AlbaLink Co., Ltd. Ranking of failures in purchasing a detached house Questionnaire survey of 419 men and women

AlbaLink Co., Ltd.
[Ranking of failures in purchasing a detached house] Questionnaire survey of 419 men and women
Awareness survey on failure in purchasing a detached house

AlbaLink Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenji Kawata) conducted a survey of 419 people who had experience purchasing a detached house, and ranked the data. I made it Details will be published by Property Purchasing Pro.
( If you want to buy your own home, you want to cram all kinds of ideals and you don’t want to regret it.
However, in reality, many people feel that they have failed after purchasing their own home.
This time, AlbaLink Co., Ltd. ( operated a translation property purchase pro (, targeting 419 people who have purchased a detached house. We conducted a questionnaire survey on “failed to purchase”.
Survey outline
Survey target: People who have purchased a detached house
Survey period: October 13-27, 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of valid responses: 419 (270 females / 149 males)
Age of respondents: 0.2% in their teens / 7.2% in their 20s / 39.6% in their 30s / 32.2% in their 40s / 16.5% in their 50s / 4.3% in their 60s or older
Summary of survey results
・ The number one mistake in purchasing a detached house is “the floor plan is difficult to use”
・ What you should have done when purchasing a detached house is “going around many properties and manufacturers”
■ The number one mistake in purchasing a detached house is “the floor plan is difficult to use”
[Image 1d55654-26-b0c575120db5f9a8d3ee-0.png&s3=55654-26-1d0253d8c6cae8b9e0f1d8fdc59fff4d-700x553.png
When 419 people who have purchased a detached house were asked about their failures in purchasing a detached house, the number one answer was that the floor plan was difficult to use (161 people).
2nd place is “dissatisfied with housing facilities (63 people)”, 3rd place is “insufficient storage (28 people)”, and 4th place is “poor surrounding environment (21 people)”.
Many people feel that they have failed in terms of “house usability” such as “floor layout”, “equipment”, and “storage”.
Also, there were quite a few people who answered that they had failed outside the building, such as “the parking lot and bicycle parking lot are difficult to use.”
Surprisingly, the number of people who cited “location” and
“surrounding environment” has decreased.
-1st place: The floor plan is difficult to use-
・I can’t make a child’s room because there are not enough rooms (female in her 30s)
・Since the room is divided into small sections, it is not possible to use it widely even if you want to (Male in his 40s)
Opinions such as “the number of rooms is insufficient” and “the line of flow was bad when I actually lived there” were received.
There are many cases where air conditioning is difficult to work due to layout such as “atrium” and “living stairs”.
Also, even if it was good at the time of purchase, the family composition may change and the “comfortable floor plan” may change. -Second place dissatisfaction with housing facilities-
・It would have been nice to have a sunroom so I could hang my laundry on rainy days (female, 20s)
・I didn’t build a toilet on the second floor (man in his 30s) ・Because we focused on the location and earthquake resistance, we purchased it with the feeling that “we can do what we need later.” However, now that I think about it, I should have used an electric shutter and installed more outlets (woman in her 40s).
There are also people who have regretted the result of cutting home equipment or making it cheaper for reasons such as “I thought it was unnecessary when I bought it” or “I didn’t have enough budget.” What particularly stood out was the voice that “there is no toilet on the second floor” and “there are not enough outlets”.
Depending on the type of equipment, it is often difficult to add or replace equipment after construction or purchase.
-3rd Place: Lack of storage-
・When a child was born, there was not enough storage space at all. There are many large items such as toys and plastic pools, and it was difficult to throw them away (female, 30s).
・I was only thinking about storing shoes in the entrance, but I should have been able to store long items such as brooms and umbrellas. If the broom is visible at the entrance, it will make you feel like you are living and it will not be fashionable (woman in her 40s) There was a conspicuous number of people who were having trouble with the lack of space for storing children-related items, such as “I should have added a storage space for school bags at the entrance” and “I should have made the closet in the child’s room larger.”
If you are single or a couple, you may have a small amount of luggage, but when you have a child, you will have a lot more things.
If you don’t have the necessary amount of storage space where you want it, your living room or living room will be full of things and you won’t be able to live comfortably.
For those who can’t imagine what will happen when a child is born, it would be a good idea to ask a friend who is raising a child about “storage tips” and “what you have trouble with storage”.
-4th: The surrounding environment is not good-
・Since the house was built on land facing the main road, the dust caused by cars is terrible (Female in her 30s)
・Where insects occur in large numbers (Male in his 40s)
・The garbage storage area is right in front of you, and it smells like garbage (man in his 50s).
We received responses such as “there is a lot of traffic around the house and it’s noisy” and “the neighbor’s house is vacant so there are insects and pests”.
Being close to a major road is convenient for commuting by car and going out by car, but there are problems such as “noise,” “dirt from dust,” and “children can’t play safely.”
Be sure to thoroughly investigate the surrounding environment. -5th Place: Difficult to use parking lot/bicycle parking lot- ・Only 2 cars can be parked in the parking lot, so when customers come, they will be parked on the street. It would have been better if the garden was made about 20% narrower and a parking lot for customers was made (Male in his 20s)
・The garage was too narrow at 3m x 1.5m (woman in her 30s)
・Since there is no bicycle parking lot and each is placed
appropriately, it would have been better to create a bicycle parking lot with a roof (female in her 40s)
If you use your car on a daily basis, the availability of parking spaces is important.
A cramped and hard-to-park garage is stressful every day.
Another thing that is often forgotten is the bicycle parking lot. Stationary cycle ports raise concerns that they might be blown away during a typhoon, so it would be convenient to have a space where adult and child bicycles can be parked without getting wet.
-No. 6 There are unnecessary housing facilities-
・Although there is a toilet on the 2nd floor, I do not use it much because I spend most of my time on the 1st floor. I think it would have been nice to have only one (woman in her 30s)
・Floor heating installed in several places. I actually didn’t use it as much as I thought (Male in his 40s)
You can see that there are cases where people think they need it and install it, but they don’t actually use it much.
It may be that we decided to introduce it without much consideration, such as “everyone wears it” or “it was recommended to us by a salesperson.”
It seems to be less inconvenient to live than without equipment, but if you think about the cost of introducing it, you will regret it. – 7th: The garden is difficult to care for –
・ I bought it because I liked the large garden, but it was difficult to weed (woman in her 30s).
・Taking care of the garden is difficult. At least I think the lawn should have been artificial turf (man in his 40s)
Many people think, “If I buy a detached house, I want a garden,” or “I want to plant flowers and trees to create a nice atmosphere.” However, in order to maintain a beautiful garden, weeding and other maintenance is a must, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Depending on the type and size of the tree, it may be necessary to request a gardener, which may incur maintenance costs.
If you want to create a garden, you need to think about how much effort and money you can spend on the garden.
■ What you should have done when purchasing a detached house is “visiting many properties and manufacturers”
[Image 2d55654-26-a05a0761ec90689ed164-1.png&s3=55654-26-6352f1b587d917b7cefb12c35e856799-700x555.png
When we asked 419 people who have purchased a detached house what they should have done when purchasing a detached house, the top answer was “visiting many properties and manufacturers (99 people).”
The 2nd place is “careful preliminary inspection of the property/local area (53 people)”, and the 3rd place is “preliminary study/information gathering (48 people)”.
Overall, many people regret that they should have put in more effort. For example, when buying a home during pregnancy or after giving birth, the amount of time and effort that can be spent on finding a home and building a home is limited, and many people may feel that “even though it was a big purchase, I couldn’t give it enough consideration.”
Also, there are people who say, “I tried my best to look it up at first, but it gradually became troublesome.”
-1st Place Visiting many properties/manufacturers-
・I should have visited model houses of various house makers (man in his 30s) ・I wanted to see more houses and imagine my ideal house before building it (female in her 50s)
It seems that there are many people who feel that the comparison of properties, house makers, and contractors was insufficient.
By looking at various houses and model homes, you can discover things such as “This idea is good” and “Now there is such a convenient facility.”
You will also have an image of the house you want, such as an “ideal house” or a “easy-to-use floor plan for yourself”.
It’s hard to spread your hands too much, but I’d like to see about 5 ready-made and second-hand items.
In the case of custom homes, it seems that many people get estimates from about three companies.
-2nd Place: Careful preliminary inspection of the property/local area- ・When I bought the house, I thought I should have checked the position of the outlet properly (female in her 20s)
・ I should have checked the security around the nearby station (male, 30s) ・It would have been better to visit the site according to the time period and weekdays/holidays and check the traffic volume (man in his 60s and older)
When buying a home, there are few people who do not preview the property and the surrounding area at all.
However, it seems that there are many people who feel that “the preliminary inspection was insufficient” even though they have previewed it.
It may be that I didn’t know what to look for when checking the interior and the surrounding environment.
Conduct preliminary inspections multiple times at different times and days to check the amount of sunlight, noise, and traffic in the surrounding area.
-3rd Place Study/Information Gathering-
・I wish I had learned more about housing myself, instead of leaving everything up to the contractor (female, 30s)
・ I should have studied about loans and home insurance (woman in her 40s) There are also many people who say, “I regretted not having enough knowledge about buying my own home and building a house.”
Because of my lack of knowledge, I made mistakes such as “I chose the equipment according to what the contractor told me” and “I couldn’t find any defects in the house.”
Also, you can save the total cost by how to make a loan and how to choose insurance, so you need knowledge of money when buying a house. -Fourth Place: Be more particular about facilities-
・I regret that I should have added floor heating as a plus (woman in her 30s) ・ I think it would have been better to spend more money on the plumbing (male, 40s)
・It would have been better if there were more outlets in the kitchen etc. (female in her 50s)
Many people said, “I wish I hadn’t cut down on housing equipment” and “I should have installed high-performance equipment even if it was expensive.”
In particular, regarding the plumbing equipment, we received comments such as “I should have paid more attention” and “I chose cheap equipment and it broke in a short period of time.”
Even if the introduction cost is high, there are facilities that are profitable in the long run in terms of utility costs and maintenance. It would be a good idea to stop and think about whether you really regret cutting down on equipment or whether there are other areas where you can cut your budget.
– 5th place Imagining life –
・I should have imagined the actual use more realistically (male, 30s) ・I went to see the property, but I didn’t really feel it. When I built it, the surrounding sounds were coming into the child’s room, so I should have thought about soundproofing more (female in her 60s). Newly built houses and model homes are beautiful and spacious, so it is often difficult to imagine the “real life” with the furniture arranged.
Therefore, after purchasing, you may notice that “housework flow line is bad” or “furniture and home appliances are more narrow than you imagined”.
In addition, it is difficult to notice “how the surrounding sounds are heard in the room” and “how the sunlight and room temperature change” are simulated at different times of the day.
Assuming the “size of furniture”, “where you usually spend time in the house”, and “the time you are at home and the surroundings”, proceed with your observation and design.
When I asked those who have purchased a detached house what they failed to do when purchasing a detached house, I found that many people regretted the floor plan and equipment.
In order to prevent failure, it is important to visit many properties and house builders to accumulate knowledge about detached houses and “the image of the house you want”.
If you want to know examples of successes and failures, we recommend searching on social media or asking friends who have already purchased their own homes for their opinions.
Of course, it takes time and effort to visit and gather information. But a house is an expensive purchase.
Take the time and effort to consider it so that you won’t regret it if you do a little more research.
* All aggregated result data can be viewed from the following. URL: About property purchase pro
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