 50s 14.0% / 60s and over 4.0%
Summary of survey results
・Tsukuba City ranked first in Ibaraki Prefecture where people want to live ・Ibaraki Prefecture’s number one attraction is “abundant nature” “Tsukuba City” ranked first in Ibaraki prefecture’s most desirable city to live in
[Image 1d55654-30-7e3b4736bc743fcb30b8-0.png&s3=55654-30-a873a3c02ccac52e62a4ff653f8d8cd0-700x578.png
When 428 men and women across the country were asked about “city in Ibaraki Prefecture where they would like to live”, the number one was “Tsukuba City (136 people)”.
2nd place is “Mito City (55 people)”, 3rd place is “Oarai Town (39 people)”, and 4th place is “Hitachinaka City (37 people)”.
Tsukuba City, which has a strong academic image, is by far the best. In addition to its image as a university town, it is also attractive that commuting to Tokyo is convenient thanks to the Tsukuba Express. Along the Tsukuba Express, Moriya City is also ranked 5th.
Including “Ushiku City”, “Tsuchiura City” and “Toride City”, the ranking in the southern region of the prefecture is conspicuous. In addition, “Mito City” and “Hitachinaka City”, which are easy to get to Tokyo by limited express trains, also ranked high.
-1st place Tsukuba City-
・Access from within Tokyo is not bad if you use the Tsukuba Express. In addition, the city is well-planned, and you can use public transportation and your own car (36-year-old male).
・There is Tsukuba Express, so it is close to Tokyo. As the population is increasing, there are plenty of shopping malls and stylish cafes, so it seems to be a comfortable place to live (44-year-old female). ・Because it’s an academic city. There is a lot of nature, but the living environment is complete, and it seems academic and good for raising children (50-year-old female)
Many people commented, “It’s an academic environment, so it looks good for raising children,” and “Tsukuba Express provides good access to central Tokyo.”
Tsukuba is unique in that it has beautiful townscapes that are in harmony with nature.
The population is increasing, and it is also attractive to have expectations for the future.
We have received many comments such as, “After actually living here, I felt that it was a comfortable place to live.”
-Second place Mito City-
・Mito is a city, so everything is available. Also, there is nature around and it seems to be a comfortable place to live (27-year-old male)
・Because it is a castle town of the Mito Tokugawa family, historical remains remain, and I think it is a very beautiful town. It is attractive that there is a lot of nature, but it is easy to access the city (48-year-old female)
・Transportation is convenient even in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the station is in the city and there are various facilities (55-year-old female)
Many people commented that it is prosperous and convenient because it is the prefectural capital, and that it has good transportation access.
From Mito Station, you can get to Tokyo Station by one limited express train. Another charm of Mito is that you can feel the history because it was the residence of the Mito Tokugawa family.
In addition to the famous Kairakuen, Kodokan, and Tokiwa Shrine, there are plenty of art galleries and museums.
-3rd Place Oarai Town-
・A friend of mine used to live there, and I thought, “It’s a nice town full of nature.” (28-year-old female)
・I like aquariums and often go there. I love this place because it’s close to the sea and you can eat seafood (37-year-old male)
・Because there are marine products and sea leisure. Hitachinaka City and Mito City are nearby, so shopping is not a problem (46-year-old male)
An overwhelming number of people answered that “the beautiful sea and delicious seafood are attractive”.
Oarai is also one of Japan’s leading surfing spots, so for those who like surfing, it may be one of the cities you want to live in. Some people were interested in Oarai because of the popular anime set in Oarai. -4th place Hitachinaka City-
・Because there are limited express trains and many commercial facilities. Easy access to both the sea and the north is also attractive (26-year-old female)
・Because it’s close to Mito City, the prefectural capital, and it’s a bed town that seems easy to live in. There is a large scenic park and a beach, so you can enjoy leisure activities (36-year-old female). ・I used to live here and it was comfortable. I have the impression that the coastal area has been developed recently, making life even easier (43-year-old male).
Many people pointed out nemophila fields and national parks famous for music events as attractions.
Being able to “daily use” a large park with many tourists is a luxury. In addition, the limited express trains stop at Katsuta Station on the JR Joban Line, making it convenient to go to Tokyo without changing trains.
-5th place Moriya City-
・Although it is convenient to commute to Tokyo, I have a good impression that it has a moderate rural feel. Close to the entrance to the highway (29-year-old male)
・If you search for “Ibaraki Prefecture”, it will come up at the top, so I’m curious. It is also attractive that there are plenty of commercial facilities, and it seems that you will not be troubled with everyday shopping (37-year-old female)
・Transportation is convenient and there are plenty of commercial facilities, so it seems to be an easy place to live (41-year-old female)
Since it is along the Tsukuba Express line, many people say that it is convenient to commute to Tokyo.
Many trains depart from Moriya Station during morning commuting hours, so many people may think that it would be nice to be able to sit while commuting.
There is a large shopping mall in the city, so you don’t have to worry about shopping.
-6th place Ushiku City-
・Because you can see the Great Buddha of Ushiku every day (35-year-old male) ・When I visited a friend living in Ushiku, I really liked the warmth of the local people. Let’s live a refreshing life (43-year-old male) ・It is within commuting distance to Tokyo, and there are two stations in the city. Also, there is an outlet in the neighboring town of Ami, and I think it is a land that attracts tourists (60-year-old woman). Ushiku City is famous for the “Ushiku Great Buddha”, and many people have mentioned it as an attraction.
There are many spots in the city where you can feel the nature of each season, such as the Iris Garden, Nature Observation Forest, and Ushikunuma.
It is also convenient to get to Tokyo Station from Ushiku Station in about an hour without changing trains.
-Tie 6th Tsuchiura City-
・I chose it because I thought it was calm. “Supermarket”, “convenience store”, and “drug store” are available to some extent, so there is no dissatisfaction. Access to Tokyo is also good (29-year-old male) ・ Because the fireworks display is gorgeous (35-year-old female) In Tsuchiura City, you can enjoy the nature of Mt. Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura. Yabusame, marathons, summer festivals, and fireworks festivals are also held in the city, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy local events.
If you have your own car, you won’t have to worry about daily shopping. -Tie 6th, Toride City-
・It is attractive that it is not too rural and has good access to the city center. There are commercial facilities and a full range of medical institutions (37-year-old female)
・ Because it is the first train on the Joban Line (44-year-old female) ・It’s close to Tokyo, so if you’re not greedy, you’ll find everything you need. While enjoying the country life, if you have something to do, you can go to Tokyo (69-year-old male)
As for the attractiveness of Toride, many people cite “easy access to Tokyo”. In fact, it takes 34 minutes from Toride Station to Ueno Station, and 39 minutes from Shinagawa Station, so it’s within commuting distance. As the city’s brand message, “Moderately Exquisite Fortress,” some people were attracted to the “exquisite convenience that is not too rural.”
■ The No. 1 attraction of Ibaraki Prefecture is “abundant nature” [Image 2d55654-30-5bf2a51bfd23543f1e0e-1.png&s3=55654-30-b5d7fa2acf68820a70e79d98240895b8-700x563.png
When 428 men and women nationwide were asked about the “attractiveness of Ibaraki Prefecture,” the number one answer was “abundant nature (150 people).”
2nd place “Good food (142 people)”, 3rd place “Convenient
transportation access” (103 people), 4th place “Balancing urban and rural areas (79 people)”, 5th place “Abundant sightseeing spots and leisure facilities ( 59 people)” continues.
Since Ibaraki Prefecture has both mountains and the sea, many people mentioned “nature”.
Because of the abundance of nature, the local food is delicious, and you can enjoy leisure activities that make the most of nature. Some people cited convenience in terms of living, such as “It’s surprisingly easy to get to Tokyo” and “It’s peaceful but not too rural and not inconvenient.”
-1st Place Rich Nature-
・Surrounded by nature with both the sea and mountains (39-year-old female) ・It is attractive that it is rich in nature and the sea is also very beautiful (49-year-old female)
Ibaraki Prefecture has many spots where you can enjoy the natural scenery, such as Mt. Tsukuba, Oarai Sun Beach, Lake Kasumigaura, and Fukuroda Falls.
There are also several quasi-national parks and prefectural parks. For people who want to live while feeling close to nature, it can be said to be an attractive prefecture.
-2nd place, the food is delicious-
・Both seafood and mountain delicacies are plentiful, perfect for gluttons (43-year-old male)
・Fresh seafood is readily available (58-year-old male)
Ibaraki Prefecture’s agricultural output is the third highest in Japan (2020), and the output of “melons”, “sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes”, “lotus root”, “bell peppers” and “chicken eggs” is the highest in the country.
Of course natto is also famous.
Seafood such as clams and monkfish are also famous.
Life with plenty of seafood and mountain delicacies locally is a luxury, isn’t it?
-3rd Place Convenient transportation access-
・It has good access to cities such as Tokyo, so you don’t have to worry about places to shop or play (25-year-old female)
・Tsukuba Express has made transportation more convenient (55-year-old male) The southern part of the prefecture, such as “Tsukuba City” and “Moriya City”, can be reached from Tokyo in about an hour, and has good access to the city center.
Ibaraki Airport is also located within the prefecture, making it convenient for long-distance travel.
The Joban Expressway and the Ken-O Expressway run on the roads, making it easy to get around by car.
-4th Place: Balance between the city and the countryside-
・Although it is close to Tokyo, it is a place where you can spend time calmly (25-year-old male)
・In spite of being one hour away from the city, there is also vast nature. A place where you can enjoy both the countryside and the city (35-year-old female)
・I had a very rural image, but there is just the right amount of nature and it is surprisingly lively (45-year-old female)
Comments such as “Although it’s close to Tokyo, you can fully enjoy nature” and “Moderately in the city and moderately in the countryside” stood out.
For those who want to balance the convenience of the city with the tranquility of the suburbs, Ibaraki Prefecture has a lot to offer. By going back and forth between the “urban workplace” and the “relaxed home,” it seems that it will be easier to switch between on and off. -No. 5 Rich in tourist spots and leisure facilities-
・ There are many spots where you can stop by while driving (27-year-old female) ・There are many facilities that make use of the large land. I often go to zoos and large parks (31-year-old female)
・There are many golf courses (49-year-old male)
Ibaraki Prefecture, which is rich in nature, is rich in spots where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and the outdoors.
There are also science museums where you can learn about the latest research, and farms and ranches where you can experience farming. People who are active on holidays can lead a fulfilling life. ■Summary
When we conducted a questionnaire with 428 people nationwide, many of the cities, towns and villages in the southern region of the prefecture were named as “towns in Ibaraki Prefecture that people want to live in.”
The southern part of the prefecture is popular because of its good access to Tokyo.
In particular, the popularity of Tsukuba City, which is famous as an academic city, was overwhelming.
Ibaraki Prefecture is rich in nature, has good access to Tokyo, and is a comfortable prefecture to live in.
Even if you think that “it takes an hour to Tokyo is a little far”, if you are “remote work and occasionally go to work in Tokyo”, you may not feel a big inconvenience.
Ibaraki Prefecture is attractive for those who want to live in an environment rich in nature while securing access to Tokyo.
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