All-out declaration Tonkatsu specialty store “Katsuya” supervised “Katsu! All-out Katsuya Katsudon Flavor” is a limited-time pass prayer package!

Arkland Service Holdings Co., Ltd.
[All-out declaration] Tonkatsu specialty store “Katsuya” supervised “Katsu! All-out Katsuya Katsudon Flavor” is a limited-time pass prayer package!
Support students! Sales will begin on Monday, December 12, 2022 at Natori Co., Ltd.

Supervised by “Katsuya”, a pork cutlet specialty store operated by a subsidiary of Arkland Service Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Representative: Moritaka Sakamoto, Securities Code 3085, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) Passed the “Katsu! Zenryoku Katsuya Katsudon Flavor” The prayer package will be sold at Natori Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Natori) for a limited time from December 12, 2022 (Monday).
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Reproduce the Katsuya Katsudon taste!
Katsu! Zenryoku Katsuyakatsu Don Flavor, a collaboration between Otsumami no Natori and Katsuya, launched in June 2022. The
unimaginable concept of “Katsudon flavor” became a hot topic, and it became a big hit product, achieving 541% of the sales forecast and greatly exceeding expectations.
Therefore, from Monday, December 12, 2022, we would like to support those who work hard with food at any time. With that in mind, we will start selling a new “passing prayer package”.
Reproduce the taste of Katsuya’s signboard menu, Katsuya, which is a familiar cutlet product, a sweet dashi soup stock, and a slightly sweet egg and onion. When you want to send a cheer to that person who is working hard, the success prayer package will make you smile. Product Summary
Product name
“Katsu! Full power and crispy katsudon flavor”
Internal capacity
1 piece
[Image 2d32350-723-53b46e492db26edabcff-2.jpg&s3=32350-723-fc3541d6d1acb40ae9e9308a9bafd1c8-1190x2700.jpg
Sales overview
Sales start date
December 12, 2022 (Monday) ~ limited time
sales place
It will be sold in advance at convenience stores nationwide, and will also be sold at mass retailers nationwide.
About Natori Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d32350-723-5630fe209721f012a081-6.jpg&s3=32350-723-67b30749f797e37ef0f3c115c532b526-600x317.jpg
Natori Co., Ltd. is engaged in business activities that mainly manufacture and sell food products, mainly snacks.
We are working on the development of cold products as well as room temperature products that you can pick up and eat with your hands. Currently, in addition to “processed marine products” centered on squid, which is the starting point of our business, “processed meat products” such as salami and jerky, and “processed dairy products” represented by “cheese and cod”, we also offer “processed agricultural products.” ”, ”Ingredient confectionery products”, ”Chilled products” and ”Other products”.
In order to bring out the flavor of the ingredients, make it easy to eat, and match a variety of dining scenes, and provide our customers with snacks that are indispensable for creating fun, we are working to understand the diversifying needs of consumers and adapt to changing times. We are taking on the challenge of creating new markets in anticipation of trends in
About Tonkatsu specialty store “Katsuya”
[Image 4d32350-723-dfae7d3d86e6a67fcc66-3.jpg&s3=32350-723-c09da0544e4b7e901d0a40e17b4a8901-330x160.jpg
In August 1998, Katsuya, a tonkatsu specialty restaurant, opened its first store in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Since its founding, the North American (Canada and American) pork used for “Tonkatsu” is delivered from the processing factory in a chilled state after being aged for about two weeks to maintain its juiciness. The clothes are carefully attached.
The standard menu item “Katsudon (plum) 80g loin” is 520 yen (572 yen including tax). The 120g loin cutlet set meal, which is popular among the set menus and allows you to enjoy crispy meat and tender meat, is 720 yen (792 yen including tax), so you can enjoy tonkatsu at an affordable price.
At “Katsuya”, you can use not only meals in the store, but also take-out bento, tonjiru, and side dishes. Another dish for today’s side dish when you want to eat slowly at home! Please feel free to order at the cash register.
If you make a reservation by phone, you can shorten the waiting time at the store and take it home. Tonkatsu specialty store “Katsuya” will continue to strive to provide products and services that satisfy our customers.
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